Others knowing that they have a problem with organization can over compensate and can be obsessive about organization and find it difficult to function if their environment or work space is disturbed.
Have a copy of your time table on the wall with pictures of things that have to be taken to school each day. Organizing homework can cause the dyslexic person real difficulties see the BDA tips on Homework. In the work place dyslexic people may need support and help if they are to work to the best of their ability. Site development supported by the students of Greenwich University and Canterbury College. Marge Weiner, director of The Total Learning Center in Neptune, NJ, has been specializing in working with learning disabled students since 1982. The Organized School Binder was created by Marge to help her students learn proper organizational skills that can be applied to all aspects of their lives.
Marge’s system is about simplicity and she says teaching students the Organized School Binder approach early in life provides an excellent opportunity to prevent them from failing later on.
The Organized School Binder is a three ring binder that incorporates various useful organizational tools such as tabbed sections for each school subject.
Marge believes that organization is the key to success in many areas of our lives, “We are trying to teach students how to organize their time and their materials. Marge is calling on schools nationwide to adopt her 3 ring binder system for students as young as 1st grade.
Marge Weiner is the creator and founder of the Organized School Binder system and the Total Learning Center located in New Jersey.
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Have a Question About The Total Learning Center?Fill out this form and we'll get in touch with you to answer your questions soon! Since 1982 I have instructed many students who lack any systematic approach to organizing their school materials.

Students dealing with ADD and ADHD as well as dyslexia and other learning disabilities often suffer in school for lack of organizational skills. As a result I found a need to develop a simplified binder system which is easy for the student to follow and the parent to reinforce.For the first time the student can develop a sense of independence and mastery of their assignments.
At the Total Learning Center, we believe that every person has a unique learning style, and that many of us do not learn in traditional ways.
Since we believe that learning is lifelong, we also offer a full range of classes for adults who want to improve their reading, writing and spelling skills. Fill out our Student Information Request Forms & see our Brochures for more information. To work towards a society that positively recognises the strengths of Dyslexic people to achieve of their full potential and ability within education, training and employment.
To plan and deliver accessible and inclusive education and training within the London and wider community in partnership with other like minded organisations. Marge believes that the lack of a systemic approach to organization for all students is the root of diminished success for students of all ages and abilities. The binder teaches students how to categorize and encourages forming healthy habits that frown upon clutter and disarray. Instead of buying dozens of folders for each subject, the Organized School Binder has ONE folder which students use during the day to store their paperwork. She has dedicated her 30 year professional career to helping alternative learners reach their full potential.
Such students are referred to my office because they are continuously losing assignments,misplacing important papers and in a general state of confusion and disarray. Therefore, the key to unlocking each student’s potential is to discover his or her own special learning style. A multisensory language curriculum with direct instruction in reading, spelling and writing. Each adult learner is unique and an educational program is developed that meets their academic needs and assists them in reaching their future goals.

The curriculum provides direct instruction in the basic parts of speech and the student immediately learns to apply this knowledge to written language skills. Her realization became a dedication to improving the organizational skills of her learning disabled students.
The system is especially helpful for learning disabled students who often need systems in place to ensure a structured and attainable learning experience. At the end of each day, students must organize and file their papers behind the proper subject tabs. The Total Learning Center was founded by Marge in 1982 and is the only center of its kind in NJ to offer remedial and enrichment programs for children and adults with learning disabilities. As the adult learner begins to master their language skills they develop heightened self confidence which make a significant difference in their interpersonal relationships and career opportunities.
This is a program that is designed for the student who is having difficulty with sounding out words accurately, oral reading accuracy and fluency, spelling and writing skills. This class uses the computer to enhance their writing and they learn set procedures for writing basic types of paragraphs: The basic paragraph, process paragraph, descriptive and narrative paragraphs are taught.
AchieveAbility exists to promote accessible education, training and employment opportunities for people who experience dyslexia.
Now, almost 30 years later, she is calling on reform throughout the education system by asking schools to adopt more formalized organizational training for all students. In addition she is a certified Academic Language Therapist with specialized training in the area of dyslexia.
By using a multisensory, hands on approach, students involve all their senses in the learning process. This unique approach provides the learner success in mastering the skills needed for a lifetime.

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