SchwayPHYSICAL COMMUNICATION BARRIERS EXAMPLESNonverbalphysical barriers include noise that is independent . Even if you’re not bent on being a lawyer, getting to know the essentials of business law will help your career or business tremendously. This course consists of short (about 3-10 minutes each), beginner-level lessons on business law.
This course will help you assess and make sound decisions about legal issues commonly encountered by business organizations. This undergraduate course was taught by Professor John Akula back in 2003, and is made available for free through MIT’s OpenCourseWare program. Among other things, this course will show you how to prevent, handle, or initiate lawsuits. Docstoc has been around since 2007 and offers thousands of high-quality business content in addition to millions of user-generated documents. This course focuses on employment laws, and is highly recommended for entrepreneurs, managers, and HR practitioners. Business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, and even employees will benefit from this 12-hour video tutorial that tackles the basics of employment law. While this course does not claim to be an alternative to conventional legal counseling, anyone who’s part of a workplace will certainly benefit.
Course instructor Adam Dinow is a veteran New York attorney who’s also a regular speaker and lecturer at NYU, Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University, and Brooklyn Law School.
This course from General Assembly will help you navigate the startup formation process, particularly when it comes to the type of legal entity you intend your startup to operate as, documentation, and your company’s capital structure. Whether you are a manager, business owner, or employee, knowing the essentials of business law will help you make sound decisions when faced with challenges that have legal implications. Property and Liability: An Introduction to Law and EconomicsThis course deals with principles of American law, Property and Proportional Liability in a new approach. Whether working as editor for various publishing houses, or as technical communicator for IT companies, Joseph's pen and keyboard are his weapons of choice. If you’re looking to form and operate a business but have very little legal background, then this course will benefit your plans. After taking the course, you’ll have an assessment quiz that checks whether you’ve learned the lesson concepts. These issues include: the nature of contracts, different types of business entities, employment regulations, intellectual property, venture capital, bankruptcy, and international operations.

Their internally produced content includes business tips that are formatted as short videos.
The course outlines the legal underpinnings in the workplace with the aim of keeping everyone away from common pitfalls that sometimes lead to court litigations.
Specifically, the course will be valuable for HR specialists, managers and business owners.
That’s fantastic, but before you do, consider joining this course to give yourself some relevant background on how to get your startup running without any legal backlash. There will be seven highly focused videos, including a discussion on limited liability corporations and stock frameworks. But before jumping in, be sure to assess your specific needs and use those requirements as your basis for course selection. Through this course, you will also learn about economic reasoning to an important and interesting aspect of life. Joseph earned a bachelor's degree in Physics and took up graduate courses in Literature and the Humanities at De La Salle University. But regardless of your goals, learning about the legal framework that governs your workplace is well worth your time and effort. If you’re not comfortable seeing advertisements every time you take one lesson after another, you may opt to upgrade your free account.
Because the course targets entrepreneurs and business managers, don’t expect to learn a lot of technical legal skills, but do expect to develop a broad awareness of the legal implications of different aspects of a business. This free course from Docstoc bundles 8 videos with playtimes of 1-5 minutes to teach you the essentials of business law. Within a self-paced learning environment, you’ll get introduced to legal principles and provisions that govern recruitment, employee taxation, discrimination, unionization, workplace safety, and other issues.
By learning this stuff, you might be able to avoid serious mistakes that have been known to drag the growth and even trigger the premature closure of startups. This course will be taught by veteran business attorney Adam Dinow, who has vast experience working with fast-paced businesses. All the five courses we outlined here provide business law essentials but they differ in approach and focus.
You’ll learn about the different types of business entities — from sole proprietorships through general and limited partnerships through corporations. By taking the course, you’ll also be more conscious of your legal responsibilities as a manager, employee or business owner.

You can download all relevant course materials from the site, including pdf lecture notes, exams, reading materials, and the midterm and final exams. Whether you are an entrepreneur who runs a business or a professional employed in an organization, this course will help you protect your business or career. If you find these videos useful, Docstoc has premium membership options that start at a monthly fee of $19.95.
Note that even the way a job vacancy is advertised can become a ground for a court action, so you better take notes if you want your business to remain appropriately protected from legal setbacks. A $60 fee will enable you to obtain a CEU (Continuing Education Unit) if you pass the course with a final grade of at least 70%.
Topics covered include trademark, stock, taxation, organizational entity, and other legal issues. For instance, General Assembly’s course focuses on the formation stage of startups while the lessons offered by Universal Class serve as a primer on employment laws. Along the way, you’ll also get to know the corresponding legal, tax and documentary requirements of each type of business entity.
You’ll learn from veteran lawyers all you need to know about intellectual property, common contracts, non-disclosure agreements, trademarks, and litigation proceedings. This gives you access to online courses, thousands of lawyer-drafted premium documents, thousands of articles and videos from industry experts, and other perks. However, if you like General Assembly’s other course offerings, their Front Row service, at $25 per month, may seem more attractive. It’s up to you to select the one that will likely answer your questions or get you prepared for legal matters you might encounter in the future. In addition, you’ll get a glimpse of possible scenarios such as closures and bankruptcies as well as the corresponding legal liability owners of different types of business entities incur when such events happen. The course will also help you determine the scenarios wherein you can sue, as well as the steps you should take if you get sued.
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