What should I do if my Online Audit says I still need a course that I know I completed or do not need to take? DegreeWorks is a computerized degree audit application and advising tool designed to assist you and advisors in reviewing your academic progress towards graduation.. An audit is a computerized program that displays your academic information based on official requirements based upon your declared major.
You can use DegreeWorks information to obtain better advice from faculty, counselors and advisors and can make better decisions about your academic future. Your degree audit is best used in combination with existing college advisement options such as the published Bulletin of classes which will advise you of up to date academic policies and procedures. What should I do if my DegreeWorks Audit says I still need a course that I know I completed or do not need to take? Can I use my Online Audit instead of a transcript if I want to transfer to another college? The Online Audit is not an official transcript – all colleges require an official transcript to evaluate your credits. Advice and Alerts: Displays various important messages based upon your credit level and GPA.

Common Core Curriculum: The core course requirements that all students must take, which vary to a slight degree depending on Degree. Missing prior college transcripts, transcripts for permit, study abroad and College Now courses, course descriptions, official translations, AP and CLEP exam scores. You have not yet met all the requirements to be officially accepted into a school (Zicklin, Weissman or School of Public Affairs) in order to declare a major or you have not yet declared an intended major.
You are pursuing an AD-HOC major – Since the nature of this major is for the student to create their course of study in consultation with their advisor, the DegreeWorks audit will not automatically know which courses have been approved. EVAL not complete – this is a checkbox indicator for transfer students that their evaluation of prior course work is complete.
Your degree audit displays your course work in an easy-to-read report summarizing the elements of your degree completed, as well as those that are still missing.
You should always review your degree progress report prior to meeting with an advisor, preparing any questions you may have regarding your requirements. For instructions for ordering an official transcript, visit the Registrar’s office website.
For more information about additional curriculum requirements, see pages 50 to 54 (BBA), 54 to 55 (BA), 55 to 57 (BS) on the Undergraduate Online Bulletin.

The purpose of it is to show you your progress if you are going to be applying to the Zicklin School of Business. These courses may also represent courses that you have completed but which as yet have not been graded. For more additional information regarding electives please see page 51 on the Undergraduate Online Bulletin. Please submit the missing documents to the Admission Office transfer evaluation unit, so that your record can be updated.
It also provides information on how each requirement was satisfied and what courses can be taken to complete your remaining requirements. From there you can click on the course title to see a description and the prerequisites for the course.

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