Public, private, and philanthropic organizations are cooperating in new ways to meet growing demand for postsecondary education.
The session addresses the relationship between physical and virtual environments for campus students today, especially in residential education, as well as social-emotional factors in the "flow" between different types of learning.
The professor as a network administrator rather than authority figure, becoming a digital celebrity, and the questions this raises for pedagogy, ethics, business development etc. Recent years have witnessed a growing openness among college and university leaders, government officials, and the general public to new forms of academic credentialing. The Art, Science, and Engineering of Learning  is an iterative development process in which researchers and practitioners create interventions that simultaneously refine both theory and practice. Data describing college students are now more ubiquitous, and potentially more valuable for educational improvement and basic science, than ever before.
Which interesting projects and developments are at the forefront of Digital Humanities innovation right now, and what do they contribute to research, teaching and learning on our campuses and beyond? This session addresses the role that online and digital technology can play in creating a more inclusive learning environment. The Learning Impact Conference is an annual event that gathers some of the best minds in education to collaborate and direct the future of higher education.

The next topic is yet another one that provokes deep thought regarding the status quo of education and how it is supplied to this generation’s minds. Perhaps you have heard the saying, “A child needs to crawl, before he can walk.”  But have you ever given any thought as to why? Although I am no child development expert, I suggest that crawling is necessary before walking, for a number of reasons, including the following:   respect for the stages of cognitive development, a need to first experience surroundings from the safety of the lesser need of balance required of movement on, “all fours,” and the need to develop confidence in movement in general, before attempting the more developed form of movement, required by walking. So what does this have to do with your approach to completing an undergraduate degree?  Actually, everything. Online learning plays an increasingly important role in the education of on-campus students. This panel features brief presentations by several people who have been at the forefront of this much-discussed movement. The panelists will give examples of how we not only engineer better-learning environments but also advance the basic science of  human learning.
Yet inherited mechanisms of academic and scientific governance often fit the new data ecosystem only awkwardly. Inclusive education is an essential component of broadening access, both globally and within individual classrooms.

Examples include learning modules for just-in-time learning, flipped classroom formats, interactive programming exercises, virtual labs, and more. Business and academic leaders are sustaining ongoing discussion for ethical policy development in this domain. MOOCs are creating commotion because it can eventually lead to online schools – no more classrooms, no more physical buildings, but is that good or bad?
That is why this topic is so timely, because the online revolution is expanding day after day, eventually even affecting education. And what role should considerations of learners’  race, gender, class  and physical ability,  among others, play in this conversation?

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