Jamie Cullum , the super-talented British vocalist, pianist and songwriter, plays the BAM Gilman Opera House. From kid-friendly culture to a cultural MLK Day celebrations, there is so much craveable culture in NYC this coming week.
For the entire month of October (2013, in case Google brings you here in another year!), the British street artist Banksy is using the five boroughs of NYC as his canvas. The new exhibit at the Japan Society, Edo Pop, playfully juxtaposes classic Japanese prints from such masters such as Hokusai and Hiroshige with contemporary works inspired by these artists and their works. This weekend, New York City is bursting at the seams with art fairs, drawing collectors, dealers, artists, and gawkers out to appreciate and contemplate.
Before the first reviews appeared and before it won nine Tony Awards (including Best Musical), tickets were available for far less than the $400 they often go for now. Here are the six big shows coming to Broadway in 2013 that you should consider craving (and booking) now. Saturday or Sunday, check out Ellen Robbins: Dances by Very Young Choreographers at New York Live Arts. As we approach the end of 2012, Culture Craver is already looking ahead to some of the most exciting New York City cultural events in 2013. Our early users (that's you!) shared more than 73,000 ratings of cultural events that you saw in 2012 — and craved more than 2,000 events that you were excited to see.
There are five words that neatly sum up JPMorgan Chase’s dilemma in its efforts to avoid a deferred prosecution agreement or a more serious outcome over its handling of Bernard Madoff’s business account for more than two decades: the “Know Your Customer Rule” and recidivism. The Know Your Customer Rule is ingrained in every banker and broker on Wall Street by the legions of compliance officers who send out terrifying memorandums depicting recent examples in the news or the courts of what happens to unwitting financial reps who didn’t know their customers. The object of this rule is to make the banker or broker responsible for determining the legitimate line of work the customer is engaged in while monitoring the account regularly to see if the transactions correlate to that legitimate business.
It is not uncommon to receive a phone call from the bowels of the compliance department if something appears amiss.
On another occasion, I filled out a new account card for a science professor who was the husband of a long term client. Understanding intimately how the Know Your Customer Rule plays out every day on Wall Street makes it next to impossible to understand how JPMorgan Chase could have legitimately maintained the Madoff account. Unlike my client’s one-time transfer to his son’s account which triggered monitoring by the compliance department, Picard alleges in his lawsuit that Madoff’s account showed repeated, inexplicable round-trip wire transfers for many millions of dollars between Madoff and the same elite group of customers – some of whom were also large customers at JPMorgan.

This agreement grew out of SEC charges that between 1997 and 2001, JPMorgan had made loans to Enron totaling $2.6 billion while disguising them as “prepay” transactions. Coming on the heels of Enron, duplicitous mortgage transactions, the London Whale debacle involving $6.2 billion in trading losses using insured deposits, energy market manipulation, the blindness deployed in overseeing the Madoff business account looks and smells like recidivism.
Trump States as Fact: “If You Collude in the Stock Market, They Put You in Jail.” Seriously?
However, if you are looking a gem at the cinema this weekend, check out Lucky Them , about a rock music journalist assigned to track down her ex-boyfriend.
If you don't know who Banksy is, count yourself among the rest of who still do not know his real identity. And the studio owns the rights to about 4,500 movies.As much as theater pundits (and purists) might balk at the idea of Broadway being just another vertical for Hollywood to conquer, this move is smart — and could actually lead to some great new Broadway shows. With over 160 prints borrowed from the Minneapolis Institute of Art's prized collection of Ukiyo-e prints, the exhibit highlights the influence the images have had on pop artists such as Japanese born (but based in Brooklyn) Lady Aiko, above. Be sure to check out The Armory Show 2013, the mothership art show and the biggest of them all. The shows and fairs are scattered from the Upper East Side to the Lower East Side to the Piers on the Hudson River, and everywhere in between.
In honor of President's Day, we've created a map of monuments, plaques, buildings, and exhibits in New York City where history buffs should go this weekend to remember America's first president.
It was directly in the wake of tragic killing of Matthew Shepard, a gay college student. We can't predict that they will be box office gold in the same way Once and Mormon are, but we would recommend checking them out sooner rather than later. It’s the first major retrospective of Zarina Hashmi’s career, including important works from the 1960s and 1970s. The memos are backed up with equally terrifying compliance meetings and compliance handbooks that one must acknowledge receiving in writing.
The overall goal is to protect the Nation’s banking system from being a conduit for money laundering or other illicit activities. I once received such a call because a parent who was a client wanted to transfer a large sum from his account to his son’s account to help him buy a home. I got a call from the compliance department suggesting he wasn’t really who he said he was.

According to lawsuits filed by the Trustee handling the Madoff recovery funds, Irving Picard, JPMorgan knew that Madoff was engaged in an investment advisory business for hundreds of clients; but the Madoff bank account that JPMorgan Chase oversaw showed billions of dollars in cash being wired in and out but no payments going to any party engaged in processing or clearing a stock trade.
JPMorgan just proved to regulators in the London Whale debacle that its risk controls were deficient, to put it kindly.
But if you would like to know more about him, check out the great documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop. See Superman at 75: Celebrating America's Most Enduring Hero at the Center for Jewish History. Based on this, one of our New Year's resolutions will be to help you experience more great art and theater in the coming year — there's so much out there that is amazing and worthwhile. Some firms now require brokers to take computer-based continuing education classes which further enshrine the mandates of the Know Your Customer Rule.
These were both long term clients whom I knew from my own town and who had done nothing more alarming in a decade than collect muni bond interest in their accounts. It took about 30 seconds to pull up his 20-year resume at his university, complete with his email address, and email it back to the compliance department to make their own contact.
With about 70% of Broadway shows failing, that's worth considering.The team at the new 20th Century venture have a lot of movie watching ahead of them.
However, the artists at the Japan Society's exhibit are by no means the only great artists who were influenced by this seminal form. That said, we are SO impressed with how much everyone has experienced and accomplished over the past 12 months.
I had to get a copy of the purchase contract on the home to satisfy the inquiring minds in compliance. One important note (before we share the top rated events of the year) — often, your recommendations will be different from the average because you are unique and special.
Cosplayers often interact to create a subculture centered on role play." A portmanteau of the English words costume and play, sources for costumes can include manga, anime, comic books, video games, and films.

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