Successful Account Management for LSPs - Online & Live London - June 2016Account Management  is an increasingly important role with Language Service Providers who want to better manage their account relationships, ring fence accounts from the competition and ensure long-term revenue streams from their most important customers. Mastering Social Selling for Language Services - May 14 - LondonSocial selling is a much publicised medium for engaging with customers today, but what is it exactly and how do we incorporate social selling into our daily activities? The sales environment has shifted dramatically in recent years, where it is increasingly difficult to reach prospective translation buyers. Translation Sales Summer School is an online sales training course that is broken down into 6 x 2 hour sessions and covers the entire sales cycle using a value-based approach to sales. These words, spoken by the infamous Nev in Episode One of  the UK reality show The Call Centre, ring true. I am once again inspired to write a post based on another topic I was asked to speak about at Pitch Perfect Club back in late 2012: the role perseverance plays in career success.
Based on the continued favourable feedback from the attendees of my November and February Cold Calling Techniques for Translation Sales workshop, I am offering this course again in London on 12th April 2013. Understanding Requirements The Understanding Requirements chapter enables you to fully appreciate your customer's requirements and tailor your product with the use of features, advantages and benefits.
Organizations are increasingly depending upon online training medium due to its flexibility and other advantages related to time and cost. This quick product training is also required by service representatives, vendors and end users based on their need and on the speedy launch of new products. Focus on the solution to customers’ problems: The main goal of product training should be to address customers’ needs or challenges.

Use appropriate instructional strategy: Using animations to demonstrate your product leaves a long-lasting impact on the learner. Conduct modular training for diverse learners: Product training is not a one-time training activity. After providing the basic introduction to all regarding the product, there has to be a modular training extended to each team based on their priority and need. This will increase the interest levels of these diverse learners, as it is very specific to their needs and reduces their time and effort.
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Enhance your effective questioning techniques, encourage your customers to talk ask the right questions to have them accurately describe what they need. Time between the product launch and training is getting shorter with product life cycles getting shorter and the time-to-market these products reducing considerably. Another benefit with the use of e-learning is that with the use of e-learning, rapid authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, and Lectora Inspire and so on, the time to develop online training module has reduced considerably. Providing a right solution to their needs through your product is the key for effective product training. For instance, you can develop a scenario in the training module where a customer is having a hard time doing his work and is looking for a solution.

Using videos, watch-try–do activities, and simulations when explaining the features and benefits of the product makes learners understand and remember all vital information regarding the product and help them explain the features of the product effectively to customers. And it is important not only to sales employees but also to other employees of the company, customers, vendors, and service agents based on their specific need and at specific stages.
To see this page as it is meant to appear please use a Javascript enabled browser.Customers comments Your masterclass was excellent. This helps your learners understand the problems faced by customers and convince them to buy the product. Mary Gilbey, Anglia Translations Jessica’s unrivalled insight into the sales & marketing consulting focused on the language industry has proved invaluable in terms of both the development and deployment of our company internationalization strategies.
Lydia Simplicio, SDL I participated in Jessica’s Online Translation Sales School in Autumn 2015 and have no hesitation of recommending it.
The sessions were well-prepared, the materials useful and the content widely applicable and scalable.

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