Structure with tiered seats that is often partially covered; it is for spectators attending sporting events. Spaces reserved for each team where the drivers stop during the race to refuel and change their tires. Note: If you are new computer programming, watch our Introduction to Programming Video before proceeding. Since we dont know any VBA, we will use this recorder to record our actions and then we will see recorded instructions (called as code in computer lingo) to understand how VBA looks like.
Now that you have done the only step in our macro, its time to stop Excel’s tape recorder.
Now that your first macro is working, lets peek behind the scenes and understand what VBA instructions are required to fill a cell with red. To do this, right click on your current sheet name (bottom left) and click on View code option.
Before understanding the MakeMeRed macro, we need to be familiar with VBE (Visual Basic Editor).
I would like to know how you learn VBA and what experiences you had when you wrote that first macro. I think experience is one of the best teachers, and as Chandoo mentions, don't be afraid to try and change some VB code. Recording a macro has helped me specially in getting complex formulas converted to a code !!! By stating Range("B14").select, you are telling excel to work only on that particular cell. My first ever experience with macro was when I wanted to protect and unprotect multiple sheets in timesheets used in my company. I loved the way you explained the "First VBA macro", which made me to recollect Chandooo in mee in college days. But I still have a question: After having colored one cell, why is it impossible to undo this action with "CTRL+Z"?

I am Abrar working in Chennai,India, i have knowledge of vb programming but i dont know vba programming currently my job is in excel . Do you know of a 'Chandroo' who can help me in writing a VBA macro for generating a code for Microsoft Outlook Express?  I am located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Thanks, I just read chandoo about divide and conquer, split your problem in small chunks, he said, is really good, and thanks also to  Ian Huitson he alway answer me.
I have followed the steps on clicking on a cell, then make it red, go record it, stop the recording, then go to that cell, right click to find the assign macro.
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Thus enabling you to program Excel so that you can automate a boring report, format a big&ugly chart, clean-up some messy data or just play some random noises. Excel has a built-in tape recorder, that listens and records everything you do, in Excel’s own language, ie VBA. The word SUB indicates that the following lines of VBA are a sub-procedure (or sub-routine). And whenever you need to do a lot of operations on the same thing (in this case, selected cell), it is better to bunch all of them. In this case, the most important line is .Color = 192 which is telling Excel to fill Red color in the selected cell. This class offers 20+ hours of video content on all aspects of VBA – right from basics to advanced stuff. I started off learning VBA simply by recording myself doing different actions, and then seeing how it was recorded and what could be changed.
Bestest (if that is any word) way to get your work done around a macro is to RECORD IT !!!!! I think it helps if you have a solid understanding of excel and its functions before attempting to work with any macros.
Could any one let me know where I can find all the syntax for VBA like the "selection.iterior" selector and the likes.

This helped me prevent other users from accidentally deleting formulas used for calculations. I am the one and only person in my company to migrate Office 2003 format files to Office 2010 format.
But I also speak Hindi, English and Cutish (that is the language my 2 year old kids speak).
Which in computer lingo means, a group of related instructions meant to be followed together to do something meaningful. Over the years, you can then pick up tricks and shortcuts from other people that help you write more efficient code, but I still will often just record myself doing something if I need code written for something I don't have experience with.
I know only little bit of changes and re coding them, with available alternatives over Google. To pay attention to the skill of audio-visual and expression through integrating the watching,listening and speaking.
But that may not be the case for many of you who latch on to VBA without any formal education. If you are interested to learn VBA and become a master in it, please consider joining this course.
I've made it a point of doing as much as possible in VBA recently, not because its the most efficient way to do things, but because it helps me understand how all the methods and properties work. I did not have any ground knowledge of VBA, but due to constant experimentation I am able to understand most of the conditions in it.

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