Led by artistic director Jessica Rofé, A Class Act NY offers one-day weekend workshops and ongoing classes in musical theater, on-camera technique, and voiceover for students of all skill levels in Manhattan, Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Founded in 1914 to educate child stage actors, most of this private school’s 200 students are working or aspiring performers who want help achieving their artistic goals while preparing for college or their careers.
Professional Performing Arts School was founded in 1990 to give aspiring performers the skills they need to pursue their professional careers. TADA!’s musical theater classes run year-round, from weekly after-school classes during the school year to weeklong summer and holiday camps, and the company also travels to schools and community centers for in-school and after-school programs. The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute introduces kids and teens to the Method via its Young Actors programs.

Welcome to the “Made in NY” Production Assistant Training Program, developed in partnership between the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment and Brooklyn Workforce Innovations!
Provide unemployed and low-income New York City residents with training and placement into entry-level positions in film and television production. To provide individuals from diverse communities with training for entry-level positions in film production and access to employers in New York City's production industry, and to teach production assistants how to work collaboratively with local communities when they shoot on location throughout the five boroughs.
The "Made in NY" Production Assistant Training Program was launched in February 2006 and grew out of a desire to train courteous production assistants to interact with the local community on set while at the same time providing opportunities for diverse New Yorkers to gain entry into the production industry.
Click here to read about the achievements of "Made in NY" PAs who has found success working in New York City's entertainment industry.

All middle school students study drama, singing, and dancing in addition to academic courses, while high school students can major in drama, vocal, dance, or musical theater.
Twelve-week fall, winter, and spring sessions and an eight-week summer session are held on Saturdays and include a mix of core classes and electives, from the basics of acting and dance to stage combat and professional prep. The New York public school partners with the Ailey School, Rosie’s Theater Kids, and the Waterwell professional theater company for portions of its curriculum.

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