Experiential classroom and field training curriculum building on the AMC Guide to Outdoor Leadership by OSI's Alex Kosseff. Written by Outdoor Safety Institute Director, Alex Kosseff, the revised AMC Guide to Outdoor Leadership has over 50% new content. This completely revised book details the critical skills and concepts every professional or volunteer outdoor leader needs to know. The Outdoor Safety Institute offers outdoor leadership training expanding upon the concepts in the AMC Guide to Outdoor Leadership. Alex Kosseff also provides lectures and workshops on leadership, outdoor safety and related topics. This intensive 28-day Training provides a solid foundation of outdoor and leadership skills and competencies. Participants have the opportunity to hone their skills in wilderness camping, surfing, canoeing, sea kayaking, hiking and backpacking while gaining an intimate knowledge of the Pacific coastal environment. Career Opportunities a€“ Upon completion of West Coast Outdoor Leadership Training, participants have achieved entry level positions as outdoor guides, sea kayak guides, surf instructors, and eco-adventure-educational tourism providers.

These training services range from conference workshops to comprehensive multi-day staff training programs. This edition of the book brings a new focus on risk management and outdoor safety, teaching, facilitation and leading youth. Building on the basic foundations of leadership, case studies, and his own extensive leadership experience, Alex Kosseff explores such topics as effective decision-making, group dynamics, risk management, self-awareness and evaluation, conservation, and more.
Hard skills a€” certifications in advanced wilderness first aid, lifesaving and sea kayaking a€” are taught in accordance with current professional standards.
Participants will leave the program with increased comfort and confidence levels in their outdoor abilities.
Not only did I gain every certs and skills necessary to qualify me to work as a professional wilderness guide (I have been guiding for one of the world's top wilderness resorts ever since I graduated from Hooksum) but I also learnt a completely new way of listening to and interacting with nature and wildlife.
Broad areas of focus include risk management, outdoor leadership, technical skills, and driver training. Training can include certification in wilderness medicine, waterwater rescue, and climbing instruction.

Learning about the natural world of Hesquiat Harbour, and indigenous values and culture is included in all activities. I cannot say enough good things about this program, but in reality the only way to understand what Hooksum can offer you is to experience it for yourself.
Using adventure-based, experiential learning, participants will gain the skills and knowledge necessary for safe and practical outdoor group leadership. Steve and Karen (the founders and owners) run a program grounded in a lifetime of experience living and working on the coast, they are two of the most knowledgeable and dedicated teachers anyone could ask for; the professionals they invite to lead the various certifications are always passionate and at the top of their respective fields, and the program is designed to maximize the number of certifications available in a relatively short time (other programs that offer the same level of certification are usually 3 times as long and 3+ times more expensive).
If you are seeking true immersion in the wild, are ready to be challenged to dig within yourself to find strength you didn't know you had and to have an adventure that will leave you changed for the better this is the program for you!

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