Recently, the group of dancing gay black men, The Prancing Elites, were given a television deal to show their stuff to the world.
This begs the question of whether or not there is an agenda by media to show black men are weak, feminine and woman-like as an effort to divert opportunities away from black men who are more masculine and heterosexual. Fans of the Orijin Culture Facebook fan page had a critical debate about an image of a black male model wearing a colorful dress and blazer on the runway.
He then discussed the conversation between he and a writer for the film, in which the writer tells him he would dress as a female hooker during one of the scenes. There is an agenda to break all men from being their historically normal strong, aggressive, dominant selves just so women and other weak men will not be intimidated. Facebook today began prompting Facebook Messenger for Windows users with a message saying the app is shutting down next week. The “Learn more” link unfortunately takes the user to a generic Messages page on Facebook’s Help Center. The news comes less than three days after Microsoft announced Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone would arrive in just a few weeks.
Facebook Messenger for Windows was released in March 2012, following a limited beta test in November 2011.
Update: “I can confirm that we are notifying people who use Facebook Messenger for Windows that it will no longer be available as of March 3,” a Facebook spokesperson told TNW. September 29, 2015 by Craig Charles 1 Comment Rumours that parents should be on the lookout for ecstasy laced candy during the annual Halloween trick or treat custom are spreading across social media.
With the obligatory cautionary disclaimer aside, there is an assertion being made here, and an alarming one at that – is there really any risk of ecstasy laced treats being handed out to children on Halloween, based on what we know already? The poison-laced Halloween treat story is one that actually spans many decades, at least to the sixties, and over the years there have been no shortage of rumours that sadists and lunatics have started distributing dangerous materials disguised as innocent candy.
Such rumours have led people to point at specific cases that claim Halloween candy had really been tainted with dangerous substances or materials and subsequently handed out to random trick or treating kids.

Despite the isolated incidents outlined in the Snopes article, it is abundantly clear that this is a demonstration of the immense popularity of an urban legend greatly exaggerating the actual dangers faced when trick or treating. But those isolated cases of tainted Halloween candy mentioned in the link above may provide sufficient justification for many parents to check that Halloween candy first before allowing their children to consume it, and for that we can offer no rebuttal. Stay safe of course, but spreading misleading rumours across the Internet is another matter entirely. While the majority of the commenters appeared turned off by the fashion itself, the other commenters debated about whether or not the image was exuding a hidden agenda to make black men effeminate. The spoken and unspoken agenda ever since we came this country to destroy any perceived threat to their power structure.
Without much of an explanation, the company plans to kill off Windows support for Facebook Messenger on March 3.
The company is of course attempting to merge the Windows and Windows Phone stores, but that’s still a long way off.
Over the years, he has covered the tech industry for multiple publications, including Ars Technica, Neowin, TechSpot, ZDNet, and CNET.
Look for tampering of packaging, anything inedible, or remove anything that – for whatever reason – you deem suspicious.
These rumours include razor blades hidden in taffy apples, needles handed out as Halloween candy and a variety of different poisons being injected into otherwise edible sweeties. Based on police reports or media reports (that are based on reality) there are no cases of ecstasy being distributed randomly as Halloween candy, anywhere, and rumours that suggest otherwise are simply the latest incarnation of a legend that pre-dates even the Internet itself by decades. If you’re not already familiar with our website, we're the guys who deal with the Internet nonsense we're guessing you’re already familiar with. Want your article posted on our Facebook page of 51K followers and sent to our mailing list? These third parties - specifically Google AdSense, employ cookies to create a more targeted and personal experience.

I firmly believe that the campaign to place black men in dresses is to remove the role model possibility from famous black men. The ecstasy variant we list above is the latest in this exhaustive string of cautionary trick or treating tales. Alternatively for more information on a particular author you can click the authors name at the bottom of each article.
And let’s not forget how outraged some people were when women first started wearing pants.
If you survey the arenas in which Black Men dominate,sports, entertainment, etc their character is assassinated. If you want to keep on top of it all as well, please consider following our Facebook page so you’re always kept up to date.
Why are they putting us in these dresses?”  When the crew realized Dave would not put on the dress, they created a different scene.
Film makers, dumb down or ask the men to compromise their gender, or the athletes are painted as barbaric Neanderthals.
Paul Robeson was vilified and eventually stripped of his passport because he refused to be a sell out to his people and wanted to stand up as a man.
Dave was shocked by the rapid turnaround in which the writers, producers, and director were able to come up with a completely different scene after he refused to wear the dress.

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