Now the problem is who controls the online education system—local community colleges or the State of California?
The community college, like the 111 others in the state, maintains local control over its online classes.
A proposal to make it easier for students to take online community college classes offered by any California campus is running into opposition from local faculty. As students seek classes to accommodate busy schedules and campuses look to expand without constructing new buildings, virtual courses have been multiplying in the state’s massive community college system. The latest idea from Sacramento would create one portal for community college online classes and establish phone and online support for students, regardless of which campus offers the courses. Dean Murakami, president of the community college faculty association, doesn’t think it’s a good idea.
No one disagrees that the demand for online classes has been growing. At Saddleback College in Mission Viejo alone, the number of students taking online classes more than doubled in the last eight years. Budget reductions have led to cuts in campus classes and courses in highest demand are often overcrowded. The need for one-to-one support is among the lessons drawn from a study that revealed more than 50 percent of San Jose State students enrolled in a pilot program offering massive open online classes, or MOOCs, failed the courses. Saddleback is growing online courses by capping each class at 45 students, with campus support, student interaction and engagement built in. Second-year nursing student Christine Briones says the online classes are better than face-to-face courses.

At Saddleback’s center for research and development for online classes, psychology professor Kathryn Damm reviews proposals by faculty who want to teach online courses. What doesn’t work, she says, are long, video-taped lectures and mandatory live online chats.
For some students, like civil engineering major Mark Doss, online classes aren’t appealing, even when tweaked for maximum engagement. Filed Under: Stephen Frank's California Political News And Views About Stephen FrankStephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. ANU Professional Training delivers flexible, relevant, and responsible training solutions in Cybersecurity, IT Applications, Project Management, and more.
All National College campus locations are easily accessible, and offer a wide range of degree and diploma programs in business, healthcare, and computer technology. Visiting National College will give you an opportunity to experience the college, learn about our programs and areas of study. National College and all of its campuses are accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), a national accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education and by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. National College is a private college founded in 1886 and encompasses 6 campus in the state of Tennessee. With over 50 online programs available, American InterContinental University has a wide range of options for students seeking to advance in their career. Due to the economy, many have to work—how do you provide classes for them at a time they can attend when their work schedule changes, some by the week?

Couple that with more students with tight schedules enrolling in community colleges, and the attraction of virtual courses becomes clear. Flanigan pushes hard to make sure students taking virtual classes get face-to-face support. We have the support for our students both face-to-face and online because we want to have quality education and we want to maintain it,” she said. Darrell Steinberg last year proposing to let outside developers of MOOCs enroll students in public colleges died.
So I take online classes and it gives me a flexible schedule,” she said while studying at Saddleback’s library. Even in these smaller classes, the failure rate — 7 percent — is still higher than traditional classes.
This is why government should be not be involved in education—to government it is about power, control and empires—to the private sector it is growth and results.

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