Back in the day – graduation 1945 — Anitta Boyko Fox (BS ’45, MS ’47) was among the first wave of students to earn a degree at NYU’s newly established occupational therapy program.  Outside a war was winding down and Anitta found her calling working with returning veterans and helping a team of medical professionals create what is now known as the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine.
The Boyko family is also the subject of a documentary, ‘Unconquerable Souls,” created by the Holocaust Council of Greater Metro West. Throughout the years, NYU has been a place where Anitta has felt a deep sense of community and belonging.  She met her late husband, Sheldon Fox, MD, at NYU Bellevue, where he served as a medical resident and later as an assistant clinical visiting professor of radiology. Anita is grateful to NYU for “taking a chance” on her, for giving her a scholarship that enabled her to do work that has made a difference in people’s lives. Vision, Perception, and Cognition, Fourth Edition is a concisely structured text that expertly addresses clinical reasoning and decision making for the entire evaluation and treatment process of the adult with acquired brain injury. Provided are theoretical information, guidelines for both static and dynamic assessment, information on specific standardized evaluations, guidelines for adaptive and restorative treatment based on described theoretical and evidence-based information, and information on environmental impact of client performance.

Mayston, Physiotherapy"This is a very well researched and referenced text that effectively integrates the author’s many years of experience with research evidence. She obtained her bachelor's degree in Occupational Therapy from Tufts University and her master’s degree from the University of Southern California. Through this website you will be able to access a variety of materials including, Vision Perception and Cognition, Fourth Edition, Instructor’s Manual.
It provides the student and practicing clinician with many helpful resources, including specific standardized assessments, occupationally based assessments and dynamic assessments as well as additional references to consult for further reading.
She holds certifications in both sensory integration and neurodevelopmental treatment and has served on the editorial boards of the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy in Health Care.
Available on-line, this exciting manual provides additional learning and activities for each chapter including key terms, and specific learning objectives.

Her more than 20 years of experience specializing in neurological rehabilitation has included a broad range of research, teaching, administrative and clinical practice.
The best discussions relate to evaluation and assessment measures, each of which is a highly detailed set of guidelines that clinicians can readily follow in their patient care activities. She has published over 20 articles, chapters, and books related to the adult with acquired brain injury.
Faculty will be impressed by the addition of an on-line instructor's manual for additional classroom learning objectives and activities.

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