This recognition speaks to the quality of our programs, our expert faculty, and our overall dedication to the development of future educational leaders. The rankings were based on accreditation, admissions selectivity, and academic and career support services offered to students.
This honor is the latest in a series of accolades earned by UNE, including being named one of “America’s Top Colleges” by Forbes, being named one of the “Best Universities in the North” that offer a full range of undergraduate and master’s programs by U.S.
Commenting on this new ranking, President Danielle Ripich says, “UNE’s strategy of taking our excellent programs beyond the borders of Maine is being recognized nationally and internationally. The University of New England (UNE) is an innovative health sciences university grounded in the liberal arts. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. That makes logical sense, considering the intensive educational experience that graduate programs offer, not to mention the financial and logistical dedication that is traditionally required to attend graduate school. Many people who would benefit from a graduate education might never seriously consider it because of the cost and the change of lifestyle required. However, an online graduate program affords students the opportunity to attend class whenever it is convenient for them, allowing them to forgo many of the personal and professional sacrifices typically involved with pursuing a graduate degree, and at the same time, maintain the quality of the education they receive.
Statistics have shown that one of most powerful tools in increasing your earning potential is a graduate degree. Online Certificate Programs Today’s job market is a highly competitive place that is often filled with uncertainty. Welcome to Graduate School Online, The real information you need to make one of the most important decisions of your life. The education system in America is one of the largest, most complex education systems in the modern world. Educating those students in public and private institutions are 13.5 million teachers, administrators, and support personnel, making the education industry the second largest employer in the American workforce. Assessment and evaluation professionals determine the individual needs of everyone in the education system – schools, teachers and students. Professionals in the assessment and evaluation field lay the groundwork for their career with rigorous academic studies, beginning with a bachelor’s degree followed by the mandatory master’s degree. Completing an assessment and evaluation master’s or doctoral degree can qualify candidates with a strong resume for a wide range of rewarding, service-based career opportunities in the industry, including but not limited to instructional coordinators, education and career counselors and advisors, and education administrators.
Instructional Coordinators strive to improve curriculum and instructional effectiveness for both the students and teachers. The Occupational Information Network predicts even stronger job growth than the BLS estimate. Education and Career Counselors and Advisors: In 2008, there were 275,800 career and school counselors (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Education Administrators: The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there were 445,400 employed education administrators in 2008.
While education administration is a high stress job, it has a well-pensioned workforce who enjoys many benefits.
The type of position, experience and educational achievement a professional has will determine their salary. Education administrator salary depended on the education level of the school at which they worked.
Those who wish to pursue an advanced education in assessment and evaluation should expect to take courses that involve statistics, quantitative reasoning, behavioral science and psychology as well as teaching theories and methods.
Because the minimum requirement for most instructional coordinators in public schools is a master’s degree or higher, these professionals are well-educated. As far as career and school counselors, as reported by the Occupational Information Network, 73% have an advanced college degree, 9% have no formal education beyond high school and 18% have completed some college. According to the education administrators surveyed by the Occupational Information Network, 78% have an advanced college degree, 6% have no formal education beyond high school and 15% have completed some college.

In assessment and evaluation positions, as with all professions, a significant gap in earnings exists between bachelor’s and master’s degree graduates: Median earnings of $64,116 per year for master’s degree holders compared to $52,624 for bachelor’s degree holders, according to 2008 BLS numbers.
For those looking to advance their education career a step further, then take a look at online graduate programs that offer assessment and evaluation degrees. Assessment and evaluation programs teach students the vital skills needed to efficiently and quantifiably measure either a student’s, teacher’s or school’s proficiencies. Collaborative and leadership skills are valuable, because assessment and evaluation professionals often work as part of an administrative team.
Employers expect strong computer skills, as assessment and evaluation professionals often use technology to compile, analyze and graphically represent their findings. Included are the site’s top three programs (presented alphabetically) in five graduate-degree categories. Cost is total estimated expense for the entire master’s degree for tuition and mandatory distance learning and technology fees as of fall 2009. The Global MBA program combines online personal study with highly interactive study in a variety of locations around the globe. Students gain a broad base of understanding in the computer science discipline, while specializing in one of ten studies -- some of which include artificial intelligence, real-world computing and human-computer interaction. The Department of Computer Science has a faculty with expertise in parallel processing, data mining, computer graphics and software engineering. Students earning a Masters of Arts in Computing in Education chose between concentrations in Teaching and Learning with Technology and Technology Leadership. Designed to help experienced educators enhance their professional practice, the online Master of Arts degree in Education at Michigan State University offers flexibility. UNE also offers online graduate programs in a variety of other fields including Medical Education Leadership, Public Health, Social Work and other health professions.
If you have ever considered pursuing a master’s or doctorate degree, but have found yourself impeded by such obstacles, an online graduate program may help you fulfill your education goals and maximize your professional potential.
This has been especially true of those who have been in the workforce for years, who have good paying jobs and stable family lives. Employers understand and respect the knowledge and commitment that such an accomplishment reflects.
A graduate school degree is required for positions in public schools and preferred for jobs in other settings.
This particular career segment is expected to have a strong career growth in the coming years, estimated at 23%. The predicted growth rate of 14%, or an additional 38,600 jobs, will bring the total to 314,400 by 2018.
Experts predict an addition of 37,000 new jobs over the next decade, with a total of 482,500 positions by 2018. The average annual wages were $56,880 and the middle 50% earned between $42,070 and $75,000. Preschool and childcare administrators earned an average of $39,940 while college and university-level administrators earned an average of $80,670. In fact, for those who earn a more advanced degree or additional certifications, the pay bracket rises with them. The Occupational Information Network, a project of the United States Department of Labor, reported that 79% of instructional coordinators have earned a bachelor’s degree, or even a master’s or doctoral degree.
Most online graduate programs will offer the same high-quality education you would receive at a traditional school.
It’s students who have strong math and research skills who will gain the advantage over their peers. So whether your field is business, computer science or public health, there’s a strong program that fits your needs -- and your schedule. It does not include costs for campus residencies, travel, room and board, hardware or software, or books.

As part of the program, students are required to travel to cities in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America for five two-week-plus residential sessions. The same faculty who teach the full-time and evening MBA programs on campus teach Kelley Direct courses. Students have the opportunity to participate in classroom discussions through live chats and Web conferencing. Students are allowed five years to complete the degree requirements, giving them optimal flexibility. Concentrations in areas such as special education, science and math education, technology and learning, sport leadership and coaching, K-12 school and postsecondary leadership, and literacy education can be created through student-chosen course electives. A significant part of the curriculum is real-life course projects, and the program requires participants to have access to kindergarten through 12th-grade students.
UNE placed 100th out of 250 public and private colleges and universities listed in the report. With internationally recognized scholars in the sciences, health, medicine and the humanities, UNE offers more than 40 undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs, and is home to Maine’s only medical and dental schools.
While the Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us that a bachelor’s degree can almost double your income over having just a high school diploma, the highest paying, most upwardly mobile jobs are often reserved for those with master’s degrees and higher. It has also been true for recent college graduates, those who would like to burnish their skills and knowledge before entering professional life, but who simply cannot afford the high tuition and cost-of-living expenses associated with graduate school. With a clear sense of purpose and a little Internet research, it is possible to find the program and curriculum that meets your needs. With highly regarded schools now offering online graduate programs in a flexible and accessible context, the working professional has a variety of online learning options to pursue.
Census recorded over 75 million students in the education system, from kindergarten to graduate school. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that 31,000 jobs will be added by the year 2018. Reasons for the increase vary, but many attribute the growth to increasing numbers of people earning an education as well as switching careers. This 8% growth rate is about the same as the average growth rate for all careers in the workforce.
With that said, the Occupational Information Network, a project of the Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration, predicts that more than 170,000 positions will be available between 2008 and 2018 because of other factors that may include career change, promotion and early termination. These administrators enjoy a generous benefit package with items such as paid vacation, education stipends if they decide to continue their own education and competitive pension and health packages. The bottom 10% of the industry made less than $31,800 and the highest 10% made more than $93,250 (BLS). Those at the top 10% of the field earned more than $82,330 and the bottom 10% earned less than $29,360 (BLS). Other report only some college education (17%) and others report no formal education beyond high school (4%). UNE is one of only 25 private universities appearing in the top 100, and is one of just two Maine institutions included in the ranking (USM placed 157th). It is one of a select group of private universities with a comprehensive health education mission that includes medicine, pharmacy, dental medicine, nursing and an array of allied health professions.
In that research, you will likely also find that many online graduate programs will allow you to tailor your class work to fit in with your own unique schedule, with many programs available part-time.

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