This course intends to address the fitness level needs of individuals affected by contagious diseases or temporary health issues. Students enrolled in the course identify, motivate, educate, and train special population clients of all ages regarding their health and fitness needsin conjunction with the healthcare professionals. There are wide ranges of job opportunities for this sector and one can fit them in the health, education and training industry as Fitness Consultant, Health Care Trainer and Fitness Trainer.
Understand the health and disease in a community, and on improving health and well-being through health approaches. Provides a solid foundation for those seeking to work in the broad field of community and minority health. The Lubbock, Texas Tornado of 1970: This May 11, 1970 twister devastated the west Texas town of Lubbock, home to Texas Tech University.
The Waco Tornado of 1953: This famous twister destroyed most of downtown Waco, even brick buildings that were thought to be very sturdy and reliable. The Gainesville Tornado of 1936: On April 6, 1936, Gainesville, Georgia was struck by one of the most destructive tornadoes in American history. The Natchez, Mississippi Tornado of 1840: This terrible tornado is one of the deadliest on record, killing 317 people. The Glazier-Higgins-Woodward Tornadoes of 1947: On April 9, 1947, a massive tornado outbreak struck Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma and killed 232 people across all three states. The Purvis Tornado of 1908: This storm cut a wide path of destruction through Louisiana and Mississippi in 1908, killing 60 and injuring some 500 more. The New Richmond Tornado of 1899: Tornadoes can strike anywhere along the plains, including the northern most regions of the country in states like Wisconsin.
In many jobs, the occasional trip to the bathroom or unplanned fire drill is as exciting as it gets.
Being an engineer seems like it could be a pretty boring desk job, but if the projects you're working on are roller coasters, the job sounds awesome.
People with addictive personalities are more likely to be risk-takers, so if you find yourself easily addicted to vices, you should definitely think twice before becoming a professional gambler. Nothing gets your blood pumping quite like, well, lots of other people's blood pumping all around you. Being an alligator wrestler might seem like something you do on a drunken dare rather than a lucrative profession.
Anyone who enters into combat zones or war-ravaged nations armed with only a camera has to be a serious adrenaline junkie or just plain crazy. Students will be able to understand the types of health problems that require special exercise intervention and immediate attention. Fitness coach, health advisors, trainer in health education organization are also emerging trends in the field due to the scarcity of health care professionals across the world.
Throughout American history, the American Midwest has been struck by some brutal tornadoes that have made their mark on American culture and history. While much of the campus was spared, downtown Lubbock was reduced to rubble, injuring 200 or more and killing at least 20 people.
Approximately 203 people were killed when this F4 twister smashed into downtown Gainesville, destroying a factory while workers were still in the building. The twister caught the town completely off guard, as there was no early warning system of weather monitoring program in place to warn the citizens of what was coming.
The Tupelo tornado is estimated to have been an F5, the most destructive tornado that can be produced by nature.
This storm was actually several tornadoes that merged and blew debris from one state to another as it plowed through America's heartland. A tragic wrinkle in this tornado's history occurred when workers on a railroad yard hid from the storm in boxcars.

On June 12, 1899, a storm strong enough to blow a 300-pound safe across several city blocks struck New Richmond, Wisconsin, completely leveling the unprepared city.
The rest of the days are spent at a desk in front of a computer trying to stay off YouTube. Instead of driving or running to fires, smokejumpers jump out of airplanes and parachute down to wildfires and forest fires to help get them under control fast. You legitimately have no idea what you could come up against during your career as an astronaut, so even though no aliens have been spotted off the movie screen, it's bound to happen any day now. You do have to sit around figuring out math and science things that will make your roller coaster run safely, but that's part of the excitement. But if you can quit a habit whenever you want (rather than just saying you can), you could be very happy with the ups and downs of playing poker for a living. These are people who weren't scared enough being regular police officers, so they had to step the danger level up a notch. Emergency Room nurses and doctors face life-or-death situations every day and never know what will walk (or run) into their waiting room. All journalists who cover wars put their lives in danger at some point, but at least writers can sometimes interview people by phone far away from the action or visit the devastation after it's happened. This destructive storm first struck southeast Missouri and made its way northeast to Illinois and Indiana, crossing through three states. Looting and flooding after the storm created problems for property owners long after the storm had passed and the damage totaled well into the millions of dollars.
A 32-minute film later memorialized this terrible disaster, and a huge national response followed.
Of the 216 people killed on April 5, 1936, the majority were found in a single pond around which a major housing development was situated. Louis Tornado of 1896: 137 people were killed when this twister touched down near downtown St.
The consolidated tornado was said to be two miles wide as it ripped through Texas, causing $1.5 million in property damage.
The tornado lifted the boxcars off of the tracks and threw them 150 feet from where they had been resting.
What had begun as a sunny day seemed to change almost instantly, with the twister blowing in only 30 minutes after the first sign of clouds. Even at non-desk jobs, each day tends to blur together with the next and you settle into a boring routine. These crazy people travel all over the country to lend their expertise, especially to remote areas that would be hard to reach through conventional means. You are creating an experience for other thrill seekers and constantly pushing the boundaries of what a normal human wants to do for fun.
Adventure guides work in the tourism industry and take groups of travelers on different kinds of outdoor expeditions.
Your life could change with just one good (or bad) hand, and the excitement of never knowing which way your luck will turn keeps a lot of adrenaline junkies interested. Alligator wrestlers typically work at animal parks or reptile farms, and believe it or not, there is actually a school in Colorado for starting your career. For photographers, though, the job requires being present and in the front row for conflict and the misery it creates. The F-5 Tri-State tornado had a ground speed of 62 mph and was a quarter to three-quarters of a mile wide.
The twister famously crushed a full size vehicle down to a height of only 18 inches and caused over $41.2 million in property damage. Gainesville was completely rebuilt at the behest of Franklin Roosevelt, complete with a new city hall and other prominent downtown buildings that remain to this day.

When they reach the ground after a jump (and get out of any trees they might get stuck in), supplies are dropped to them so they can contain the fire and survive for up to 48 hours on their own. Imagine sitting in a shuttle as the countdown begins, not knowing whether you'll make it out of the atmosphere in one piece. As an adventure guide, you can do pretty much any kind of outdoor activity that you're skilled at. The best thrill-seekers can keep their adrenaline in check when they are bluffing or have an unbeatable hand, making the anticipation of the other players' next move even more intense.
You have to be able to remain clear-headed as you face dangerous situations to do this job and decide the best approach to save everyone's lives, including your own.
This is a perfect job for someone who can handle blood, guts, and lots of pressure and who wants to make a real difference in someone's life. That'll make you sweat just thinking about it, but if you like the idea of always having to be on your toes, you could probably swing it as an air traffic controller.
Over the course of three hours, the tornado traveled 219 miles and killed about 690 people and injured another 2,000 people. You have to be very fit physically and mentally stable in order to deal with the dangers and strenuous demands of the job, but most smokejumpers would agree that it's all worth it to face the double danger of skydiving and putting out fires. Space walks, exploring distant planets or moons, and hanging out in a zero-gravity environment are all part of the allure.
None of your friends will be able to complain about tough deadlines anymore, because you literally face ticking time-bombs at work. It's not exactly a job for a risk-taker who wants to take gambles in his line of work, but it is perfect for someone who loves the rush of figuring out a problem in a short period of time where the results could be catastrophic. The basic job is to keep aircrafts from getting close to each other in the sky and bring them in to land safely, but depending on the weather, number of planes, and your equipment, the job can be a lot more exciting than it sounds. If you try your hand at this job, though, know that you just might lose it, if not a whole arm.
But war photojournalists provide important images to news outlets around the world and give people a glimpse of what is really going on.
It reached the peak of its intensity as it crossed the Mississippi River, and some 35 people were killed when shortly after crossing the river the tornado devastated a railroad yard. There are a variety of options, however, that might just fill that heart-pounding, breath-taking role in your life.
Astronauts are the modern-day trailblazers who face the unknown challenges and certain danger of space travel. Most alligator wrestlers get bitten at some point in their careers, though they don't always suffer permanent injuries.
Finishing a project at a normal desk job is satisfying, but as a roller coaster designer, it's exhilarating.
You can pretty much turn any of your breath-taking outdoor hobbies and turn it into a job by either signing on with a resort or tourism company or starting your own adventure business. You get to ride the coaster you just designed, all the while knowing that one bad calculation on your part could kill you.
The latter has the added risky component of never knowing whether your business will take off or bankrupt you.

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