UConn’s Leadership and Diversity in Sport Management Online Graduate Certificate provides students with an in-depth understanding of the process of leadership within a sport context and helps them to develop the leadership skills needed to manage a diverse workforce in sport organizations. Student SpotlightStudent, Xamaira Cross, benefits from Leadership in Sport Organizations course. Educators and administrators who want to lead at the community college level must be familiar with organizational leadership as it pertains to legal issues, finance and program development.
A completed bachelor’s level or higher degree from an accredited institution or university is required.
In this course, students are introduced to the historical origins of higher education in the United States. The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the nuances of higher education leadership and theory.
This course provides a general and introductory understanding of curricular issues in a community college setting.
At Northcentral University, we pride ourselves in being completely transparent when it comes to tuition and fees. Total program costs reflected are calculated based on standard degree program credits exclusive of the program’s potential evaluation track.
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Higher education is one of the best investments you can make.Northcentral University offers a variety of degree programs and non-degree programs with their own admissions requirements and tuition costs.
The things that make us different - also make us better.All schools should be committed to the success of their students. The Certificate in Sport Management provides the management and leadership skills needed to develop and operate sports organizations and athletic programs. I was on active duty when I started my education, and due to my deployments schedule online was the only way I could get my degree. Welcome to the website for Women's Global Health Leadership.The Certificate Program in Women’s Global Health Leadership is an innovative online project developed by the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies in collaboration with the Institute for Women’s Leadership (IWL) and National Nurses United (NNU), the largest nurses union in the United States. The certificate program also draws on the expertise of National Nurses United, which has been at the forefront in championing a comprehensive approach to women’s health and preparing nurses in the United States to serve the health needs of women, families, and communities in all regions of the world. Informed by the history of the International Women and Health Meetings (IWHMs), this course investigates the political vision and organizational structure for women’s health movements around the world.

Close to one billion people suffer from malnutrition and many more from food deprivation in the 21st century. Nursing and teaching—two women-dominated professions—lie at the heart of the “care economy.” Involving work that requires intensive physical labor, person-to-person communication, and spatial proximity, the intimate nature of care work resists mechanization.
Domestic and global economic inequality places significant numbers of people at high risk for health crises even as they are denied access to care. Since the 1980s, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have conditioned loans to poor countries on implementation of economic policy requirements known collectively as structural adjustment.
Growing national debt has become a feature of increasing numbers of nations over the past 60 years, heightening dependence on international financial institutions and restricting the sphere of freedom of national policy makers. In 2013, the Education Advisory Board cited leadership as the top baseline skill requested by sport industry employers, and noted 700 job postings requiring leadership.
Students will be immersed in the process of leadership (including theory and practice), engage in the development of diversity management practices, and work with faculty at UConn who have leadership and diversity management expertise. The Community College Leadership post-baccalaureate certificate will give you the opportunity to examine the complexities of higher education, especially in a community college setting. Credit hours from another university or institution cannot be transferred towards a post-baccalaureate certificate program. Post-baccalaureate certificate courses in the School of Education are eight weeks in length. Significant periods in the development of higher education in this country are covered, as well as the evolution into today’s contemporary and complex system of higher education. Emphasis will be given to the practical application of higher education leadership theories in the academic and administrative roles of an institution of higher education.
Students will explore issues related to the community college curriculum relative to program development and management as well as assessment.
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But it's how we go about it that not only makes Northcentral University different from many of its counterparts, but in our opinion, make us better suited to truly serve you. This program allows the student to focus on athletic marketing, broadcasting, or facility management. It contrasts early strategies driven by coalitions of activists from the North, which focused on reproductive rights, self-help, and a definition of health based largely in the physiology of women’s bodies with approaches advanced by activists from the global South, which attend to the social, cultural, and economic factors that affect women’s access to the most basic healthcare.
As neoliberal trade policies have restructured national economies, new speculation in global commodities markets has limited access to food by the poor. In contrast to the production of commodities, the highly personalized labor of care is driven by human need rather than profit maximization.

This course focuses on AIDS and the way it is represented in scholarly, popular and community discussions.
Health care provision has been subjected to severe cuts as nations struggle to meet their debt obligations and stabilize their economies.
To remain competitive in the 21st century workforce, it is crucial to understand the effects of diversity among sport professionals and in sport organizations.
This program will also link students with recognized leaders in the field and provide hands-on projects to help them enhance their leadership skills, with a focus on leading a diverse workforce. You will also explore practical application of higher education and leadership theories, and develop an understanding of community college curriculum, program development and assessment.
Topics include: education models, progressive movements, federal higher education acts, community colleges, access, diversity and opportunity. At times, areas of higher education that are receiving attention nationally will be highlighted through this course. Course credit earned in this program can be directly applied to a Master of Science in Sport Management with a specialization in Sport Administration.
This course investigates shifting modes of food production as local practices of subsistence agriculture have been replaced by export agriculture and global commodities markets.
This course provides an overview of distinctive gendered professions whose object of labor is the human subject.
One of our key concerns will be to discuss the role that race thinking has in shaping the representations of communities, the problems, and the solutions identifies.
Framing ongoing global economic crisis as a consequence of excess rather than scarcity, this course unsettles the conventional moral calculus of credit and debt, exploring the relationship between debt and economic crisis, and examining the impacts of austerity policies on women’s health. Developing an understanding of the impacts of diversity can allow sport industry employees to develop strategies for managing differences among co-workers and customers. The course compares the consequences of these changes for women as consumers in the global North as well as for women as producers of subsistence in the global South. Sport managers can also learn to recognize how differences impact sport participation choices, and how changes in attitudes and behaviors around diversity can impact the effectiveness of their organizations. Examining impacts of global commodities markets on food distribution, diet, and health, the course also analyzes the health effects of the creation of consumer markets for processed foods. Focused on the cultivation and preservation of human capacities, this professional labor resists routinization and automation. Discussions of selected moments throughout the crisis will help us understand debates about the meanings of race, from the designation of Haitians as a risk group in the earliest stages of the epidemic to current debates about African Americans makes as AIDS carriers and women of color in the epidemic.
In addition to examining the distinctive nature of these caring professions, the course explores recent efforts to heighten the profit-making potential of the care economy, and it considers the long-term implications of efforts to deskill and outsource care work.

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