April 2, 2013 Online summer courses are a great way for students to enrich their transcripts without sacrificing summer activities.
Some students who take our online summer courses are enrolled in a traditional brick-and-mortar school, while others are interested in trying an online course to see if they work well in a digital learning environment. Students who take online summer courses in Advanced Placement (AP) titles return to Laurel Springs School in April 2014 for exam prep sessions to prepare them for the AP tests in May 2014. To learn more about our online summer courses, please register for our virtual open house on Tuesday, April 23rd, or review enrollment dates for semester-length and year-long courses. Whether you're planning a road trip, starting a new job, or simply going home next summer take VSU with you! We will discuss a variety of facts, concepts, and processes about the world’s ocean within the broader fields of geology, chemistry, and biology.

This course is designed primarily for students fulfilling general education requirements in science. Textbook: Shigley's Mechanical Engineering Design, Budynas and Nisbett, Ninth Edition, 9e, McGraw Hill, 2011. While many online schools require a students to log in at a specific time of day to take a course, Laurel Springs School’s courses are asynchronous, allowing students to complete coursework when it is most convenient for them.
VSU's online courses let you take classes no matter where you find yourself - at home, coffee shop, or beachside. Contact Financial Aid office for additional financial aid that may be available (see below). To find out how, check with our Financial Aid department at 229-333-5935 or Office of Financial Aid.

Our six-week and twelve-week online summer courses are designed for students with excellent time management skills who want to make the most of summer, leaving time for vacation, a part-time job, or travel. I hope that your experience in this course strengthens a life-long interest in the natural world, as well as your ability to make informed decisions about scientific issues confronting society.

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