First I’d like to start off saying that Saturday was one of the most invigorating and inspiring days of my life. As we headed off in the direction of the WTC site, my first impression of the atmosphere was one of stifling, overwhelming, intimidating police presence. We entered the park and I wanted Avalon to take a picture of me and the two boys holding up our signs. There are many different views being shared, but the prevailing message is that a few powerful men have corrupted our system and have looted the wealth of the hard working middle class.
The owner of the property and the City were ready to move the protestors so they could clean the park. As we walked through the winding path in the park, I was handed materials from various occupants. The young people leading this protest in a tiny park, surrounded by hoardes of armed police, amongst the skyscrapers built by their fathers and grandfathers, are sparking a revolution that is spreading across the globe. For those who think these crowds are nothing but young hoodlums and troublemakers, one protestor said it all with his sign. After spending about an hour watching the speeches and joining in on the chants, the girl announced that the police were arresting protestors at 47th street. Thanks for the tour, pictures, and the truth Admin; it is really inspiring to see such enthusiam.
Admin, i’m going to swallow my words from a while back and say that i am beginning to understand the magnitude of this movement. I still, however, feel that until people start to actually hit the bankers in the wallet that nothing will come to fruition.
I continue to be very concerned that the movement is ripe for being co-opted and moved in negative or non-productive directions, especially by TPTB working behind the scenes and through proxies. For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.
Yet, that was how the movement was protrayed yet again even last night on the shitty cable stations.
I used to work for a company called Liberty Mortgage, just a few blocks from Holland Tunnel in Jersey City.
Having been to NYC many times, and my second daughter having been conceived there in a Time’s square hotel (TMI), I could almost feel myself there while reading your piece. Way to go Quinn’s and FUCK YOU MSN, CNBS, CNoNews and the rest of the corporate idiot asshole news channels.
There are many different views being shared, but the prevailing message is that a few powerful men have corrupted our system and have looted the wealth of the hard working middle class. Hinged cuff of polished gold applied with 18 gold and platinum charms in various designs set with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires.
Carlo Bugatti, Italian (1856–1940) Walnut cabinet with ebonized wood, hammered copper inlaided pewter and calligraphy. I came back from NYC with hope that the young people of this country, with the help of some members of the older generations that care about the future of this country, have the will and the fortitude to sweep away the existing corrupt corporate fascist state that exists in this country today. The second thing you notice after the smallness of the park is the overwhelming police presence.
I had printed up five copies of my favorite Ron Paul quote to hold up in support of the movement.
As she was taking the picture a middle aged lady and young guy saw the signs and loved the quote. The protestors jumped into action with their own Sanitation department and cleaned the park themselves. An older gentleman was manning a little contraption and making protest buttons at a pace of one every 10 seconds. We walked through the museum exhibits and watched a movie describing the bravery and sacrifice that immigrants made to come to this country. The past and current generations in control had saddled their generation with unpayable debts and a system that will eventually collapse under the weight of military expenditures and entitlement promises that can never be honored. They realize that they are possibly the last generation to live a better life than their parents generation. If you stand on the sidelines and scorn and ridicule those willing to fight for justice, then you are part of the problem. The police who surrounded the site wore scowls on their faces as if they were looking for a fight.
Avalon’s ulterior motive for this entire trip was to get a bowl of won ton soup at Ruby Foos at 49th and Broadway.
The goal was to be picked up by Ben Bailey in the Cash Cab, so we could show how smart we are. There were at least 20 times as many people in this protest as there were at Zuccotti Park. We passed the police on horses that had earlier disbursed the crowd through their threats of bodily harm. Every time I see a report from you and other TBPers not content to listen to punditry and go and see for themselves I am truly proud. I was also hoping to run into George Soros, but I think he was busy causing revolution in Europe. I keep hoping they are going to go after Obama and call for his resignation along with Bernake and Geitner. Sit on the carpet, legs together, try to touch your toes, and then loop your leg over the other leg until you feel it pull, stretch, and then a little farther. It was fun seeing what this movement is all about, it will be interesting to see where it will lead. 5 of 6 The Calm Before the Debt Crisis Storm How Jeffrey Berwick Built a Billion-Dollar Tech Company, Lost Almost Everything a€“ Then Bounced Back with ‘Dollar Vigilante’ Doctor Prescribes More Booze for the Drunk Can a Strong Central Government Credibly Commit Not to Intervene?
Court manuals documented and prescribed the appropriate dress and ornament for different ranks of officials to wear for particular ceremonies. One thing you realize as you travel this route is that the entire storyline about needing hundreds of billions for infrastructure jobs is a crock of shit.
If there truly are dangerous terrorist cells roaming our countrysides, they must realize the damage they could inflict by filling a van or vans full of explosives and stopping in the Lincoln Tunnel and detonating them.
It is already magnificant and will truly be a wonder of the world when it is finished.I tip my hat to the construction workers doing the fantastic work on this majestic building.
From a demographic viewpoint, this protest is clearly being led by the Millenial Generation. The mainstream media continues to misrepresent the movement because it is a threat to their corporate owners.

As you walk along the streets of Lower Manhattan you are struck by the hordes of Chinese and Japanese and Europeans in groups.
We are tourists going to gawk at the Statue of Liberty and try to learn something about our heritage.
There is no more inspirational view than seeing the Statue of Liberty up close and personal. They know our politicians from both parties are captured by the mega-corporations and do their bidding. Young people have done what they were told to do by their parents and are left holding the bag, as the jobless recovery enters its third year. As we walked along the outside of the park Avalon was snapping pictures and the policewoman yelled at her for blocking the sidewalk. Michael declared that he would handle all the history questions since he has a 105 average so far in Social Studies. As Avalon waded deep into the crowd to take videos and pictures, I observed the crowd and the police.
For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of him who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to corruption and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God. We tried to walk through times square, but there were 350,000 people there, a literal sea of people.
Every picture I’ve seen of the cops, from every source, shows them with a sneer on their face looking like they want to fight, beat somebody up, and practice their neck crushing choke holds.
Clintona€™s Cackling at Cain Takes the Cake “The Way Forward” a€“ Who Paid for the Study? This one illustrates and describes the costumes and paraphernalia allowed to court by provincial officials and their wives for a royal celebration at the King's Palace at Mandalay in 1880.
The entire length of both Turnpikes is under construction, with lane widening, new bridges, new overpasses, and road paving.
The economic damage caused by shutting down one or more access points to NYC would be devastating. I was confident no one would want to steal anything from our twelve year old minivan unless they wanted old water bottles, candy wrappers and what I like to call debris. I wanted to see the memorial fountains and park, but you need tickets well in advance so they can herd you like sheep through the plaza. There was one tent with a sign saying it was his living room and please don’t take pictures. I learned later that some of these people were arrested as they occupied a Citibank branch and refused to yield.
They may be eating our lunch economically, but they sure love the glitz and glamour of NYC.
There were some Chinese people protesting AGAINST the communist oppression in their country.
I thought I said shut up under my breath as we passed the cranky policewoman, but Avalon heard me, so maybe it wasn’t under my breath. We were at 42nd street and there was some sort of platform where anyone could get up to speak to the crowd.
We fought our way through the crowd to 45th street and we were about to go down to 6th Avenue and try to circle the protest. For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now. Completely eliminate representative government, replaced by the 99% of people in this country.
Virginia Oldoini, Countess of Castiglione was better known as La Castiglione, an Italian courtesan who achieved notoriety as a mistress of Emperor Napoleon III of France. There are metal police crowd control barriers encircling the site, so all who enter or leave must go through a narrow space. I saw a recharging station set up where a gas powered generator was being used to power multiple power strips. A double decker bus was stopped and the 95 Asian and 5 American tourists were snapping away with their cameras. The perception among many people, put there by the MSM, is that the young people in this park are dumb and lazy. They know who contributes to Obama, Romney and the rest of the bought off hacks running this country.
We have been discussing the similarities and differences between that revolution and what is happening today in our country.
Since bullhorns were not allowed, the speaker would say three or four words and those around them would shout the word simultaneously, becoming a human bullhorn.
I think of the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution which might have looked a lot like this in the first early days.
And not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies. It is frustrating to the authorities because they want something to grasp at with their own strategy but can’t because there is nothing to fight.
I saw multiple NYPD buses and joked to Avalon that they were to transport us to the jails when the protest really got going. We were just gawking at the new tower and walking along when we stumbled upon Zuccotti Park.
I would estimate that 60% of the crowd were Millenials, with 20% Gen-X and 20% Baby Boomers.
They have set up there own dining area and supporters from around the country are sending food. There were cell phones and computers plugged into the power strips to recharge so the protestors could continue to get the message and pictures out to the world. To those who think it is just a disorganized mass of left wing hippies, you are badly mistaken. He was giving a speech to anyone who would listen about convening a Constitutional Convention and implementing Article V of the Constitution to bypass Congress and the 35,000 lobbyists that control the agenda in Washington DC. If they are given the order, they could clear that park in five minutes with their manpower. We started walking away from the protest and in a few minutes we were next to the Brooklyn Bridge where a week or so ago  700 protestors had been arrested after the NYPD misled them into believing they were allowed to march on the bridge.
There is a long list of grievances to be addressed and no amount of police is going to stop it. Demanding prosecutions would be a good way to help us decide if reform is possible, or if replacement will be required. At the top of the list (if I were compiling it) would be 1) restoring the constitutional common law courts for the people.

The perception among many people, put there by the MSM, is that the young people in this park are dumb and lazy.
We started walking away from the protest and in a few minutes we were next to the Brooklyn Bridge where a week or so ago 700 protestors had been arrested after the NYPD misled them into believing they were allowed to march on the bridge. You know you are getting close to NYC when you see the refineries spewing whatever from their smokestacks and the smell of rotten eggs permeates the atmosphere. Many understand the true cause of our economic troubles and the never ending and accelerating debasement of our currency. The MSM wants the ignorant masses to think the people in this park hate capitalism and the rich.
They know the system can’t be changed incrementally by electing the same people who put the system in place. A peaceful example of democracy and free speech could turn into something completely different if someone does something stupid. Secondly, prosecution is one of the few steps that could be taken without educating and moving millions of people. Only problem with this is other places where they need to be are left without their presence and the cost of overtime is costing them badly needed money they can’t afford. That is where the grievances need to be filed; not in the administrative courts that are rigged against the people.
The stereotypes being portrayed by the MSM get blown out of the water when you see for yourself.
We were drawn to a circle where a few guys were playing drums and bongos while three other guys were break dancing. Neither the Democrats or Republicans will fix the system because they created the system jointly. 2) Demand inditements and prosecutions of all those involved (including politicians) in the financial frauds that brought about the economic conditions we are in. Many understand the true cause of our economic troubles and the never ending and accelerating debasement of our currency. I had my twelve and fourteen year old sons with me and never once felt threatened or unsafe. The American Dream that sustained the new immigrants to this country has been destroyed by the greed and corruption of the bankers and CEOs living in the buildings built by those immigrants. They were extremely entertaining and got the crowd to chant ECONOMIC FREEDOM while they performed. As we approached a street corner, Avalon spotted one of the thousands of security cameras keeping a Big Brother eye on the citizens of NYC. We told him we were coming from the Occupy Wall Street site and he looked at me and said I looked like a Wall Street guy. 3) Demand that all lobbying of the congress by corporations and special interest groups be stopped immediately.
The American Dream that sustained the new immigrants to this country has been destroyed by the greed and corruption of the bankers and CEOs living in the buildings built by those immigrants. There was a young woman with her seven year old or so daughter eating at the table next to us. If they aren’t going to pick an easy target like the Lincoln Tunnel, why would they try anything to a statue.
60 Minutes had detailed the scary 1984 like ability of the NYPD to see everyone and everything in NYC.
It just so happens that she was one of the 1st 100 people who slept at Zuccotti Park on the 1st day of the protests. The woman had noticed the protest buttons the boys were wearing and asked if we were coming from the protest. Our silent, angry Muslim cab driver proceeded to try and reach the World Trade Center in record time by cutting off any car that dared cross his path. Later in the day I was handed a Bernanke buck by a young black man as he described the evils of inflation and the Federal Reserve. This is just another example of government acting like they are protecting us from something, when there is nothing to be protected from.
She said they were terrified as the police, in full riot gear, surrounded them for the entire night.
Third, prosecutions would have a huge deterrent effect on those who thrive on ripping us and the system off. A couple terrorists could walk into Battery Park with a machine guns and take out a thousand people in five minutes. In 1969 young Native Americans seized the island and occupied it for nineteen months, bringing publicity to the plight of American Indians.
The vibe of this park was about positive change, not the negativity you see from politicians and MSM pundits. I did find myself applying the invisible brake on my side and let out an occassional gasp as he worked his magic.
I got in line with the boys to get the coffee and a couple sausage biscuits while Avalon went upstairs to the ladies room.
They accomplished their goal through peaceful protest and willingness to stick it out for almost two years. The only scarier thing than a cab ride in NYC is a cab ride while the driver is talking on his cell phone.
If and when the order comes to inflict pain on the citizens protesting, I wonder how they will react. I thought it was an interesting lesson on a day when young occupiers on Wall Street are starting their second month of occupation.
But it does have the feel of the original Boston Tea Party, telling the authorities to stick it up their asses.
But it does have the feel of the original Boston Tea Party, telling the authorities to stick it up their asses. After doing an on-line search for my grandfather’s arrival at Ellis Island we headed back to NYC.
They had put the men’s room out of order, so there was a line of men and women for the one bathroom.
My phone was in my pocket and with the general noise level in NYC being set on loud, I didn’t hear it as she tried to get me to bring up our receipt. Somehow she was able to charm her way into the bathroom, and all was well. Below is the view from the Burger King.

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