Maranatha Online courses, taught by Christian faculty, are biblical, flexible, and engaging. Over the long term, students taking 60 or more credits are much more likely to get a degree when they take classes online. And online courses exacerbate the already disturbing gaps related to age, gender, and race. All of these data points jibe with previous research looking at how online learning does, indeed, hurt minorities and other students. For instance, I never attended in-class lectures where I took helpful quizzes peppered throughout lectures. One of the first bits of information you receive from the university is the course progression for your program. The reason COLL100 (Foundations of Online Learning) is recommended first is because it provides necessary information about how to interact and succeed in our online environment. The first general education course our advisors recommend is ENGL101 – Efficiency in Writing.

There is no recommended course progression for the remaining General Education courses, but it is usually a good rule for you to pair strong subject areas with weak ones. Another great way to select and schedule general education classes is to go to the archived syllabi in your program’s course requirements (find these in your course catalog). Core courses are presented on your academic plan in the order that you should complete them. Erin Kelley-Bannister has worked at APUS for five years as an Academic Advisor for the Schools of Arts and Humanities and Education.
Taking courses in the recommended order helps you build a strong academic foundation, so you progress through your program with the academic knowledge you need to succeed in your classes. You’re introduced to the classroom, library, and other basic university information that you’ll need to know as a university student.
This course helps you establish solid writing habits early; good writing is an essential element for future success in your classes.
For instance, if you love writing but are not a huge fan of mathematics, taking a History course along with a Mathematics course would be a good choice.

While a course’s archived syllabus will not show you the current course requirements, it provides some insight on course expectations.
If you have questions about your course progression or need more information, consult your academic advisor. She has a bachelor’s degree in history and enjoys helping students as they work on their college education.
Our online Doctorate, Masters .High quality home learning courses and online courses to boost your skills. These archived syllabi are great resources as you register for courses in the remainder of your academic program. For distance learning courses, choose The Distance Education Academy!.Open College UK Provides Distance Learning, Homestudy Courses for all UK and International Overseas Students!.

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