Most commonly, experienced project managers are creating a hierarchical schedule, or need complex dependencies or assignment-hours detail. A final tip on making your selection easy: just set the Default Planner option to your choice the first time you edit the project inside the workspace. Great management and clear guidance are not the only tools that a company can use to improve productivity and efficiency among employees. If you could change a few things on your project to vastly increase your chance of success, wouldn’t you do it? Just like any other area of management, project management is bound to change its face during the upcoming year. We've gone through the topic of why use the mind mapping technique for your project management efforts before.
Have you ever asked someone in your project team to do a task and know that they aren’t going to get round to it, however enthusiastic they sound at the time? The recent PwC Global PPM Survey pointed out some interesting facts about the trends we’re seeing across project and programme delivery. The copyright of this content belongs to the Seavus Group and any liability with regards to infringement of intellectual property rights remains with them.
However, you may find that many of your meetings are not productive – especially if you spend too much time talking about other meetings and not enough time planning ways to beat the competition.
Luckily, Microsoft Project Online has some great new features that will make your organization more productive and improve your collaboration.
Microsoft Project Online with Project Pro for Office is not your father’s project management system.

If you’re a Microsoft Office customer and haven’t taken a look at Microsoft Project Online, here are 5 reasons to move your project management toolkit to the cloud. Are you ready to learn more about how Microsoft Project Online improves productivity and collaboration? If you’re running Exchange 2013 and you’ve configured a hybrid deployment with Office 365, this post contains important information that might impact you.
About Luke BlackLuke Black is a Business Development Manager for Microsoft at Softchoice residing in his hometown of Chicago. We're delighted to be one of a select group of business partners authorized to sell Microsoft's Tablet offering. If that is you, you will want to choose one way or the other to manage your project plan in the long-term within the project management products which EPM Live has made available. In the event that there is still a problem or error with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional and noncommercial and the material will be removed immediately upon presented proof. That’s why every meeting must be a stepping stone that moves you closer towards your business goals. The cloud-based program brings new levels of collaboration, visibility and simplicity to project management.
Contact your Softchoice account manager to discover how you can try Microsoft Project Online with Project Pro for Office 365 FREE. Luke has been passionate about the Technology industry for more than 15 years and continues to bring solutions to customers leveraging limited resources, do more. When all of your project data is in Microsoft Project Online, you don’t need to search through emails or files to find out where your projects stand.

One of the biggest benefits of moving your project management to the cloud is that it makes it easy for teams to collaborate on projects – whether they are located down the hall or around the globe from each other. Microsoft Project Online allows your teams to work from anywhere and at any time, which greatly improves their productivity. Since Microsoft Project Online is cloud-based, you won’t need to purchase hardware or expand your infrastructure to get up and running.
Getting a single view of your projects allows you to make more informed decisions, align your activities with your business goals and better compete in today’s marketplace. When they log in to Microsoft Project Online, they will quickly see what their teammates are working on and what still needs to be done. Plus, giving everyone access to the latest data helps shorten your approval process and makes it possible to go to market quicker.
You’ll also always have access to the latest version and won’t need to worry about upgrades.
For example, if a project manager’s laptop is lost or stolen, you can still access all of your information when you log in to Microsoft Project Online.

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