The three buttons: Previous, Process and Cancel all have the same colour and visual weight. They could add some security seals (McAfee etc) and short security notice near the payment button. Organizationally, these are probably the two biggest changes that could be implemented and result in immediate gains a€“ because there will be someone that says that all the buttons must exist a€“ they have been there since we started this website. You can see in the comments many people had good suggestions on what they would do to fix the calls to action and add point -of-action assurances to make this image more effective.
The first thing I would do is ask how many errors and cancellations have been tracked at this point. Jeffrey Eisenberg, Bryan Eisenberg & John Quarto-vonTivadar are the inventors of Persuasion Architecture.
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The TNA is performed to see if a learning or training solution will solve a business problem (Tovey, 1997). A Needs Assessment is performed to determine and articulate the business unit or customer's learning, training, and performance needs (DeSimone, Werner, 2012). Training investments are positively related to stock market performance, with those firms that spend more on training likely to outperform other firms - Laurie Bassi & Daniel McMurrer (2007). When performing an analysis, it is best to use a backwards planning approach, which is also known as backwards design or backwards mapping. As the next section shows, you can easily check to see if your solution to the four planning steps is correct. The chart below helps you to evaluate your results after the plan is put into action — this is known as circular causality. Notice that each effect on a event effects the next one, which has an effect-cause-effect that loops back upon the original event. The backwards planning model is based on Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Evaluations that have been linked to what is known as the Four Performance Analysis Needs.

This is perhaps the most important need to look at as it links the performer with the organization.
What this stage really needs is to ensure that the performance intervention (learning process) actually conforms to the individual requirements. For example, in the Training Needs analysis it might be determined that the job holders need to learn a new process.
I would try it to the right of the credit card details, and would also try it where the a€?previous a€? button is. I would challenge them to think about how they make decisions in general and help them understand their current process is probably broken or at least very un-optimized.
Usability testing is really important for continuous improvement and to boost our marketing efforts. Pre-mortem Eisenberga€™s Hierarchy of Optimization Scoring Priorities Of course, you cannot start the 3-step process without first creating actionable personas based on qualitative and quantitative data. The deliverables of this phase are the building blocks for all subsequent design and development activities. While a TNA is mostly used to find a solution to a known problem, a Needs Assessment is normally used to discover unknown problems or areas that can be improved. This is accomplished by identifying your goal and then determining the actions that will most likely help you to effectively and efficiently arrive at the goal.
When you reach the last arrow, the white one, you should have reached the result or impact you were looking for.
Thus, senior leaders are not looking at training to be a profit center (that is what other business units are for), rather they are looking at performance improvement initiatives to help grow the organization so that it can reach its goals and perform its mission. For example, rather than memorizing a list of steps to perform, provide them a checklist, such as paper or electronic. However, Kirkpatrick's Reaction was mostly concerned with the level of the learner's happiness with the learning program.
The target population is analyzed to determine the actual content, context, and delivery method of the performance intervention that will best fit their needs.

Then I might suggest as a first test to move the Process button to the right side and move the cancel button next to the previous location. Thus, you must ensure that a learning or training solution will fix the problem or if a different performance solution is required.
If not, then you will have to troubleshoot your plan, correct it, and then repeat all or part of the process.
If you only look at what they need to learn and then perform, then you might miss obstacles that will impede their performance, such as poor processes or environmental roadblocks. This reduces the amount of time needed for training and helps to speed up the time to actual performance.
The goal is to ensure that the intended learners see the real worth of the learning program. In the initial Conversion Optimization 101 post, I wrote that this came from a non-profit website. The reason I would not suggest changing the color of the button right away, is because you don’t want to change one call to action when there are multiple steps in the process if you are not going to change the buttons on every step.
If you and their managers cannot convince them that they need to learn and perform correctly, then they will probably never learn to perform or once they complete the learning process, they will probably not put their newly learned skills and knowledge to full use. Any website whose design is this bad probably has never done any kind of usability testing or conversion optimization. Then we can start getting them to change wording, color, etc just as everyone else suggested. FlevyPro subscribers receive access to an exclusive library of curated business documents—business framework primers, presentation templates, Lean Six Sigma tools, and more—among other exclusive benefits.

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