It is important to teach your child organizational skills at an early age because it's helps them develop healthy skills, such as time management and study skills, which can help them in school at a later time. Organize Toys and Games Make sure everything has a place and encourage the toys to be put back where they belong after each use.
Give Children Small Tasks Children can get overwhelmed easily so simply telling a child to "clean up", may be too general.

Having a planner with room to write down assignments might be helpful Talk to the school about having an extra set or books at home so "forgetting" to bring books for assignments won't be an issue. Use lots of praise and introduce words like "responsibility" and "helpful" to their vocabulary. People who tend to surround themselves in environments of clutter and disorganization can feel overwhelmed and anxious, which, in turn, has negative physical effects on the body.

Practicing good organizational skills decreases stress and anxiety, which will make people feel healthier.

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