Wait a moment…I'm more likely to die in an asteroid apocalypse than be murdered?
Exactly how many asteroid apocalypses have killed someone…in the entire freakin' history of humanity? Best comparison I heard was you are more likely to guess the full name of a random stranger female in the United States than to win the powerball lottery. I’m going to tell you a bit about the Lotto Crusher formula and program, its a system that helps you increase your odds when playing the lottery.
With the Lotto Crusher System I started winning all the time, and it started paying out surprisingly well for me.
Mathematics are the key to just about everything in this universe, from things as complex as astrophysics, string theory, aeronautics and rocket science to accountancy, finance and of course gambling. This system, which has been designed and programmed by former game designers and computer programmers, works by having you input the previous winning numbers of your choice lotteries into the program. Theres not much to lose with using the Lotto Crusher software, but there are certainly tons of things to win. Well, you simply plug in the previous winning numbers of your favorite lotteries to the Lotto Crusher program. There are a ton of great benefits to using this best lottery software on the market, namely that it reduces your risk and increases your odds dramatically when you are playing the lottery.
Lotto Crusher is completely free to try, completely risk free as a trial for your first sixty days of use.
If you don’t like how Lotto Crusher works you can get a full refund within sixty days. Using Lotto Crusher’s formula consistently pays out more than just leaving your lotto numbers to pure chance. It is a very simple, straightforward, and user friendly program, all you have to do is just plug your numbers into the formula so you don’t have to waste your time messing around with confusing numbers and complex math.

Lotto Crusher unfortunately can’t make you win every time, it just increases the odds so they are much more in your favour.
Results can vary from user to user and experience to experience, everyone plays a little bit differently. You need to have a reliable internet connection to use Lotto Crusher, as using the internet is a major part of how the formula works. It requires some patience, don’t necessarily expect huge pay outs to happen right away. Overall, I’d recommend Lotto Crusher to anyone who likes to gamble and play the lottery.
Using the Lotto Crusher program changed the way I play the lottery, and not only that, it also changed my life. It changed my life for the better, so if you give it a shot it just might change yours too. Probability can be refined into a science, and thats what the Lotto Crusher software has finally done.
It works with every number choice based lottery game, so the applications are nearly endless. The program runs the numbers and gives you the specific digits with the highest possible probability of successfully being selected based on past winning numbers, in order to give you the greatest possible chance of winning the most possible cash. Its one hundred percent legal too, it just makes use of mathematics and probability to suggest the numbers that will give you the best returns for your investments. Not only was it easy to set up and risk free to try during the first sixty days, I was already winning more than I ever had in the first couple of weeks!
Since its basically free to try you might as well give it a shot, after all its completely legal and absolutely risk free. Even the other dogs seized with her have been great my sister has one missing part of his face from the same fighting ring.

Lotto Crusher is a Formula that applies this principle of mathematics to gambling, producing surprisingly accurate results and big pay outs.
By applying the Lotto Crush formula you can dramatically increase your chances of earning more money and winning more often! The program has been proven to work, with people winning hundreds and even thousands of dollars on a regular basis simply by using Lotto Crusher’s formula.
It certainly couldn’t hurt to to try your luck at improving your odds of winning it big at the lottery! You just use the numbers from the Lotto Crush formula the next time you play the lottery and your odds of winning will shoot up like crazy! If we assume I will live 75 years, then we can multiply that by 12,500 to get 937,500 years.
Since then I’ve been using it every time I play the lottery, and I have got to say that its been really paying off well for me! I was able to pay off a new car and redo my living room with all of the extra cash I had from using the Lotto Crusher formula.
In other words, if a killer asteroid hits the earth every 1 million years, that gives me a 1 in 12,500 chance of dying from an asteroid impact. So my chances of dying from an asteroid impact are probably better than 1 in 12,500, but probably still aren't as low as you would think.
So yeah, if the odds of dying by falling off a ladder are 1 in 2.3 million, you really ARE much MUCH more likely to die from an asteroid impact.

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