It is important to teach your child organizational skills at an early age because it's helps them develop healthy skills, such as time management and study skills, which can help them in school at a later time.
Organize Toys and Games Make sure everything has a place and encourage the toys to be put back where they belong after each use.
Give Children Small Tasks Children can get overwhelmed easily so simply telling a child to "clean up", may be too general. Having a planner with room to write down assignments might be helpful Talk to the school about having an extra set or books at home so "forgetting" to bring books for assignments won't be an issue. For one week only, until March 1st, if you would like to purchase this product through my shop you are welcome to use the code 2FISH20 to get 20% off your order.  Enjoy!! My Week Calendar is a magnetic wipe-off calendar for young children that shows little ones how to organize their day and prepares them for what is coming up next.  I’m all over teaching organizational skills early!
My son is just getting to the point where I wanted to start working on a schedule with chores. She loves to know what is coming up and what she is working towards, and this would be very helpful for her!
WOW – I would love to use this with my son – he is always needing to know what is next in our day!
I was just thinking last week that my 3 year old is ready for some kind of his own calendar. I have a son with Special needs who asks 100 times per day – what’s going on today? Perfect for my daughter who does so much better when she knows step by step what comes next in the day! I recently got something similar (but lined, for writing on it) for my big girls, and they are LOVING it. And I SO wish I’d had one when my kids were littler–but it would still be useful now!
My 7 year old twin daughters were just telling me they needed something to remind them about their chores. I have one of the monthly calendars with magnetic activities but there is only room for one magnet on each day, which drives me and my son crazy. My youngest is in college and I have realized how important teaching organization at a young age really is for them to succeed.

I’ve got 2 little girls and would LOVE something like this to start their organizing off right!
Developing organizational skills and understanding how they apply to a business setting is essential any person.
If you are surrounded by clutter, either at work or home, then chances need to develop some serious organizational skills. Help your child develop organizational skills by photocopying checklists and schedules taping them to the refrigerator.
This is ideal for my 3 year old who walks into her room and says, Mommy, it’s time to clean up and organize now!
He’s still little, but he already craves structure…so I know as he grows into this he would absolutely love it!! My 5 and 6 year old sons love to help me out and this would be an easy way for me to include them more often! I have been wanting something like this for me as well, so having one for my little ones would be such a good thing!!! My son is a tad young for it yet (almost 2) but I’m sure he’ll grow into it over the next little while!!
I can see using this in a classroom with a child who needs the structure of knowing what their day is going to look like. That will come in handy with two sensitive littles (& 1 momma!) who THRIVE on routine!!! I just found out she may have ADD so I need to introduce a daily schudual list she can understand. I have four boys (2,4,6,8) and after being in our new home for a year now, we are still desperately trying to get organized and feel functional! My little guy isn’t quite old enough to understand it yet, but I know it will be a life saver in a year or two.
She always wants to know what’s going on and she loves to be independant so this would help on both counts. I would love to have one for adult children who are helping our granddaughters be more proactive.
It is very hard for him to understand when his schedule changes and what he needs to do on each day.

Hectic workdays often equate cluttered surroundings, making it difficult find supplies or complete paperwork.
A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and youth volunteer for civic organization. If I won this calendar, I could add playdates and doctor’s appointments and he could move the little pictures around–perfect! Right now I am creating my own calendar to help her stay on track but this would make my life a lot easier! I would LOVE to help her organize her day so she knows what’s going on and what to expect! My four year old would probably benefit from this most We are looking into chore charts at the moment – do you make those too? I would love to try one of these out and then purchase a couple of more if it works for us.
I have 3 kids my two oldest are 4 and 2 and I am always looking for fun new things to try with them since we are just home all day. What are some things that can be done by teachers and parents to help teenagers improve their organizational skills? Use lots of praise and introduce words like "responsibility" and "helpful" to their vocabulary.
People who tend to surround themselves in environments of clutter and disorganization can feel overwhelmed and anxious, which, in turn, has negative physical effects on the body. I would love to win this for my granddaughters who are struggling with their parents divorce, and grow so confused swinging back and forth between the two new homes. Practicing good organizational skills decreases stress and anxiety, which will make people feel healthier.

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