Available at both the graduate and undergraduate level, online certification programs are designed to provide students with a specialized skill-set geared towards a specific career path in a short period of time. Another appealing aspect of online certificate programs is the breadth of fields in which they are offered. While earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree is a worthy pursuit, the fact is that some people do not have the time or resources to dedicate to full-time studies. These intensive, high-quality courses strive to provide you with targeted skills that are valued by employers, serving you throughout the course of your career. The most successful people will tell you that education is a lifelong process and that it is never too early or too late to learn.
Online Graduate Programs In previous decades, a bachelor’s degree was enough to virtually guarantee an office position. The Online Degree: From GED to PhD Education can be a helpful tool for success in today’s competitive job market. Until the dawn of rock and roll, music production usually took place in a fairly sterile environment.
Newcomers and experienced professionals enroll in music production courses for the same reasons: to discover how to use the latest tools to create recordings that can stand the test of time. Learn the concepts, techniques and technologies of the studio and home producer, and get college credit! If you want to take music recording and producing more seriously, then BerkleeMusic's online producer courses are just for you. Master the tools and techniques for producing great-sounding music at home and create high quality recordings ready for CD or MP3. This course begins by introducing you to the basics of how synthesizers work, sound design concepts, and how to program a wide variety of synthesizers.
Pro Tools 101 curriculum is developed by Digidesign and constitutes the first stage of its Pro Tools certification program.
Become a better producer under the expert guidance of a Berklee Professor of Music Production, and collaboration with other producers. You'll thoroughly explore the capabilities of MIDI sequencing technology and learn effective processes and approaches to production. This course is essential to any guitarist interested in expanding their recording and production skills. Laddie Boy: Laddie Boy, an Airedale terrier, owned by President Warren Harding was quite a famous presidential pooch.
Some artists are so gifted that even their unfinished works are considered strokes of genius. It was all or nothing for Leonardo, who was commissioned to create an altarpiece for the monastery of San Donato a Scopeto near Florence in March 1481.
Artwork based on biblical narrative has long been popular among history's best painters, sculptors and engravers. Before attending the founding conference of the United Nations, FDR decided to spend some precious free time at his health and relaxation retreat in Warm Springs, Georgia. Depictions of the first US president were needed not only for posterity, but for Americans and people around the world during an age when newspapers told and showed all — if you were lucky enough to find one. The Adventures of Tintin is was one of the most widely read and distributed comics of the 20th century, primarily appealing to readers in Europe. Mozart's early death as he was working on Requiem served to enhance its mystique through the 220 years since it was partially written.
Despite being a work in progress since 1882, the picturesque cathedral was recently consecrated by Pope Benedict XVI, a nice payoff for late designer Antoni Gaudi. Luis Aparicio, SS, Boston (1971): During a season in which he tied the major league record for most consecutive at-bats without a hit for a non-pitcher, 44, Aparicio earned his 12th All-Star selection. Carlos Garcia, 2B, Pittsburgh (1994): It was the post-Bonds Pirates, devoid of talent and a truly worthy All-Star representative.
Jason Varitek, C, Boston (2008): Almost 40 years old, Varitek has supplied the Red Sox with the intangible characteristics needed by every championship squad.
Association has been an affiliate organization of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science. Uwg continuing education, in partnership with ed2go, offers online open enrollment programs designed to provide the skills necessary to acquire professional level. Enrich your life and reach your career goals with our accredited certificate and degree programs. Online career certificates ashworth college give choice earning online career certificates prepare today' popular career fields . Ecornell online certificate programs marketing, management, hospitality, human resources . Copyright © 2014 Review Ebooks, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. In order to maximize your potential and attain the level of success you desire, it is important to gain every advantage available.
Some students who are enrolled in a traditional degree program might also consider certificate or online diploma programs as a complement to the knowledge they are gaining in the classroom.
You can earn your certificate on a schedule that meets your specific needs, and for undergraduate certifications, no college degree is required. By contrast, both undergraduate and graduate online certification programs can be completed in a relatively short period. According to education statistics reported by the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University, a certificate degree can add approximately $117,000 in lifetime earnings when combined with a high school diploma. Whether you are seeking to move up the professional ladder, change careers or prepare yourself to enter the workplace, online certification programs can work for you. Today's technology explosion has changed the music production business, with dozens of recording platforms and an endless supply of gear to use during sessions. Music production courses offer students hands-on experience with expensive studio hardware and software, along with access to expert instructors.

Learn the techniques and technology you can use in the studio or at home to produce great sounding mixes in a wide range of styles. You'll master concepts like digitization, signal flow, multi-tracking, equalization, signal processing, MIDI, and everything you need to turn your Mac or PC into a virtual multitrack studio. From there you'll explore more detailed aspects of sound creation and manipulation including imitating acoustic instruments, FM, oscillator sync, ring modulation, and advanced modulation; techniques that you can transfer to any hardware or software synthesizer.
This seminar is open to anyone who has produced three recordings (available in MP3 format), ready to submit for potential seminar review. By the end of this course you will have gained the ability to compose music and arrange instruments in a variety of different musical styles using MIDI sequencing.
Also, producers and engineers that have an intermediate level of guitar background and the capability to play simple melodic and chordal parts over basic chord changes will also benefit. The friendly feline was rescued by Chelsea Clinton in Arkansas and lived in the governor's mansion before making the move to the White House. Laddie Boy loved to fetch, especially when Harding played golf and hit a tree where Laddie Boy could sniff it out. Johnson's brother-sister beagles, Him and Her, were some of the most memorable White House dogs.
Liberty was a lively dog and often photographed with her master at the swimming pool, in the Oval Office and at Camp David. As with any project that requires intense focus and a large sacrifice of time, achieving art perfection can become an arduous task, making it seemingly impossible to follow through on an ambitious plan.
In 1482, Leonardo accepted the project from Duke of Milan Ludovico il Moro, who wanted it to be the largest equestrian statue in the world, dedicated to his father Francesco.
The Three Crosses and The Hundred Guilder Print are two of his famous works, both were completed unlike Old Man Shading His Eyes With His Hand, which he left unsigned and undated. Goltzius dramatically depicted the Adoration of the Shepherds, a scene in which the shepherds witness Jesus's birth in Bethlehem. Work on his painting began at noon on April 12, 1945 when he was being served lunch, but was disrupted when he began to experience unbearable pain in the back of his head, causing him to lose consciousness and slump over in his chair. Hergé, a Belgian writer whose real name was Georges Remi, produced 24 books in the series, the final of which was left incomplete due to his death in 1983.
Commissioned by an unknown stranger, Count Franz Von Walsegg, who wanted to memorialize the death of his wife, Mozart undertook the task amid his own illness that would eventually end his life.
Coleridge, no exception, battled through physical illnesses as a youngster and is said to have been bipolar. The 37-year-old shortstop has played substandard defense, failed to get on base consistently, and provided little power (74 OPS+) and speed (seven steals). As with his fellow American League shortstop Aparicio, his speed and defense made him one of his team's most valuable players.
During the first 11 seasons of his career, 1974 was easily his worst, as he posted a 4.47 ERA and 22 losses. Memorably, in 1997 in front of his home fans at Jacobs Field, he won the game's MVP honors as his two-run homerun in the seventh inning ultimately secured the victory for the AL. The 1994 edition of the Midsummer Classic, which took place in Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Stadium, was the silver lining of a forgettable season that eventually ended in a strike. During the last few years, however, his defensive and hitting skills have eroded, and he certainly hasn't performed like an All-Star.
If you are seeking to advance your career or enter a new professional field, an online certificate might be an option for you to consider. Online certificate programs allow you to attend class without having to leave the comfort of your home or interfere with your current work-schedule.
While launching a music production career can be daunting enough, maintaining your knowledge of new music production techniques can be challenging, as well. Presidents have shown their softer side by owning a wide variety of animals, such as dogs, cats, horses, birds, cows and even goats that have become famous in their own right.
Socks was known for being as cool as a cucumber, and even tolerant of Buddy, the family's brown Labrador retriever.
The beloved dog even had his own hand-carved chair for sitting in on cabinet meetings, and newspapers ran mock interviews with the dog.
Barney is even an accomplished actor, making his appearance in several Barneycam films that were produced by the White House Staff.
The pair loved to play with their master on the White House lawn and go on walks while Johnson talked with the press.
In order to remain on the ticket and save his then clean record, he made a television address to defend himself, making sure to note that the one gift he won't give back is the family cocker spaniel, Checkers.
The registered purebred gave birth to a litter of puppies at the White House and the family kept one of them, named Misty. He was known for exploring the White House grounds, even escaping all the way to the Lincoln memorial.
The following pieces are more remembered for their beauty and meaning than their unfinished states — the artists who created them are hardly considered slackers, as each poured their hearts and souls into all of their works.
Sure enough, he was lured away from the project the following year once he was offered a steady income from the Duke of Milan. It was an unrealistic goal at the time and Leonardo recognized that he probably wouldn't receive the necessary funding.
Unlike most of his pieces, he worked on the figure before completing the setting, focusing on the contrast around the sitter's face and hands.
Noticeably, he left out the manger and baby Jesus, but the exquisite depiction of the three shepherds around Mary more than makes up for it, which may be why he halted work.
In their second meeting, Stuart painted what is known as The Athenaeum, which he left unfinished so he could easily reproduce it — and possibly get away from the quiet, aloof Washington. His emerging interest in avant-garde art was incorporated into the story, a change from the typical subjects he used in the series. His student, Franz Sussmayr, completed the missing movements, but nobody truly knows how much of the song was originally composed by Mozart.

Treated with laudanum, he became an addict of opium, which fueled the dream that inspired Kubla Kahn.
Yet, with Yankees (and Jeter) fans everywhere stuffing the ballot boxes, he was named to his 12th Midsummer Classic. He never got an at-bat, and proceeded to justify his selection by hitting .170 in the second half. His participation in the game was productive, however, as he went 1-for-3 with a run in the AL's 6-4 victory over the Senior Circuit. Needless to say, Griffin demonstrated no unique attributes when he earned his only All-Star selection in 1984.
Before his inevitable career downturn in the 2000s, his worst season came in 1991, during which he hit .217 with no homeruns and seven RBIs in 51 games. He never threw a pitch in the game, possibly because it was the first year the outcome determined which league received home field advantage in the World Series. Nevertheless, his peers voted him in as a reserve in 2008, overlooking the fact that he was hitting just .218 with 73 strikeouts, seven homeruns and 28 RBIs. Presidential pets help set each first family apart and provide presidents with some form of normalcy in a life full of responsibility and chaos. Socks was often seen sleeping in a blue striped chair next to Betty Currie, Clinton's personal secretary and future owner. The President and Laddie Boy were so close that the pooch supposedly howled nonstop for three days before his master's death in a San Francisco hotel.
Rex is named after Rex Scouten, a former White House Chief Usher, who retired during Reagan's presidency.
The presidential pup got a surprise in 2005, when Miss Beazley, another Scottish terrier and Barney's niece, joined the Bush family. Johnson received a great deal of flack when he was photographed lifting Him by the ears in front of a group.
Checkers has been credited for saving the politician's public appearance and keeping him on the ticket. It was even said that Ford used Liberty to end conversations and distract guests by wagging her tail to be petted. Despite the fact that JFK was severely allergic to animal hair of any kind, he still encouraged his family to ride horses and own animals. It wasn't long after that when Tige disappeared from the White House and never returned. French soldiers invaded Milan in 1499 and the remaining clay model was destroyed by archers who were said to have used it for target practice.
Nobody knows why he left it unfinished, and some have speculated that he was merely satisfied with capturing the moment. Shoumatoff later commemorated the 32nd president by finishing the portrait, which now hangs next to the original in Warm Springs. Even without an ending, the book was posthumously published in 1986 and republished on two subsequent occasions.
When he woke up, he immediately recorded the lines only to be interrupted by a person from Porlock, a village in the South West of England, causing him to forget the remaining lines. His first of five All-Star appearances, even though he entered the break with a 4.63 ERA and 11 losses. In the first half, he hit .241 with 14 extra-base hits and only one fewer strikeout (18) than RBIs (19). At the time of his All-Star selection, he hit .241 with four RBIs, 22 strikeouts and four walks, underwhelming to say the least. A legitimate All-Star the year before when he recorded 46 saves with a 2.93 ERA, he still held some value, and thus was traded to the Phillies before the trade deadline.
Fortunately for Redman, he was never demoted during the season because, well, he played for the Royals.
Although Millie died of pneumonia in 1997 at the age of 12, her legend continues to live on with a commemorative dog park named after her in Houston. When the Clintons left the White House, Currie became Socks' new owner and she kept him at her house in Hollywood, Maryland.
Today, President Harding and his prized pup are celebrated with a statue of Laddie Boy made from approximately 19,134 melted pennies, which resides in the Smithsonian Institution. Rex received some national attention when he helped to throw the switch that lit the National Christmas Tree, but was best known for being a pampered pooch, who had a customized doghouse with curtains and framed portraits of the Reagans. Him was the father of a litter of puppies and Johnson's daughter, Luci, kept two of them.
The precious pony would sometimes roam freely on the White House grounds, but mostly lived on a farm in Virginia with the rest of the Kennedy's horses. In 2009, Socks was put to sleep because he was suffering from throat cancer and was believed to be about 20 years old.
Sadly, Her died in 1965 at the White House after swallowing a stone, and Him dies in 1966 after being hit by a car while chasing a squirrel.
Some were scrubs, some were over-the-hill stars given the honors based on career achievement, and each had numbers that indicated they were fit for a demotion to AAA.
If you're serious about music, these are fundamental concepts you need to understand and master.
Music Theory 101 is the course that will set you on your way, or take Music Theory 201 for more advanced concepts.

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