Building organizational capabilities, such as leadership development or lean practicies, is a top priority for most companies. Leadership skill, for example, is considered by the majority of respondents to be the capability that contributes most to performance.  Yet only 35 percent of respondents say they focus on it.
Let’s see what the trained people think about the trainings and consultations they participated in.
I don’t plan to interpret graph.1, but I could not overlook that the employee group provides the least answers “very effective” and the most answers “slightly or not effective”. Another McKinsey research, among 1069 companies, reveals that where training is reported to be least effective, top managers tend to invest most in training for the leadership team and least on the employees—despite this group’s more immediate impact on operations. 240 out of these 1069 companies rated their trainings as very effective in improving business performance.

Perhaps not surprisingly, at companies where senior executives set the training agenda, the training and skill-development programs are seen as more effective in driving business performance, though there is still much room for improvement.
Specifically my focus is child ADHD, child depression, child anxiety, child misbehavior and the secondary effects these have on family, academics, self-esteem and health.
However, many of them have not yet figured out how to do so effectively.  The odds improve at companies where senior leaders are more involved. And only 36 percent of executives consider their companies better than competitors at leadership development. In contrast, companies with effective training programs invest the most in training the employees. I actively have a neurodiversity perspective, which means that I believe all people have a unique brain profile of skills and deficits.

Arnold and I often work together to provide lower cost and more timely intervention for families. I primarily work with kids and parents who have a new diagnosis of ADHD through our clinic. She will work with you personally on very specific, more complicated challenges that are outside my scope of practice.

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