Lauren Fairbanks is a Brooklyn-based writer and editor who has penned for AOL, Young Money, and Eating Well Magazine, among others. HP, the well-known computer manufacturer, recently launched an online learning center dedicated to baby boomers (and really, anyone else) who need a quick brush-up on computer basics. The Massachusettes Institute of Technology (MIT) is known for its high learning standards and rigorous courses. Mango is a language program that you can access online through most public library systems. Mango Languages has created its very own methodology called Intuitive Language Construction, to help you learn to speak a foreign language. A multicultural and diverse student body is what Norwalk Community College prides itself on having. Though many may not favor the alternative online courses, there are many reasons why online classes can be just as helpful, if not better than tradition classroom courses.
An obvious benefit of taking online courses is the amount of time that is saved from not having to physically be in a classroom. When taking a course online, a student has a much more flexible schedule and can avoid taking a necessary course at an inconvenient time or worse, not taking the course at all because of time restrants.
Saved time can then be used to work full time, take more classes, or for extracurricular activities such as volunteering and internships. Being in a classroom, whether it be a small classroom or big lecture, there are many other students involved in the ‘learning experience’.
These distractions extend further than set classroom discussions or activities, to ‘discussions’ that students have with one another; specifically with students that interrupt class time to text or talk to each other.
In an online class, each student can take time to carefully and eloquently think of responses to discussions and questions and those who fear public speaking can receive a good grade in participation despite being shy or having to subject themselves to something they are scared to do.
It is a common misconception among those against online classes that the courses are ‘more work’ than classroom setting courses; it isn’t a greater workload, but rather a different style of work. The point that I personally find the most important is that having an online class can involve more will power than having to go to a class. As a student at Norwalk Community College and other schools, I have taken both online and traditional classes. When I come to school, I physically remove myself from my immediate environment into one that is designed for learning. Another advantage of taking traditional classes is the multiple ways to gain perspective and make lifelong connections.
Often, students who come to classes can be underestimated in their dedication, motivation and commitment. Traditional classes may not be for everyone, and the degree of dedication required may not suit everyone either.
Programs Offered Online Browse our extensive online course and program offerings and find the ones you need.Programs Offered Online Is Online for You? Credit Programs Browse our extensive online course and program offerings and find the ones you need. View online training partners and explore the list of classes and certification programs offered. AREI provides you with the finest online education available today for Real Estate Licensing and Continuing Education or Mortgage Broker Licensing and Continuing Education.
Advanced Contracts – (4 Hours) This course will address common contracting problems, help the broker anticipate and avoid contract conflicts and draft stronger agreements. Brokerage Administration -(24 Hours) The Brokerage Administration course is required for license upgrade to Employing Broker (provides 12 Hours Elective CE). Commission Update Course (ACU) (4 Hours) This course is presented via streaming video and must be completed each year active real estate licensees. Broker Reactivation Course (BRC) (24 Hours) This Reall Estate Commission Course is available to licensees who want to activate an inactive license, activate an expired license, or renew an active license. Jelly Donuts and The Appraiser (4 Hours) This course is step one in a four-part series designed to provide an arsenal of tools for real estate brokers.
Valuation In A Changing Market (4 Hours) This online video presentation will explore simple micro economic techniques which allow the professional real estate broker to determine trends in a changing market. Online classes have become popular in today’s technological society for a variety of reasons including flexibility, the issue of traveling and convenience. Kathy Ermler, dean of graduate studies and Distance Education, said that for her graduate students, many have full-time jobs and cannot return to campus for classes.
She said she has heard from students that they “love the online environment” because they are able to study and participate in the class during a time of the day they are not busy, instead of a designated time that they are required to be there. Ermler said she believes this helps students who live in areas where it may be difficult to attend a class three times a week. Joseph Gilligan, junior information systems major, took an ethics course online last spring.

Kelsey Kronawitter, senior secondary social sciences education major, said she sees disadvantages to taking online classes.
Still, Ermler said there are misconceptions about online classes, namely, that they are easier, that there are no deadlines, or that teachers are available around the clock to answer questions.
One approach Ermler takes is to encourage students who are skeptical about online classes or uncertain about which class to take to ask friends about their experience with online learning. The Bulletin reserves the right to delete any content deemed inappropriate or inflammatory.
The Bulletin will only disclose user information in the event that it is required to do so by law to protect its own well-being or the well-being of The Bulletin‘s users. And sometimes a little brush-up is needed, whether it's to stay up-to-date on the current trends in your industry or to make yourself more attractive to potential employers.
They offer classes on Adobe, Microsoft software and social media, along with a long listing of additional courses that will have any computer-illiterate coasting through Word documents and touching up photos within a few weeks. And now those of us who didn't score a 2200 on our SATs can share the coursework of geniuses -- for free.
Alternatively, you can take many of these classes at your local library or check out CDs to run on your computer. Students’ ages range from 15 to 90; not every student at NCC fits into the 18-22 demographic. The hour used in a classroom setting is often dramatically reduced in an online class simply because a student may go at a certain pace of learning and undertake activities which could not be taken in a classroom setting.
Though social settings can be a positive thing, the presence of a whole classroom of other students can be distracting and destructive to a student’s personal learning; both teachers and students can go off on tangents and the discussion can be swayed in a way that is completely irrelevant to the topic that is being taught. When a discussion occurs in an online class there is  little room for irrelevant topics or classroom distractions. With an online class, if a student has a question, they can e-mail their teacher and get a direct response; in a classroom setting a student must raise their hand and wait to be called, if they are called at all. With online classes the weekly work may seem intimidating and excessive, but only because it is being viewed at one time.
A student might miss a class or  an assignment because they couldn’t attend class a certain day and in the long run hurt their grade. I remove myself from distractions and temptations that linger at home to a place where I can focus. Through professors, classmates, clubs, and study groups, I have the opportunity to see things from endless viewpoints. In reality, for many students, coming to school is a testimony in itself of their will power and dedication to learning. This might be tutoring, recitation or staying after class; all of which provide clarity in subjects that may be difficult for students.
Still, no matter how you go about your education, self-motivation and dedication are your keys to a great education. Wake Tech offers more than 60 online and hybrid programs, including associate in arts, business, computer programming, criminal justice, early childhood education, and more.
We are pleased that you are considering Wake Tech as you plan for your education and career.Welcome!
Our online education courses utilize streaming audio and video presentations to provide efficient insight and mastery of the material. Our video based Online Education Program allows you the same depth of knowledge and insightful benefit of the classroom, in the comfort of your living room.
This is the recommended course for those currently licensed in another state who are seeking a Colorado Real Estate license, or for those who are activating a Colorado license. The course is designed for brokers who have a working knowledge of Commission approved forms. The course is offered once each quarter live classroom or can be completed anytime through our online program (ONLINE COMING SOON). It is strongly recommended for inactive licensees as well to allow easy license activation.
The course may be used to renew an active license is a licensee has missed an Annual Commission Update Course. Taken separately or in series, you can increase your CMA skills and accuracy with a better understanding of simple appraisal concepts and techniques. You will learn to measure specific market conditions, measure and apply time adjustments, understand the effect of financing concessions on value, and effectively communicate the results of the analysis to buyers, sellers, appraisers and loan underwriters.
Emporia State offers many online classes during the fall, spring and summer semesters in order to accommodate students. This applies not only to graduate students who have moved into the city where they will carry on their profession, but also for students who go don’t live in Emporia for the summer. Justin Rahe, sophomore communications major, took psychology for college credit his senior year of high school, and it carried over to his studies at ESU.

She said it’s important to remember that online classes have deadlines, due dates, and that assessments and feedback are also available via these classes. Any content judged racist, sexist, vulgar, obscene or objectionable will not be included on The Bulletin’s website. Other than those exceptions where The Bulletin determines that it is essential to disclose user information, The Bulletin maintains that it will not divulge personal information (username, email address) to third parties. That way, you don’t have to hop in the car and spend a ton of time in traffic or in a classroom. While many universities and colleges are now offering professional studies classes (classes designed for working adults), there's still a better (and cheaper) way: learning online. Languages are always a smart way to go, as the world is becoming increasingly multi-lingual, especially with a growing Spanish-speaking population in the US. With online classes, a student cannot blame missing work on not  knowing about an assignment or missing a class. By coming to school, I experienced an environmental change, new perspectives of every imaginable topic, connections that could last a lifetime, and a way to always get extra help if needed.
When I come to school, I know I have a purpose and so there is a clear pathway to learning. In our discussions and lectures, I can express and form my own opinions in a well-rounded way. To show up routinely when many students have jobs and other responsibilities is nothing short of dedication.
Coming to school doesn’t guarantee that you will get an education, but it definitely can motivate you to. Classes include group interaction, instructor feedback, and independent learning – to engage students and accommodate all kinds of learning styles. The course focuses on new statutes and commission rules, recent court decisions, and changing standards of practice.
The BRC is available to licensees who did not use this option in the previous license cycle (may not be used in consecutive license cycles), or if the licensee has been inactive or expired for up to 36 months.
Learn what information is helpful to avoid loan problems and minimize the opportunity for failed transactions due to lender issues. An important component of the course addresses tactics the real estate broker can employ to impact the loan underwriting process and avoid lost transactions. Unless you absolutely need to a certificate or diploma in the end, these online courses are a great way to plump your resume and learn something new and interesting in 2011.
Most courses come with a syllabus, calendar, readings and assignments, though they vary by professor.
To do this for however long it takes to get a degree shows strength in their commitment and motivation.
Develop your own market specific adjustment values and increase listing and sales activity as you obtain unique information about any specific neighborhood. If you want online classes that are going to make the most out of your time – and your resume!
You go through the lessons on your own, but courses of this caliber, in interesting and relevant topics -- at zero tuition -- are nothing to turn up your nose at. Subsequent classes are Valuation in a Down Market, Working With Residential Investors, and Real Estate Trends Analysis. We also offer career fairs, job posting services, and other resources to assist employers seeking full-time and part-time employees.We value our alumni and want you to stay connected to Wake Tech!
Read some of our success stories, and find out about our Alumni Affinity program, with special benefits and incentives created for you.
Make sure your potential class has the proper accreditationIf you want to get your basic CNA training and certification done online, you need to make sure that your potential class meets all of the proper requirements. I guess for a single parents to be able to take CNA classes online will give them the flexibility they need. And for someone living in a remote area without any direct access to any training facilities, online classes would probably his or her only chance for getting further education.Reply Nancy D. 15 CommentsBecause the job is so hands-on, you might think that you are really missing out if you do your CNA…What Does a Job Description for CNAs Include? 15 Comments 6 Tips For Passing Your CNA Certification Test 13 Comments 8 Great Reasons to Get Your CNA Degree 12 Comments CNA Training – Opening Doors to Different Opportunities June 16, 2014 CNA to MSN – A Chance to Achieve Your Ultimate Goals!
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