Increasingly, it's possible to get an extremely well-rounded business education from the best professors in the world without enrolling in a university or even leaving your house. While online courses won't necessarily give you the pay boost of a traditional two-year MBA and probably won't land you a job on Wall Street, they can give you many of the core skills taught at top universities and business schools. We've found some of the best and most useful free online business courses out there.A We've noted which courses are self-paced and which are being released more formally and sequentially.

The Coursera, Udacity, and EdX platforms all offer the opportunity to complete coursework and earn a certificate for completing the course, but any of these can be taken more casually. Marketing is the process used to identify what products or services might be of interest to customers, and the best strategy to use in sales, communications and business development.Through this online course you will learn how to understand what the customer wants or needs, and how to sell your product to them.

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