Personal Development Courses and Online Life Coaching Tools Get the Innovative, Ground-Breaking Online Life Coaching Platform You Need to Make Your Coaching Program a HUGE Success!
Get a Private Label, Customized Online Coaching Platform to deliver your unique content and trainings! Let success and abundance mentor Rob Thompson take you through one of the most profound and cutting edge life coaching courses. This 8 week life coaching course is designed to empower you with the tools it takes to positively impact the lives of many.
If you would like to become a leader and mentor to others then this life coaching course is for you.
This course is designed to fulfill the vocational needs of practitioners wanting to work in the field of Brain Optimization™ with an Emphasis in Nutrition. Slow-Paced Format: To accomodate students with less time available to study or with a more restricted budget, we also offer a slow-paced format with classes once a month.
Students can enroll any time in the flip learning format, conditioned only to the teachers' time availability to provide training to a new student. Total: The aproximate time commitment necessary to participate in the regular 10-month format, with classes every other week, is 13 to 17 hours per month. Commitment to apply the knowledge to one's own life: All BOI courses aim at helping the student improve his or her life, so that later they know how to help others do likewise. At the end of this course a four-page paper is required in order to obtain the final certification. Scholarships: Scholarships are available under precise, predetermined conditions, like low income students living in India, China, Russia and third-world countries in general. 01- Understanding the ongoing revolution of Orthomolecular Medicine and Orthomolecular Psychiatry.
03- Connection between optimization of the brain with nutrition and mental as well as physical health.
04- How optimizing the brain with nutritional interventions helps immensely to attain success in life. 07- Understanding the present legal issues and the ethical responsibilities in the Brain Optimization profession. 09- How you can use Brain Optimization™ and this Certification Course to heal yourself and others. 16- Taking supplements with or without meals -- pros and cons -- swallowing techniques and storing your supplements safely. 20- How and why selling supplements to your client can help you immensely to consolidate your private practice. 21- What will you learn during the 10-Month Certification Course in Brain Optimization™? 06- Lifestyle changes that are damaging this delicate biochemical pathway, in our country and civilization. 07- The Six Hour Glucose Tolerance Test, and why the stubborn misinterpretations of the glucose curves by mainstream medicine. 10- Why hypoglycemia is a scientifically proven disease, that affects mostly the mental health of the individual. 11- Advanced Glycation End Products -- are we been "cooked" from within, and we do not even know it? 05- Vegetarianism may be a humane answer to the horrors of slaughter houses, but there are other factors to consider.
11- Is it true that every protein -- vegetarian or not -- can be consumed safely if we choose the best quality and the right quantity? 17- Comparing wild vs farmed fish -- antibiotics, hormones, fat content, muscle content, GMO corn, dye, pro-inflammatory Omega-6, mercury, small vs big fish, nitrosamines. 19- Ecological considerations in regard to the ocean and fish -- what percentage of the fish is already gone?

The best dairy products -- cow milk vs goat milk, cow cheese, cow milk yoghurt, goat cheese, goat milk yoghurt, aged vs fresh cheese, raw cow milk, raw goat milk. 02- Significance of Dr Ernest Geiger's experiments in rats with corn and amino acid supplementation. 08- Yes, there is a poison in our organic grains and legumes, but this simple practical measure solves the problem. 11- Soy challenges and how to address them: GMO, trypsin inhibitors, phyto-estrogens, isoflavones endocrine disrupters, allergenic effects, hypothyroidism and lectins.
14- Non-Fermented: organic soy milk, tofu, textured protein, soy protein powder -- organic and non-organic. 20- Final recommendation for those interested in practicing a vegetarian, low-glucose diet. 02- If this were the fundamental benefits of a vegan diet: a) adding ten extra years to your life or more b) no cancer c) no cardiovascular disease d) no arthritis e) no osteoporosis f) no inflammation g) no diabetes h) no Alzheimer's disease and i) no obesity; would you become a vegan?
04- On incomplete proteins, decrease pleasure for some, digestibility and gas, GMO and pesticides, lectins, B12, L-Carnitine, Omega-3 fish oils, D3, rancidity and aflotoxin, indulgence in simple carbohydrates and chewing. 11- Dos and don'ts -- Serious initial limitations: no salt, only wild vegetables, no processed oils, no dairy products, no grains, no legumes, no honey.
14- The history of the trans fat oils and their impact on health -- estimated premature deaths. 9th Class: BOI 21 Scientific and Common Sense Nutritional Principles -- how to attain good health, success and happiness through nutrition. 03- The power of natural supplements: how to age only two years in a period of twenty years -- implications.
05- 21st century medicine: why Orthomolecular Medicine and the use of natural substances are here to stay. 08- Patient's compliance in Orthomolecual Psychiatry -- the greatest challenge in clinical work.
09- Practical ways to increase compliance with treatment -- a behavioral modification issue.
10- Revisiting and optimizing the most practical system to take supplements and its impact on compliance and personal wellbeing. 11- Revisiting the issue of resistance to taking pills, swallowing techniques, how to safely swallow 30 capsules in one gulp, and how to store supplements safely. 16- The promise of Orthomolecular Medicine and natural substances to the United States, and how it may likely impact our economy.
19- Could the use of natural substances be the most powerful, effective healing art method ever? 02- The greatest and simplest system to optimum brain health and Brain Optimization™ -- how I learned about it, and why it is still the most practical and effective method. 05- The four main neurotransmitters and their significance in orthodox psychiatry as well as in orthomolecular psychiatry. 14th Class: BOI's Fundamental Brain Supplement Program and more on Brain Optimization and the Fundamental Natural Substances that Lead to It.
14- Intervening at different stages in the dopamine pathway for healing and optimization purposes. 09- What substance the human body uses for digestive system, skin, nerves, to obtain energy from carbohydrates, to manufacture sex hormones and repair the DNA?
17- One of the most controversial decisions in psychiatry ever -- was it a scientific decision or a business decision?
18- How every disease not treatable with nutrition is a billionaire business for the pharmaceutical industry. 01- November 2011 a research team adds an inexpensive supplement to the water in Alzheimer's rats.
02- A new form of Russian Roulettes: RR #1: at age 65, Alzheimer's disease already affects 10 % of the population!

09- If the mind is an extension of the food we eat, would you be interested in learning what he was eating?
Utilize the full power of the Internet and Web 2.0 technologies to engage with your clients and expand your reach! Rob has spent over a decade studying and learning from great teachers from around the world and can train you to become a life mentorĀ  and assist others to change their lives. Furthermore the academic preparation provided by these Universities is often painfully superficial. However, traumas, stress, nutritional mistakes, accidents, pollution, indiscriminate multiple vaccinations, pharmaceutical medications and more, may have deteriorated your main asset in life. The 1st breakthrough at balancing his metabolism and the 2nd one at balancing his brain neurotransmitters. Why America is experiencing an epidemic of type two diabetes and what can be done about it. Total cattle population, demand on land, grain, gasoline consumption, FCR and its ecological consequences.
What would be the impact on global warming if we all stopped eating beef and ate poultry instead?
Safety record of natural substances -- the more supplements we take the further we may be from the grave?
Could you make a living and give a great service to your clients just with this method alone?
An extraordinary story about the beginnings of the 12 step program, why the program could have become twice as powerful, and how the opportunity was lost due to dogma and mental rigiditiy.
25% of mental hospitals' admissions were not mental patients -- but the symptoms were exactly the same!
Give your students all the content, tools and applications they need to take full advantage of your programs!
My time with Gian has been life-changing not only from a physical standpoint, but mentally and spiritually as well. When your diet works and when it is insufficient; when supplements work and when they fail. Anxiety, depression, ADHD, alcoholism, schizophrenia, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, allergies, diabetes, stress, gastrointestinal disorders, leukoplakia, lupus erythematosus, senility, vascular disorders, hyperlipidemia. However, students and parents can learn to look for a more enlightened, alternative education; there are good options. Or, If there is an inexpensive supplement that removes the bullets from the barrel, would you take it? You don't need to suffer from anxiety, depression, ADD, memory loss and many other brain disorders.
Then I attended some meditation sessions that Gian held on the weekends and again, what a spiritual revelation!
We will work with you to design the system according to your own specific needs, integrate all your unique branded content, and optimize it for your specific market, so it becomes your flagship coaching program. Yes, you can get your optimum brain back, and you can also learn how to help others do likewise. Since then I have continued seeing Gian for private sessions, and again, what insights have come!
Gian is not only a wise man, but his teaching style is outstanding and his compassion and intuition are life changers!

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