I know you're probably all "tabled-out" with my table talk last week, but I just wanted to give you all some ideas for creating your own dining table. Using all white is a turn off to most renters, especially if you have white cabinets, floors, or countertops.
Daring: (As picture above) Grab a can or two of Benjamin Moore's Purple Rain for a purple wall that will stop hearts. Daring: We look to Mark's Delightful (and Delicious!) West Village Home for another bold color, this time Behr's Thyme Green. You can see a daring orange wall paint color option and a more subdued one in the same house: Jenna's Colorful Colonial Reno. A more subdued yet still daring option: The Pineapple Housewife's Happy Home features a still-daring teal that just isn't quite as startling with Valspar Grand Hotel Mackinac Blue. A more subdued yet still daring option: Benjamin Moore’s Autumn Cover is still sassy, but not quite as crimson, in Amy Campbell's Travel-Inspired Townhouse.

The best tenants can rent anywhere, so in order to attract the best tenants, you have to have a great product. While everyone has their own taste, it is wise to go with a neutral color that will appeal to a wide range of potential tenants. While everyone may not like this color for their home, chances are you will appeal to more prospects, than you will with white. Have a paint project planned this weekend and want to find a color that will really get you out of your comfort zone? Porter Paints Rustic Pottery for the bold; Porter Paints Carrot Cake for the slightly more shy. We can't find that exact hue on Glidden's website, but their Cool Cobalt looks like a good substitute.
Mentioned in two daring color options above is Mark Wynsma's home, and he once sat down with an AT contributor to share his color-picking-with-confidence advice in How To Confidently Choose Paint Colors: Mark's Foolproof Methods.

In the past 10 years she's called home: a van, a former downtown store in small town Texas and a studio apartment rumored to have once been owned by Willie Nelson. Painting your walls, architectural elements and furniture bold colors is one of the best ways to add interest and personality in a space, make your home stand out, and make your home look good. Your property manager will probably have a standard color they use, so find out what it is and make sure it makes sense for your rental property. We've got some gutsy hues from real-life homes to take the fear out of worrying they won't work (you can see they do!). We've also included some slightly more subdued color alternatives if you're looking for something daring but not too daring.

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