The PANTONE CMYK Color Guide Set offers more than 3,000 chromatically arranged CMYK colour combinations on coated and uncoated stock, in the two separate volumes that make up this set.
The PANTONE CMYK Color Guide Set is the ideal way to visualise, communicate and control colours within any graphics, print or creative project, with screen tint percentages also provided to enable accurate colour reproduction.
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We are your best choice for an ISO Registered Signode authorized Strapping Tools distributor that sells and repairs strapping tools, supplies and accessories.

We repair all types and make and brands of strapping tools, be it: manual, pneumatic, electric, or battery powered, sealers, tensioners and combination tools.
We also repair other pneumatic tools common to packaging, such as: nail guns, taggers and industrial staplers as well as all makes and brands of strapping tools. Accurately select, specify and communicate colour for four-colour process printing, see the effect of coated and uncoated stocks against each other and enjoy a printed standard for colour comparison and quality control.
We supply RAL colour charts to designers, architects, industrial colourists and trade colour suppliers throughout the UK.

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