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Last February, President Obama issued an Executive Order establishing the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity within the Department of Commerce. The Commission is composed of twelve individuals from the world of business, technology and academia. The worlda€™s financial community has developed a very sophisticated ecosystem, including the global payment infrastructures, the management of personal identities and personal data, the global financial flows among institutions and between institutions and individuals, the government regulatory regimes, and so on.
Blockchains hold the promise to revolutionize the finance industry and other aspects of the digital economy by bringing one of the most important and oldest concepts, the ledger, to the Internet age. After many years of promise and hype, artificial intelligence is now being applied to activities that not long ago were viewed as the exclusive domain of humans. Their research showed that interpretive innovation generally takes place through a process of conversations among people and organizations with different backgrounds and perspectives, until the problems can be identified and clarified to the point where a solution can be developed. How can the machine evolve and update itself?  A well designed AI system includes mechanisms enabling it to get feedback, learn from experience and get better over time. Last month, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences launched a three year initiative to address the complex relationship between scientists and the public. The survey found sizable opinion differences between the general public and scientists on all 13 issues where a direct comparison was possible, some rather large, others much smaller.
But both the public and scientists are critical of the quality of  K-12 STEM education. How journalistic practices could be refined to better convey the incremental and iterative nature of scientific research.

This past January, the World Bank issued the Digital Dividends report, a comprehensive study of the state of digital developments around the world. Let me attempt to summarize the salient findings and recommendations of this comprehensive (over 300 pages) report.
Business growth: Digital technologies, and the Internet in particular have promoted the inclusion of small firms in the world economy by expanding trade and productivity. Excessive concentration: The Interneta€™s economies of scale can lead to harmful concentration of market power in many sectors, inhibiting competition and innovation. Automation and inequality: Automation can leave behind workers without the necessary skills, hollowing out labor markets and leading to greater inequality. Government control: Without the proper accountability, governments can leverage digital technologies to exercise greater control over their citizens, rather than to empower them. I recently read an interesting article published earlier this year in the NY Times Magazine by reporter Charles Duhigg, - What Google Learned From its Quest to Build the Perfect Team. To see if there was an equivalent collective IQ, Malone, Woolley et al conducted a number of studies, - nicely summarized in their 2015 OpEd, - Why Some Teams Are Smarter Than Others. Yet what CEO or manager, particularly in these precarious times, blames compliant employees for being afraid to report and maybe lose their jobs?  And what sensible CEO is not aware that some of the boldest, most eager reporters have self-interest and self-preservation driving false compliance reports? We know many CEOs do not want to protect or facilitate ethical or legal noncompliance.  Now they have an option to invest in non-invasive risk management that removes fear and enables good information to get to them before it is too late to do more than put the Legal Team in action. There is nothing like this  unique service in the United States or Europe.  What does it do and guarantee for users?
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LeadershipEthicsTHE ENDANGERMENT OF DEMOCRACY IN ISRAELI ask you, reader, to take the time to listen to a single radio broadcast. During a recent interview with a former customer service representative, it was discovered that much of the success of Amazon’s customer service is due to its emphasis on team leadership and cohesive team members (Wolfrom, 2014). Customer service call centers are distinct from Amazon’s fulfillment centers as far as organizational structure.

When real-life successful teams were studied, they were found to have eight characteristics that were associated with team excellence (Northouse, 2013). Former national security advisor Tom Donilon and former IBM CEO Sam Palmisano serve as chair and vice-chair respectively. One of Amazon’s Leadership Principles is Customer Obsession; according to their website, “Leaders start with the customer and work backwards. Each call center has a Site Leader, which oversees the center and maintains service levels.
These anecdotes were amazing by the way, I never expected the “Thor” conversation to get quite so involved, or for the customer service rep to stay in character for so long! Although leaders pay attention to competitors, they obsess over customers” (Leadership Principles, 2014). According to the interviewed customer service associate (Wolfrom, 2014), Operations Managers also work together to ensure that their teams are working towards the same goal. I once read a book about leadership from the office library (I wish I could remember the title!) that talked all about approaching customer service from the perspective of large companies like Amazon and Apple, and how their strategy and approach differ from other companies. As a matter of fact, according to Forbes magazine (2014), Amazon was the top rated company for Customer Service by Wall Street’s Tempken Consulting Group.
Managers subordinate to Operations Managers lead a team of associates, ensuring high performance and delivery of excellent customer service; they are supported by Team Leaders who take direct responsibility for the day to day running of Customer Service teams. From what I remember, the focus was always on valuing the employees highly and providing them with a large degree of freedom in the workplace, so that they would feel most invested in the work they were doing, and in turn offer customers better outcomes based on their positive attitudes towards their work.
Based on your post, it sounds like their organizational structure is more rigid than I expected from these readings, but it seems to be working excellently for them, and they are always recognized as one of the top companies for customer service in the world.

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