Organizational DevelopmentA Process of Learning and Changing (Prentice Hall Organizational Development Series)2nd EditionW. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Everyone on the Keystone Organizational Development team has a strong client focus and a desire to create cost effective, forward thinking solutions to solve today’s problems as well as address anticipated long-term needs.  Our leadership team, in partnership with our knowledge resources, look forward to doing a no-cost needs assessment meeting with you to determine how we can best assist you with your specific organizational needs. Warren Bennis has referred to OD as a response to change, a complex educational strategy intended to change the beliefs, attitudes, values, and structure of an organization so that it can better adapt to new technologies, markets, challenges, and the dizzying rate of change itself. This text gives an overview of organizational development and discusses it as a part of a change in an organization’s culture. It covers new areas such as information management and strategy implementation; and looks at factors which will influence structure and development in the future.
The term training refers to the acquisition or advancement of knowledge, skills, and competencies. In the work place, this methodology is used to improve performance, accelerate professional development, integrate organizational philosophy and enhance engagement. We will design an approach to meet your specific needs or adapt our leading edge programs for you.

As a philosophy, AI emphasizes collaboration and the participation of all voices in the organization. As a process, AI is a strengths-based approach to facilitating positive change in human systems (organizations, groups, communities). AI is a positive, high engagement process, for existing organizational development interventions such as strategic planning, team development, leadership development, change management, diversity work, enhancing customer satisfaction, and so on.
In this culture, each member of the organization uses a coach approach in their thinking and communication.
A coach approach starts with a curious mind set, a belief that everyone has their own best answers and that, with each conversation, inner wisdom, intellect, skills and knowledge and creativity are fully at play. With a coach approach employee engagement escalates and naturally supports a learning organization. The Canada Human Resource Centre Report shows us that, in organizations today, employee engagement is less than ideal with 60% not engaged, 15% actively disengaged and just 25% engaged.
The approach is hierarchical and comes from a parent-child paradigm and fits with the Industrial Age mechanistic approach to work.
In today’s work environments, workers need to self-lead and organizations must provide an environment where everyone is fully engaged.

We need a system that takes an approach of self-directed professional development that fits with organizational goals.
The dialogue is stimulated through thought provoking questions which set a foundation for collaborative dialogue, sharing knowledge and creating possibilities for action in groups of all sizes. Inclusion of a diverse group of participants is encouraged to access a broad spectrum of views, ideas and creative solutions. This process is often used for building communities, clarifying strategies, setting clear priorities and uniting stakeholders. Each table has a host to facilitate and record the dialogue and participants self-select which table topic they wish to explore.

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