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PRISM Educational Consultants will meet your professional needs by providing on site course offerings and programs. It is each studenta€™s responsibility to read all course materials, including course syllabus and addendum, and to know and understand the course requirements, exam score minimum requirements, and deadlines. This class was very informative and insightful in the area of teaching students from different cultures. This is the second course I have taken with this instructor, and they are the best two courses I have taken through VESi. I have taken online courses for graduate credit from three different companies now, and VESi is by FAR the best. This course expanded quite a bit on the basic knowledge I previously had for differentiated instruction. This course was very helpful and I liked that the format allowed me to complete it on my own time with no set deadlines. This was the first PD that I completed in many years that has actually applied to teaching in the classroom. I love how clearly the information is presented and the suggestions and resources are so practical. This was a lot of information for one class, but incredibly interesting and very appropriate to early childhood education. I have developed a refreshed outlook on the diversity of different students and appreciate the differences of variety of different students I teach.
The instructor presented the information well and provided a lot of practical ideas for how to teach math conceptually.

I took these courses for the sole purpose of 'collecting' credits to complete my certification requirements.
The format is so easy to follow, the information is great, and being able to complete the coursework at my own pace is a huge plus. I learned that I have been teaching using these concepts already and have learned a few more things to consider as I continue on this lifelong journey of teaching and learning. I believe it is incredibly important to differentiate for student success in the classroom and real world, and it is great that classes like this are offered for teachers who may not believe the same thing or understand how great its importance is to students. Working full time, having a young child at home, and being pregnant with our second son, this was the PERFECT way to complete my college credits. Now that I have a consequence ladder and begin by letting my students know that they will receive only one reminder, 99% of my classroom behavioral issues have vanished. It was filled with information and solutions to the problem of aggression in the classroom that will be put to use by me on the first day of school.
Also it had the best tech support I have ever encountered in any online classes or work that I have completed.
The class reminds us of our professional duties and expectations that will keep teachers accountable for their actions.
I have been teaching for 23 years, so all of the ideas weren't actually new; however, to have them discussed in this orderly manner was great! I was nervous and skeptical about the content and relevance of the course, having only taken classes at Whitworth and Gonzaga Universities.
Clearly the instructor has had classroom experience and has used a€?reala€? situations that can be used practically in the classroom. Our goal is to help meet Federal and State requirements including the Massachusetts licensure requirements.

I will be able to take the information that I learned from this course and refer back to it often in my teaching.
I am motivated to better serve my students because of this course, and I have been given the tools to do so.
In the end, I have learned so many relevant strategies and have been re-energized as a teacher. I have shared some of the information with teachers, and plan to discuss with my principal if we can incorporate isolation rooms in the classrooms.
Journal articles and essay questions were thought provoking and intellectually stimulating. It was presented in a way that was easy to navigate and the course load was not daunting or impossible to finish in a timely manner. For me, the one reminder rule and the consequence ladder have turned the tide in my classroom.
I can envision using most of the knowledge gained through this material during instruction. I literally laughed out loud at his jokes a few times and it made me feel more in tune with what was going on, like I was really in a classroom. I highly recommend keeping this course available as it is extremely beneficial, especially with the shift to the Common Core Standards. We are proud of our twenty-five years helping educators meet the growing demands of teaching and administrative initiatives.

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