Companies that have established workplace wellness programs have been shown to reap the benefits of lowered health care costs, reduced employee sick days, and increased productivity and morale from employees.
As a certified health coach I can deliver both health & wellness related workshops and corporate health coaching programs for companies (large or small) who want to improve the health and happiness of their workforce.
Employee Health and Wellness Workshop: As a certified Health Coach, I facilitate an Employee Health and Wellness workshop. The workshop is one hour in length and may be presented at multiple times to allow for the varying schedules of your employees. Corporate Health Coaching Programs: I offer three levels of coaching, ranging from my most comprehensive elite package to my jumpstart program.
Included in each of my corporate health coaching programs is a monthly group coaching session. Your understandings of traditional Chinese Medicine and your desire to "bridge" conventional medicine and alternative medicine are exciting to listen to and absorb. Chris treated the root cause of my problems rather than the symptoms as most medical practitioners would.
Shake the jar, and your hips for about 30 seconds, then refrigerate overnight (or 4 hours). Garnish with berries of your choice, coconut flakes or whatever else spices it up to your taste bud preference. As a professional Health Counselor, I create a supportive environment that draws on the wisdom of ancient and modern dietary theories as well as dynamic eating psychology counseling methods. Today on the water with sister Lucy, we reflected on how far we’ve come through our dedication to ourselves and the world through meditation.
A perfect space for both of us, as 1 week ago I returned from a grounding, reflective trip to BALI and Lucy is setting sail for 5 weeks there in 1 week.

Lovingkindness helps us to still the mind by letting go of conflict, our stories, our lies. Our hostile or defensive reactions to others are a major source of inner turmoil, and the cultivation of lovingkindness helps us to be more compassionate and less reactive. The formula, as simple as it sounds, is an art, I pray we all slow down enough to practice. Dare to be courageous enough to sit in silence and face the stillness that is your reality! Cheryl has certification from Columbia Teacher’s College and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.
Eating healthy, nutritious food not only makes you feel good, but it also boosts your energy and improves your memory.
This workshop includes education on how to implement better nutrition and life choices to create a healthier life, produce a more efficient day, and reduced stress in the work environment.
I utilize an interactive approach to facilitate active learning and individual empowerment.
Your view of taking insight into human nature as a whole and the importance of keeping yin & yang in balance can be used to guide many people. The lifestyle and nutritional changes that Chris recommended made an overwhelming difference to the quality of my life and continue to do so on a daily basis.
Despite your nutritional knowledge, are you still running into the same walls with weight loss and dieting? This integrated approach can be a powerful catalyst in reclaiming a life of authenticity, health, and vitality. Meditation — especially mindfulness meditation and lovingkindness meditation — is a simple tool I use to help me find peace. The “blissful fading away of conditioned things” refers to the mind becoming purified of the delusion, aversion, and grasping tendencies that distort our view of the world and prevent us from experiencing true happiness.

Unlike others I met with who simply created a diet for me, Cheryl explained to me how the foods I was eating were affecting me--why they caused me to gain weight, lose energy, etc. Implement healthy eating habits within your family with the perfect Family Wellness Package.
Additionally, getting important nutrients in your diet helps ward off heart disease, cancer, diabetes, depression and other health conditions. It serves as a first step in allowing you to improve workplace health, and therefore experience many of the benefits described above.
This approach allows participants to engage in discussion and interact with other attendees through various exercises and brainstorming. I would definitely recommend him.  His services include a lot of areas that other health practitioners don’t cover, such as how to improve relationships with family members and in return how this relationship can benefit me with a healthier work-life! It’s love-hate as you have to SIT with your thoughts, come to face reality and who you really are! Liberated, patient with myself, accepting for all that is and free from the larger share of self criticism that stifled me. Participants also receive valuable giveaways to take with them, furthering their knowledge after the workshop. See MoreSee Less"Giving, taking care of people's health through proper nutrition and helping them reach their goals is an act that makes me healthier, happier and fulfilled.

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