This and other Briefs in this series address the opportunities, resources, and challenges that cross-state collaborative assessment efforts face as they include students with disabilities and English language learners. Several Briefs in this series provide context for understanding how student characteristics may influence the development of new assessment systems. Brief #1 highlights the ways in which embedded technological features for all students are similar or different from features needed for students with disabilities or ELLs.
Brief #2 describes the relation of student characteristics such as special education or ELL status to the development of common Consortia accommodation policies.
Brief #3 portrays the varying rates of participation of special education students in current assessments and the need to identify decision-making processes for reaching common participation criteria across Consortia member states. Are you looking for a degree program that provides ultimate accessibility combined with academic excellence?  Do your educational needs require alternative learning and testing options? Oregon State University Extended Campus can not only provide an education that is within reach, but understands the kind of degree program that best fits your lifestyle, educational needs and goals for the future. OSU is a nationally-recognized premier teaching, research and service outreach institution located in Corvallis, Oregon. Throughout the year, we offer more than 1,000 online courses in more than 90 subjects which are accredited and taught by OSU's distinguished faculty.
OSU Ecampus online courses and degree programs provide absolute convenience and flexibilitya€”students  access courses online on their own time from any location and enter a vibrant learning environment supplemented by videos, streaming media, podcasts and interaction with others in online discussion. OSU Ecampus earned a top 10 ranking for the second year in a row on a list of America's best online bachelor's programs.

A one-night festival showcasing solo performers with learning disabilities will take place at The Patrick Centre at Birmingham Hippodrome 10 March. The CanCanCan Festival is headlined by the Edinburgh Festival hit, The Misfit Analysis, written and performed by Cian Binchy. The CanCanCan Festival accompanies Is That All There Is?, a two day conference to spark new thinking and meaningful change in work with young people with learning disabilities right across the arts sector. New students who have their documentation can now connect with our services by filling out anA online registrationA form so we can book an appointment to start the process of connecting you with your Disability Counsellor. We provideA 1:1 academic support by setting up reasonable academic accommodations for students based on the nature of their disability, their documentation, and the academic integrity of their courses.
Returning studentsA canA meet individually with their counsellor if they would like to make changes to their accommodations.
The ASD Support Group is an informally structured group for students who have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. The Center is supported through a Cooperative Agreement (#H326G050007) with the Research to Practice Division, Office of Special Education Programs, U.S.
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Through Ecampus, OSU brings quality contemporary education to you no matter where you live and online courses that offer services designed to provide access and promote student achievement. Our award-winning programs are nationally acclaimed, serving students in all 50 states and around the world.

OSU Ecampus courses are also supported by OSU Disability Access Services, which can accommodate students with documented disabilities. Cian has autism and was autism consultant for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. A The Disability Counsellor remains the student's A key contact while they complete their studies at York. If they do not need to make any changes, they can request updated letters of accommodation online. Each Brief provides an overview and discussion of issues, as well as insights into potential next steps and additional data needs for Race-to-the Top Assessment Consortia decision making. Disability Access Services has an Ecampus student page specifically for online students to help students coordinate testing, alternative learning formats and other services. Using multi-media, video projection and Cian’s own brand of performance poetry, The Misfit Analysis takes us through a world of wheelchairs and blow up dolls in an unconventional exploration of an autistic mind. A They work with the student to help them navigate the academic and administrative landscape. DAO reserves the right to edit or remove comments that don't comply with our editorial policy, which you can find on DAOs 'About' pages.

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