Get Started on Your Career in Health Information Management with CHCP's Online Health Information Management AAS Program! Additionally, Health Information Management professionals possess many skills that are essential in updating patient records with diagnoses, medical insurance claim documents, medical billing and coding and other pertinent health related information. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 22% growth in Health Information Technician and Health Informatics careers from 2012 to 2022* .
The CHCP Health Information Management (HIM) online AAS degree program combines theory and practice to prepare students for credentialing as Medical Coders and Health Information Technologists.
The entire two-year Health Information Management AAS degree program is online, except for the Professional Practice Experience II externship. Call or Contact us by email today to further your career with a Health Information Technology and Management Associate's degree! Our Student Assistance Program was created to help you effectively balance your academic and personal life by providing professional support as well as your own Personal Assistant.
By submitting this form, you give CHCP your consent to be contacted by a variety of methods including phone (both mobile or home, dialed manually or automatically), email, mail, and text message. Health Training Online are currently designing an exciting range of professional development courses to cater for staff currently working in a health practice and those wishing to increase their employment prospects in a health practice setting. To keep up to date with our latest course offerings, make sure you subscribe to Health Training Online email updates. Health Training Online offers unique, courses that have been written BY health professionals FOR health professionals, and which are based on the national standards for General Practice Accreditation and current best practice clinical guidelines. Our courses have been designed to develop the skills and knowledge required for employment in medical reception, health administration and practice management and professional development for all members of the practice team.
Employers must compile written process safety information before conducting any process hazard analysis required by the standard. To develop an effective PSM program and Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), it is important to develop and maintain complete and accurate written information.
The information about the chemicals, including process intermediates, needs to be comprehensive and accurate. An evaluation of the consequences of deviations, including those affecting the safety and health of employees. Where the original technical information no longer exists, information may be developed in conjunction with the process hazard analysis in sufficient detail to support the analysis. A block flow diagram can be used to show the major process equipment and interconnecting process flow lines and flow rates, stream composition, temperatures, and pressures when necessary for clarity.
Also, information on construction materials, pump capacities and pressure heads, compressor horsepower, and vessel design pressures and temperatures are shown when necessary for clarity.
In addition, process flow diagrams usually show major components of control loops along with key utilities.

Piping and instrument diagrams (P&IDs) may be used to describe the relationships between equipment and instrumentation as well as other relevant information that will enhance clarity. Computer software programs that create P&IDs or other diagrams useful to the information package may be used to help meet this requirement. The employer must document that equipment complies with recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices. Comply with other provisions of PSM such as management of change and incident investigations.
3.Under the PSM Program, current safety data sheets (SDS) can be used to help gather information about hazardous chemicals.
4.A __________can be used to show the major process equipment and interconnecting process flow lines and flow rates, stream composition, temperatures, and pressures when necessary for clarity.
5.Where the process technology requires a design that departs from the applicable codes and standards, the employer must do which of the following?
UCLA did a study in which customers consulted their local clinic for care and then participated in a teleconferencing meeting with specialists. Blue Jeans Telehealth is one service that healthcare providers can implement for videoconferencing. Under the 2009 Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) act, any provider that uses EHR technology is eligible for Medicaid incentives, including incentive payments from the government. Many smartphone applications, known as apps,  are now used by patients to monitor symptoms and vital signs. When patients log their information on apps, they can then share it with their healthcare provider during visits. With the advancements in telehealth services now available, many healthcare providers are able to offer a streamlined solution for their patients and services. The UC Health Information Management resource center provides you with information about HIM careers, associations, meetings and conferences. Health Information Management (HIM) continues to be one of the fastest growing fields in healthcare, and HIM professionals are in high demand across the country.
Get the latest industry information and learn about students and graduates fueling change within health information management. Connect with the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and learn more about other associations valuable to the health information industry. Healthcare meetings and conferences offer the latest industry information and news while providing a valuable networking opportunity.
Have Questions?Complete this form to have an advisor contact you with answers, and to download a program brochure. The UC HIM program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education.

Thank you for your interest in the University of Cincinnati’s Bachelor of Science In Health Information Management program and for providing your contact information. CHCP’s Online Health Information Management (HIM) Associate's degree program can give you the opportunity! Now is a great time to get started at The College of Health Care Professions and launch your career in this growing industry. Graduates pursue successful careers in health IT management in hospitals, physician offices, clinics and other health facilities, educational institutions, government agencies and medical vendor firms. Students develop skills from the hands-on externship experience in medical records management, electronic health records maintenance and medical billing and coding. We acknowledge the Elders, both past and present, and pay our respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who walk this land. Patients will increasingly be able to access information on their conditions, and research medications and treatment options. With cloud-based telehealth services such as Blue Jeans, the benefits include reduced hospital and office visits for patients, reduced operational costs and more effective consultations. Since nearly two-thirds of Americans now own smartphones, there is great potential for customers to utilize telehealth apps. This saves time and gives healthcare providers more accurate information,  rather than relying on patient memory. Health Information Management professionals are responsible for accurately managing and organizing patient health data content in electronic and paper formats.
For advanced credentialing, graduation qualifies them for the CCS, Certified Coding Specialist certification administered by the American Health Information Management Association. They can be shared, not just online in the same healthcare system, but also to other providers. In addition to fitness, weight management and diet apps, there are now apps that track symptoms. Some apps can measure heart rate and blood pressure. This results in both savings  and a more effective and efficient workflow. Healthcare professionals can also use teleconferencing to further their own education with reduced costs and travel time. Any healthcare provider involved in a patient’s care can have access and share information.
Diabetics can upload their own glucose readings on Glooko, track logs on Glucose Buddy, Fooducate will instantly retrieve nutritional information for food to manage diets.

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