University of Phoenix: University of Phoenix is a leading university offering web-based education. Once you graduate from an early childhood education program—typically a master’s level graduate degree—you are often qualified to take leadership positions in preschool settings and kindergartens, teach grades one through three or even teach early childhood education courses in a higher education setting. Kindergarten lead teacher: Lead teachers oversee groups of teachers in addition to teaching their own class.
Teacher, grades one through three: These teachers educate students aged six through nine and are responsible for meeting state-mandated educational goals. Preschool director: Responsible for the operation of an entire preschool, these dedicated leaders hire and manage teachers and staff, make curriculum decisions, develop initiatives for student growth, and more. Educational administrator: Other leadership and staff positions in preschools, kindergartens, elementary schools and colleges will value your online degree in early childhood education. If you would like to increase your job prospects, salary or career trajectory, getting an online degree in early childhood education will increase your knowledge and prepare you to ignite the imaginations of your students during the most formative years of their lives.
Find everything you need for your education degree online, including choosing the best online degree. Read this great interview with an online math teacher to learn why teaching online is the wave of the future. Read our guide to online degrees for early childhood, elementary and secondary education teachers.
Learn about the training you need for online teaching jobs, including the challenges and advantages. Here are seven reasons why getting an online degree in education will help you achieve your career goals. If you want to get a an education degree online, read these tips for picking the best online school for you. Learn about accreditation of online teacher-education degrees to see which program's best for you. Program outcomes vary according to each institution's specific curriculum and employment opportunities are not guaranteed. Earning an online master’s degree in special education offers a number of benefits to teachers who want to take the next step in their career. In our attempt to offer you a useful selection of top online master’s degrees in special education, we considered a number of factors in our ranking. West Virginia University’s high retention rate in its online special education master’s program makes it one of the more attractive schools for those looking to earn credentials in this field of study.
Students comparing cheap online masters in special education degree programs should look into Fitchburg State University.
Kentucky State University’s accredited online masters in special education degree programs offers an education that is uniquely tailored to students within this field of study.
The masters special education online program at Rowan University has an impressive 100 percent retention rate and focuses on the sociological, education, and psychological needs of children with disabilities.
Fort Hays State University offers a master’s of special education online degree for those who want to make a difference in the lives of children.
Florida State University’s special education graduate program offers teaching professionals three diverse tracks: Early Childhood Special Education, High Incident Disabilities, and Severe Disabilities, the latter of which includes Autism spectrum disorders and severe intellectual disabilities. Ball State University’s Master of Arts in Special Education offers three distinct fields of study: Autism, Applied Behavioral Analysis, and Director of Exceptional Needs, all of which are on the school’s accelerated tracks. Graceland University is the 5th best graduate online education program in the United States, as noted by U.S. A high resolution version of the award badge, for use in your publications, can be found here. One of the central components of the online degree legitimacy question is this: the worth of the degree you earn online measured against a similar degree you can earn in a face-to-face environment.
For example, if you are investigating a degree in nursing, check to make sure that the state board of nursing where the college has its home campus, has recognized this college as one of their approved nursing programs.
This entry was posted in online education and tagged accreditation, online college, online education. Linfield College Adult Degree Program 900 SE Baker Street McMinnville, Oregon 97128-6894   t. At the colleges listed here, cheap online degrees are right at your fingertips, and you’ll get a quality education.
Additionally, students also usually have the ability to work a full-time job or care for a family all day before settling in to work. Degrees: The WGU Teachers College offers several licensure degree programs, including those in Interdisciplinary Studies, Special Education, Mathematics and Science. Tuition: While tuition differs from program to program, most students pay less than $3,000 every six months. Summary: The University of Wyoming offers several online bachelor’s degrees through its Outreach School.
Degrees: Online degrees offered completely online include bachelor’s programs in Business Administration and RN or BSN Completion for nurses. Tuition: Wyoming state residents pay $106 per credit hour, whereas out-of-state students pay $152 per credit. Degrees: Bachelor’s degrees are available in Nursing, Accounting, Child Development, Criminal Justice, Forensic Psychology, Healthcare Management, Health Studies, Political Science and Psychology. Tuition: Walden University tuition depends on the degree, but may cost $290 per credit hour.
Summary: Oregon State University is a university well known for its dedication to research.
Degrees: Oregon State University online bachelor’s degrees include Agricultural Science, Anthropology, Computer Science, Economics, Environmental Sciences, German, Human Development, Liberal Studies, Psychology and Sociology.
Summary: FHSU is a college located in Kansas that also offers a fully accredited Virtual College with about 8,000 online students.
Degrees: Online bachelor’s degrees at Fort Hays State University include Business Education, Education, Information Networking and Telecommunications, Justice Studies and Management. Summary: Capella is one of the most popular accredited online universities, with thousands of students working from home.
Degrees: Capella University offers bachelor’s degree programs in Business and Technology, Counseling and Psychology, Health Care and Nursing, Education and Public Service. Tuition: Annual tuition for Capella University is typically $13,000, though the specific cost varies from student to student. Summary: Columbia College offers 23 online degree programs, classes are taught in 8 week sessions that start at 5 different times during the year.
Summary: Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Herzing University has grown incrementally since its beginnings in 1965. Degrees: Herzing University’s programs are career-oriented and associated with the desires of major employers. Degrees: American InterContinental offers several bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration with specializations in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance and Healthcare Management. Degrees: Colorado Technical University offers many degrees in business and management, including Accounting, Finance and Healthcare Management. Tuition: As one of the cheapest online bachelor’s degrees, CTU’s annual tuition is about $12,760 each year. Because your online teaching degree has such an impact on your career, it’s important to consider your options carefully. With nonprofit and for-profit colleges, synchronous and asynchronous classes, and a list of other choices to contend with, it can be hard to arrive at a secure decision.

But if being responsible for large chunks of material—all due at a far-off date—sounds like a recipe for personal disaster, you’ll want to look for online education degrees that follow a typical quarter or semester system and have mandated check-ins to keep you engaged with the material.
An important element in deciding between synchronous and asynchronous courses is your desired timeline for finishing your online education degree. If you are already busy with other commitments and are pursuing your degree in education online because of its compatibility with part-time study, asynchronous courses will offer you the flexibility to take a break from coursework when you need to give priority to your other responsibilities.
And if you are interested in an accelerated pace that will get you down the graduation aisle and into a teaching position more quickly, asynchronous learning will benefit you as well. Always be sure your potential online education college is accredited by an approved accrediting agency.
Schools may also give credit for work or life experience, so think about your experiences with the age group or subject you wish to teach. Since degrees in education online accept students from across the country, they can’t be designed to meet the teaching certificate requirements in each and every state. Read our teacher certification article for more information, or contact the Department of Education in your state to learn more about what you’ll need to get a license in your area. Getting a degree in education online generally costs about the same as a degree from a similar on-campus university.
The one thing each and every degree in education online has in common is its connection with technology. While some schools do offer courses with more stringent technological requirements than others, the technology should never interfere with your learning. The small things that make up your day-to-day existence as an online student have a huge effect on your experience getting your degree in education online. Just like on-campus programs, a degree in education online has a certain faculty-student ratio.
When you are researching degrees in education online, you can’t schedule a campus visit and expect to get a feel for what life as a student there will be like. However, while it does encompass these important educational years, the term actually includes education for students from birth through grade three. While undergraduate programs have a limited ability to prepare educators for the most challenging classroom situations, advanced degrees can help fill in knowledge gaps and offer skill sets uniquely tailored to the educational needs of learning disabled and autistic children, as well as gifted learners. Program Members: We used data regarding the total number of students enrolled in a graduate program in education and compared this with the total student body.
You’ll notice that the #1 school on this list came quite close to a perfect score, and all other colleges represented earned points well above the mean. News’ top 100 graduate online education programs in the country, Drexel University prides itself on preparing teachers to help develop today’s diverse students through its master’s special education online curriculum. The student-centered online and hybrid format allows learners to complete their graduate degrees and certificates in their own time through almost entirely online classes. Almost 5 percent of the entire student body is involved in the special education program, many of whom are pursing a Master of Arts in Special Education with Certification in Learning and Behavior Disorders curriculum. The goal of the Master of Science in Special Education is to prepare teachers for the classrooms of today while also looking ahead to future academic environments. This is one of the more popular online masters special education programs in the state, and students often enjoy the unusual schedule, which requires them to take one course each fall and spring and two in the summer.
News, University of Northern Colorado lives up to its reputation by presenting three unique online special education masters programs for professionals. In every way that matters, a degree that you attain by taking classes online is legitimate if that degree has been awarded by an accredited institution. If you can determine that an online degree measures well against a similar degree earned through traditional campus instruction, you’ve answered the legitimacy question. In other words, will my diploma be the same diploma as the one students receive when they take their classes on campus? For example, have alumni of this school passed the CPA exam, been admitted to graduate schools, or gained advancement in their places of employment?
Weighing out these five essentials will help clarify the value of the degree program you are considering. Getting a degree online is beneficial, not only because it allows students to work from home on their own schedules, but also because it can save a significant amount of money due to the elimination of room and board and commuting and transportation costs.
These online degrees are just as valid as a degree from a brick and mortar institution and represent some of the best values in higher education available today. The Online College of Business offers courses in Business Management, Marketing and Accounting. OSU is unique in that it also offers a variety of minors, including Business, Chemistry, Political Science, Popular Music, United States History and Writing. Other programs include those in Philosophy, Marketing, Sociology and Hospitality Management. Applicants are assessed based on prior academic performance, though the school also considers work experience and non-academic factors. Bachelor’s degree programs in healthcare include Health Information Management, Nursing and Medical Office Administration. The School of Criminal Justice offers programs in Law Enforcement, Corrections and Forensic Science. Additional degree programs featured at CTU include Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Nursing, Information Technology, Web Development, Criminal Justice, Forensic Investigation and Cybercrime Investigation. On the other hand, if you anticipate pursuing a typical full-time schedule, synchronous programs can usher you through the process with little trouble.
This will ensure you may receive financial aid or that your credits will transfer to another school. Some online education colleges offer official transfer estimates to potential students, so start by asking for that.
If you think you may qualify for honorary credits because of your experience, inquire about it at your potential schools. But the best way for you to start estimating your costs is to contact the school for specific information about their online education programs. Often, online students can fund much of their education through grants, loans and scholarships. Understanding the technological requirements of your program is important, especially if technology isn’t your strongest suit. Guarantee a successful experience by finding out what kind of support your online education college offers. While the typical number of students per class may not seem as important when you don’t have to sit in a room with them, remember that you will still need personal attention from your professors or instructors at times.
When you complete an online degree in early childhood education, you will gain insight and knowledge into teaching students in this much wider age group. But coming to class with a degree in early childhood education will ensure that you’re equipped to engage them on their level and have a lasting impact on their lives. In particular, earning your degree online provides a convenient and flexible way to earn your degree that wasn’t possible before the advent of distance education in college. If a school kept a high number of students in the program after their first year, we took this as a good sign! Schools with a higher ratio received higher scores, as this suggests that they place a strong emphasis on their education department and attract a higher than average number of students to this degree program in particular.
Learners can select from four concentrations: Autism Spectrum Disorders, Technologies for Special Education, Collaborative Special Education Law and Process, and Customization. News, WVU’s College of Education and Human Services offers a master of arts degree, certification, endorsement, and master’s degree plus certification.

Selected courses require a limited number of Saturday sessions that are designed to fit within the working adult’s schedule.
This figure is higher than similar schools and programs, suggesting a particularly dedicated focus on special ed. First, the Graduate Endorsement track helps students qualify for the special education endorsement. With a high retention rate and affordable tuition cost, students can choose from one of two curriculums: High-Incidence Special Education, which focuses on the needs and challenges faced by today’s special needs educators, and Gifted Learning, which helps teachers work with these exceptionally skilled students. What has been written about this college that appears in the news or is available on the web?
The Online College of Information Technology offers courses in Security, Software and Network Management. New students are required to apply with a high school GPA of 3.0 and either an ACT score of 21 or a combined SAT math and critical reasoning score of 980. The school has strict admission requirements, as the school takes into account the level of high school coursework and program strength.
Students who do not meet these requirements must have graduated in the top one-third of their graduating class and have a GPA of 2.0.
This school offers several educational tracks, including early childhood education, elementary education and special education. Students who score above the 50th percentile on these exams are generally accepted into the program if they also have a high school GPA of 2.5 or higher.
It started as a computer programming school and now offers undergraduate degrees in many areas, as well as some graduate degrees.
Business degrees in Accounting, Entrepreneurial Studies and Legal Studies are also offered. Since 2002, AICU has offered many accredited undergraduate degrees through its online program. AICU’s School of Design features specializations in Marketing, Fashion Retail, Fashion Design and Interior Design. Talk to an admissions counselor to make sure your credits will transfer directly to your degree requirements instead of as elective credits.
Many colleges offer demo courses so prospective students can try out the online learning environment before enrolling. Make sure advisers are available and helpful, and see if your program has tutors or mentors available. Inquire about class size, instructor office hours and their availability via both email and phone. If you note a discrepancy with these values, please contact the National Center for Education Statistics in addition to notifying our website administrators. News’ online special education program rankings and included these scores in our own methodology, weighted 20%.
The Master of Science in Special Education degree prepares professionals with the basic competencies and knowledge to work with students with disabilities in various settings.
FSU’s special education program has several unique offerings, including guided studies, reading specialist, and teacher of students with moderate or severe disabilities. The Autism Spectrum Disorder curriculum helps those already licensed to teach special education learn more about working with students on the Autism spectrum. Besides having a high retention rate, Fort Hays State University also ranks 30th in the United States for its graduate online education program, according to U.S. FSU uses the Blackboard distance learning instructional platform for all its online classes. With a higher than average retention rate, UNC attracts nearly 4 percent of its students directly to Special Ed. The online special education masters program offers both fixed-time online classes as well as asynchronous models, and even has a “Build Your Own Master’s Degree” program that allows learners working toward an advanced diploma to combine a variety of licenses and certificates to match their interests and career goals. The convenient online classes are not only rewarding, but offer relevant and practical research-based techniques designed specifically for special education students. Department of Education to be eligible to participate in the administration of federal student aid programs.
In what year was the college established?  For how many years has the college been fully accredited? Most online classes will require you to post assignments by a certain time each week, but you can do most of the work on your own schedule.  Indeed, the value of an online degree might multiply for a working adult whose job requires frequent travel or contains variable shifts. But applicants are required to submit official transcripts and interview with an enrollment counselor to determine if WGU is the best choice for them. The Online College of Health Professions also offers degrees in Nursing and Healthcare Management.
The online programs are designed for students to complete the final two years of the degree. Students take two classes at a time for two months each, for a total of six credits at once.
Also, inquire about the availability of an online library with a staff dedicated to helping online students navigate it. Some helpful statistics are available straight from the school you are looking at, such as graduation and job placement rates.
We weighted this category 10% of the overall score, as affordability was less important than measures of academic quality. The part-time program also has a higher than average retention rate, making it a great choice for students truly committed to their education. The program is not only geared to current educators looking to enhance their skills, but also those with other degrees who want to become certified teachers.
Lastly, the Learning Disabilities track keeps students up-to-date on the latest research on learning disabilities and methods.
Students should note that in Fall 2015, FSU’s Masters program in Special Education Studies coverts to a Masters program in Curriculum & Instruction with a major in Special Education. The school’s exceptionally high retention rate further exemplifies the standards set forth by this program.
The same is true for individuals in rural areas, where educational opportunities might not be as plentiful compared to more urban environments. Applicants are also required to fill out an insight resume, including short essay questions. An admissions director will set up an interview with the applicant to ensure that the school is a good fit.
Next, applicants will conduct a telephone interview with an admission advisor to determine eligibility.
While all special education classes take place online, those who miss classes can easily access archived lectures at a later date.
This is truly one of the best and most rewarding accredited online masters in special education degree programs. In the eyes of potential employers in government, science, law, academia, business, and every other field imaginable, the accredited degree that you worked so hard to earn is accepted, recognized, and respected.

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