International Center Resource Kit Personal Skill Development in Grades 6 – 12: Enhancing Learning for 21st Century Success. Global Workplace Environment Workers must demonstrate: strong communication skills flexibility organizational skills respect positive attitude. 550 Employers in Virginia Say: Math, reading, writing, and speaking should be paired with decision making and problem solving.
300 Research Studies Say: When students learn to communicate effectively, respect others, accept responsibility, resolve problems, analyze, evaluate, and work on teams, their academic achievement improves. Character Education Partnership Partner with community groups, parents, administrators, local leaders, and others. The Partnership for 21st Century Skills Schools should move from traditional learning in school to out of school experiences. Writing for the Workplace Perform at the high level of proficiency demanded in the workplace.
Students as Managers Give students managerial roles to: experience the workplace through the eyes of employers.
Connections to Curriculum: Language Arts Example Beowulf– Legendary Dragon-Slayer, kills Grendel who has terrorized the community Groups of students: what community problems are causing conflict? Beowulf Lesson Plan In groups Brainstorm the problem, cite the opinions of all entities involved, determine what solution will satisfy all parties.
Example: Social Studies Dust Bowl Period in American History Gather data on the cost of supporting a family of four for one month in their area of the state.

Dust Bowl Design a 6-panel informational brochure outlining these costs for young families moving into the area.
Integration: Health and Art Classes Research the use of art as therapy for Alzheimers, post traumatic stress disorder, mental illness, and other diseases. Science– Group Project Unit on protecting the environment: Small groups research a specific environmental problem affecting the local region.
Mathematics Unit on Measurement: Groups research prices in the area to rent or purchase different types of dwellings (homes, condos, apartments.
The Bottom Line Research on Group Projects: Student achievement and attitude toward the subject improves when they work together in heterogeneous groups.
Employers Expect Leadership Schools should involve more students in activities that expect them to lead as chairs of committees.
Planning Civic Literacy Training --Determine when and how long students will study civics --Cannot be a one-shot effort --Should start in elementary school and be progressive.
Workers should take the job seriously, have a positive attitude, and demonstrate responsibility, reliability, and flexibility. Apply course content to real-world problems and practice working together in groups Place students in a situation where they must interact as if they are employees of a company. Professionalism in writing means: Businesses cannot send materials to customers with mistakes in sentence construction, grammar or spelling. Recreational facilities for youth, senior citizens Tutoring programs for younger students Affordable day care center for young families.

Write an action plan that presents their solution and includes a timeline, approximate costs, sources of funding, and other detail. Groups develop a plan for implementing art therapy for patients in conjunction with the schools art department. Greater acceptance of peers = fewer discipline referrals Students practice and learn skills: goal setting planning their time effective follow-through completing tasks efficiently.
Schools need to develop materials to give students opportunities to practice leadership skills. We will teach you how to create a plan for targeting your job search in challenging economic times and communicate your skills to compete in today's labor market.
Write a proposal that includes the feasibility of the program, an outline of activities, a timeline, costs and materials, etc. Three-fourths believe schools should prepare future workers with both the basic skills and the applied personal skills they need for success.
Personal Skill Development Measures of personal, social, service, and leadership skills Demonstrations of positive behaviors and attitudes.

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