Most graduates, even from Graduate schools in psychology, don’t learn how to start, market, or run their own private practices. This is an experiential learning environment where you will search your own soul to determine how much you want and need to earn, how many clients or students you would need to procure to meet your financial goals, and how to implement your own customized plan to ensure ongoing success a as a professional life coach or business consultant.
The focus of Track 2: How to Start, Run, and Market a Private Practice is to help you to overcome fear so that you can contribute to the enhancement of the lives of others both as a coach and also as a role model. Because most of the women who are attracted to the coaching profession are generally motivated by an authentic desire to help others, many are uncomfortable with “hard sell tactics.”  We will help you find ways to market your life coaching business that aligns with your values so that your previous aversion to sales and marketing will have less chance of sabotaging your inner calling.
Each student that takes the Private Practice Training can potentially have their website up, business cards and brochures made, and a grassroots marketing plan ready to execute by graduation day. You will have both a hard copy and a downloadable version of an extensive Workbook for this track. As you listen to the lectures, the pages that are discussed will pop up on your computer screen so that you never lose track of where you are. Our website is certified by McAfee SECURE™ to be safe from potential hacking threats.

The goal of the WLCI Coaching Certification Program is to equip participants to become effective life coaches by giving them the knowledge, tools and initial coaching experiences that will enable them to engage clients in transformational processes. The 128-hour WLCI Coaching Certification Program is perfect for working professionals who are already licensed in a helping profession, such as social workers, counselors and therapists, and who want to add life or business coaching to an existing career or to shift to a career as a life or business coach.
Consistently with the International Coach Federation definition of a€?coaching,a€? Wales Life Coaching Institute (WLCI) will teach students using a solution-focused coaching model with a strength-based approach to interacting with clients. Over the course of the program, Wales Life Coaching Institute will transmit to participants the 11 ICF Core Competencies through lectures, live demonstrations, small-group discussions and observed and mentor coaching sessions.
Students will benefit from a total of 128 hours of in-person instruction spread over eight 2-day intensive weekends and an additional 1 hour of mentor coaching by phone each week between the weekend sessions.Weekend sessions will be organized once per month for 8 months. Learn the eligibility requirements and application process for the most recognized and respected case management credentiala€”the CCM! My LCSW supervision experience with Wales Counseling has been very fulfilling, informative and educational. The Life Coach certification part of the training will greatly enhance your resume so that you can move into managerial and other leadership positions if you want to continue working a job.

The Certification is also designed to build proficiency in Motivational Interviewing for participants of the program.
Participants will have ample opportunity to practice their newly-acquired coaching skills in group and one-to-one work over the course of the program. There are many fill-in-the-blank pages in the workbook that you will be asked to fill out as homework and submit for feedback to your Faculty Mentor, Sunny Massad, at the Women’s Leadership Institute. You will learn practical entrepreneurial skills that will help you to run a successful coaching business – even on a shoestring budget! Sedrick has used a variety of resources that challenged and enhanced my professional growth.

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