Another benefit is that an online class gives you the luxury of taking time to compose your thoughts, so many students find it less intimidating to voice their opinions or offer an answer to a question.
Most of the discussion in an online class happens a€?asynchronouslya€? in the ETUDES discussion forum. This lesson will provide some pointers on how to communicate effectively in online discussions; The ETUDES tutorial, available from the Virtual Valley Student Resource Page, will show you exactly how to use the powerful ETUDES discussion forum tool. The main topic here is a€?Questions,a€? and there are five different subtopics that students and the instructor have posted underneath.A  If all the class discussion took place in one big forum, there could only be one discussion at a time, or things would get very confusing. If no one else had posted a topic about your question, then you would create a new topic, which opens a new thread where others can post questions or answers on the subject. Not only does proper posting help avoid confusion, it also ensures that you get credit for your work.
When you post a reply to a topic, your message appears at the end of the list of messages already posted there. Whichever method you choose, it is crucial to discussion clarity that all the participants clearly show which discussion ideas their comments are directed towards. One good way to figure this out is to read through several of the posted messages to see how your classmates what your classmates are saying.A  Reading their replies may give you some ideas for your own. Select a post that made you think, surprised you, that you learned something from, that you agreed with, that you disagreed with, that you had a question about, or that struck you in some way. In most class discussions, you are allowed to disagree with each othera€™s perspective, but always be polite about it. Dona€™t worry about trying to sound too smart, just focus on being engaged with the material and the thoughts of your classmates.

Remember the rule a€?Expect to be misunderstood.a€? It can be difficult to express your tone to others.
The chat room is simply a space for a real-time discussion.A  To have a chat, the class, or a small group of classmates, would all agree to log on at a specific time and meet in the chat room to have a discussion. This can be useful for small group work, especially for making decisions about what assignment you will do and about who will do what to complete it.A Some more meaningful class discussions can also take place in the chat room if they are well organized. An additional point to consider is that unlike the forum discussion board, the chat room does not offer the option of multiple threads. SlideShare utilise les cookies pour ameliorer les fonctionnalites et les performances, et egalement pour vous montrer des publicites pertinentes. In a threaded forum, multiple conversations can be going on at the same time without such confusion --provided everyone posts their messages correctly. Thata€™s fine if you are just posting comments on the topic in general.A  However, if you are posting a message directly in response to what someone else posted, you need to make sure that your classmates will know which message you are commenting upon.
To put yourself in the best light possible, or simply to make yourself understood, be sure to edit your messages before you post them.A  This is true of private messages as well as forum discussions.
Read through all assignment instructions and discussion message posted by your instructor thouroughly and carefully. Never post a message saying anything that you would not be willing to say to someonea€™s face. You can ask for clarification, elaboration, or to apply the idea to a specific situation, and so on.
Instead, it is just one big discussion; message appear in a list organized by when they were posted.

If an interesting point is raised in the chat room, and you want to discuss it in detail, post a chat room message suggesting that the conversation be continued in the discussion forum.
We provide highly qualified lessons and GTA Music School will show you how to have fun playing this amazing instrument. However, if you post your message in the wrong forum, your instructor will not be where he or she will look for it. Doing this will give you as clear an idea as possible of what your instructor expects from you.
This makes it especially important to stick to the topic under discussion when you are in the chat room.
Volunteer to create a new forum discussion topic, pick a logical place to post it, and tell your classamtes where they can find it. Consultez notre Politique de confidentialite et nos Conditions d’utilisation pour en savoir plus. Children, or adults, can prepare for auditions, competitions, or select their own lessons to learn.
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