We started this educational portal to provide clarity and vision in the sea of mis-information that surrounds the online auction space. For the past 10 years Adam and I have earned a full time income selling products on the internet through online auction websites like Amazon & eBay. While working my way through college, I became frustrated trying to "earn" a living and enlisted the help of my brother Adam, who at that point was still in high school. Having parents that owned a fish market was definitely a key factor in why we believed we could do anything we set our minds to. In all honestly, in the back of our minds, Adam and I figured that some day we would take over that fish market. Over the past 15 years together, Adam and I have sold Millions of Dollars in product through online auctions. One of the biggest questions we get still is, "if you know all of this, why aren't you just using it for yourself, and why are you sharing your secrets with us?". That does not mean we are not active ebay and Amazon sellers, we still continue to keep evolve and grow to better help our online auction business, our students and friends.
Here at the Online Auction Learning Center our goal is to provide thebest customer support, training & user experience in the online auction educational space. As Principal Investigators of the Center on Online Learning and Students with Disabilities, we are writing this letter to express some concerns about the present participation of students with disabilities in online learning. Several months ago we accepted the challenge of finding answers to important research questions about how online learning environments can be optimally designed and implemented to be accessible, engaging, and effective for all students, including students with disabilities. Complaints: Reports of complaints and dispute resolutions are beginning to emerge as parents and others express serious concerns about how students with disabilities are served in online learning environments.
Inconsistent Policies: Ambiguity and variability exist in cross-state and cross-district funding, policies, and roles and responsibilities for providing special education and related services to students with disabilities in online environments.
Teacher Training: Preparation for teaching online courses is often minimal even for regular education teachers.
Reasons for Placement: Educators and policy makers presently have little knowledge of why students with disabilities (and their parents) choose to engage in online learning (with the possible exception of those students involved in credit recovery activities). Social and Emotional Supports: Educators and policy makers have insufficient information about whether and how online service providers address the non-academic and social-emotional aspects of special education in online learning. Lack of Guidance: No guidelines exist to determine whether an online learning environment is truly the least restrictive environment for students with disabilities.
Second, as a national research center, we want to stimulate vastly more research in this area. I have just this year enrolled my son who is a senior and has a learning disability in the ECOT program.
New Mexico and Albuquerque Public Schools are requiring one of the following for graduation: Honors or AP class, Concurrent enrollment at local community college or university, on-line class.
Blackboard training is the only requirement for teachers to teach some of the on-line classes, particularly those that serve our special education students. I found the online concept and information provided very interesting because they already flooded my imagination on how this may applied to a developing country like Viet Nam.
Accessibility for all became a special interest for me several years ago, as I noticed that all of us look forward to responding and engaging in-the-moment.
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The Philips Online Learning Center offers flexible, continuing education (CE), designed around you and the changing needs of your department or facility. To help you get started using the Online Learning Center, we have made available a quick guide to registering, using the course catalog and making course purchases. My brother Adam and I are the Co-Founders of The Online Auction Learning Center, an educational organization committed to using quality education and training to significantly and positively impact the lives of our students all around the world.
What started 10 years ago as a hobby, has evolved into the educational program you are seeing today. Together we proceeded to do what many view as impossible, We built a business buying all types of products in bulk and at discount and then reselling them on online websites like eBay & Amazon. Growing up working in a family business taught us the value of hard work and we both attribute that to a defining roll in the success that we have had. To our delight selling products on eBay & Amazon came a lot easier and a lot more profitable. Adam and I started selling things we had lying around our house on eBay because we needed the money!
We speak at events on our findings, Adam and I have been able to teach and speak in 17 different countries around the world.
We aim to inspire, help grow & provide all the necessary tools for our student's success. As some states have begun to include online learning as a graduation requirement, this poses a significant civil rights issue. The special preparation in the unique competencies required to provide online instruction to students with disabilities is often totally absent. Some have raised concerns that online learning is being adopted as the least effortful alternative.
Students with disabilities are essentially excluded from the first two choices so that the on-line class becomes mandatory.
There is no training for the appropriate use of on-line learning for students with disabilities. This experience has been far more successful than his experience in our public high school.

He entered grade 2 from a private school at 75% in the district and in one year was at 37%.
I look forward to connecting with other special education teachers who are providing online and blended teaching for students with mild to moderate disabilities.
We can help you understand new applications for emerging technology or gain insight into ‘best practice’ applications to help enhance your clinical expertise. Philips Hospital Respiratory Care is interested in helping you, the clinician; enhance your education and clinical competency.
We believe that you will find our e-learning healthcare courses easy to use and of great value to your career and personal growth. The Learning Center provides the variety, quality and depth of learning that your healthcare professionals need, regardless of their clinical focus, their departmental role, or the healthcare equipment or vendor they use. If you are a nurse or nurse practitioner, the Philips Learning Center has the comprehensive, high quality coursework you need to maintain CE requirements with CE-approved learning activities that have garnered a 95% participant satisfaction rate.
Sonographers work across a wide range of specialized applications and the Philips Learning Center offers courses that cover categories from abdominal to vascular imaging and that have been developed by leading medical professionals.
Hundreds of CE-approved learning activities provide the variety, quality, and depth of learning that you need, regardless of clinical focus or departmental role. We suggest you begin with a free course to get yourself familiar with the process and using your Learning Activities area. Please follow the step by step directions on the guide to ensure your account and CEU information is set up properly. There is no way any one person or company could EVER sell all of the products on online auctions.
He is able to listen to lessons as often as he needs to, log on daily for extra help, and call his teachers for assistance. Before we knew it, we were buying products at discount and then reselling them on eBay & Amazon for huge profits. Hopefully we will get a chance to meet you some day, and maybe even have you be one of those "you changed my life" comments we love so much. But we have reached a point in our business where there is no way we can sell enough product for the demand that exists on ebay alone! They usually remind me about extended time on tests and I can set both the Pearson site and the LMS to give them extended time. But beyond that, we have reached a point in our business where as I mentioned above, we are moving to creating our legacy for our business.
If I needed to close caption my videos then I would contact Academic Technology to work with them to do the captioning. The natural migration of our business was to either A, compete against walmart with a bigger warehouse, or B, help empower others, just as our parents empowered us. Until you have personally experienced the feeling of having someone walk up to you and say "you changed my life", its hard to explain.
I also provide my students with links to special services and other areas that night be of help to them. Lets just say its a feeling no amount of money could ever buy and we are both addicted to this feeling of helping others and glad to have it be our primary motivation. Unfortunately the Broward district has dropped funding for this resource this year; and is offering a product they got free from a vendor which has no research to show it his effective. His teacher comments that it does not as engaging as Compass to meet the needs of students like my son. I am thus paying out of pocket for access to Compass which means it is no longer with the partnership of the teacher.

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