RQD-U Side Sealing Bag Making Machine with UltrasonicRQD-U Side Sealing Bag Making Machine with Ultrasonic Functions and Features: 1.
Automatic PE Flat Band Shoe Cover Making MachinePE Automatic Plastic Shoe Cover Machine is one automatic production machine of producing elastic plastic shoe cover, it is suitable for use in hospitals and clean industry.
Plastic Shoe Cover Making MachineThis plastic shoe cover machine is designed and produced by us.
Nonwoven Shoe Cover Making MachineMechanical Brief Description: This Automatic Non-woven Shoe Cover Machine is an automatic and producing elastic plastic shoe cover which is a specialized machine.

Ball screw guid system with high speed and stability High-precision screw shafts are typically precise to one thousandth of an inch per foot or better. This bottom sealing machine is suitable for making natural color and color-printed plastic bags.
The design of the pressing route of the shoe head free from adjustment, not effected by the temperature and the pressure, providing us with stable pressure   2. It can make shoe covers with PE& CPE materials fully automatically from unwinding to finished products.

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