Because our students are adult learners, we leave the extra reading to them, but strongly advocate additional exposure.
We trust that these will enhance their learning not only in their academic pursuits but also in their personal lives. We hope that you will make use of these resources, as the additional reading material can substantially enhance your chances of achieving excellent exam results and improve your skills and capabilities. When researching colleges, both online and campus, be sure that the school you choose is worth the time and money you will spend on your education. Accredited schools make their accreditation details easy to find on their websites and other literature.
If you’re like many adult learners, you’re probably entering a degree program having already obtained a wealth of college-level knowledge and experience. If you’re thinking of going back to school and want to try the online environment, there are lots of factors to consider when selecting the college that’s right for you: Accreditation, tuition and fees, financing, flexibility, degree offerings, and transfer credit. As an admissions representative, I talk to a lot of people interested in starting a degree program at my college, American Public University. An online education is asynchronous, which means that it is student-centered and uses online learning to share information outside the constraints of time and place among a network of people. In March 2011, Vice President, Joe Biden made a call to action to improve college graduation rates nationwide.

With numerous accrediting bodies in the world today, understanding what accreditation means to you is almost as important as deciding on the right college. Accreditation is the voluntary process a public or private educational institution uses to verify, through a third-party evaluation, that it meets specific academic standards. Education is more than just receiving a formal qualification and a student’s experience should not be limited to the stated syllabus. These resources range from access to free downloadable textbooks, articles and links to websites that complement students’ pursuits. Take a few moments to check for this information, and if you can’t find it, move on to the next school on your list.
Understanding how your background could potentially accelerate your path to graduation is an important consideration when making decisions about your academic pursuit. I don’t have the kind of life that allows me to stop everything and go to class several times a week.
Whether they chose the path of asynchronous learning (online), or synchronous (brick and mortar), they possess a set of traits that led them to their education platform choice. So, it would seem to be an online learner you would need to be a self-starter, and unreliant on the more heavily focused peer engagement you would expect on a campus in a physical classroom. The Vice President, who is making affordability and accessibility in education a top priority, emphasized the importance of ongoing student support in order to boost graduation rates.

Prospective students can improve their own odds by setting standards now, so that the colleges they choose, meet their expectations.
Do we take professional, military, law enforcement, or other types of training or certificates?
See MoreSee LessSITAL College 3 days ago One of our featured students for May is Renaldo Singh. As for why I chose APU, well, I chose it because I’ve been to 2 other schools and nothing felt right. Will we perform a preliminary review on their transcripts to give an estimate of what might transfer in? See MoreSee LessSITAL College 4 days ago Preparing for higher education is a goal that both you and your teenager need to work towards. The Youth-Career-Navigation Programme (YouCaNPro) is here to ensure your teenager succeeds.

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