In a recent project where I assisted a recycling company in developing their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, I noticed how Angela – the Admin Manager, was constantly clashing with the other staff.
The first question that should be examined is whether the person’s performance deficiencies stem from a lack of ability or a lack of motivation. In terms of these four questions, low ability is generally associated with very difficult tasks, overall low individual ability, evidence of strong effort, and lack of improvement over time.
There are five principal tools available for overcoming poor performance problems due to lack of ability: resupply, retrain, refit, reassign, and release. In many cases, resupplying and retraining may be insufficient remedies for poor performance. In coaching for performance and career development, managers develop employees by strengthening and growing employees’ skills, knowledge, and abilities.
The role of trainer or mentor to members of a work unit places you in a critical position to reduce uncertainty for your subordinates and substantially enhance their performance. You may be interested in attending Maurice Kerrigan Africa’s Coaching for Performance Level 2 course (aimed a mid and senior level managers) from 21 to 23 August, 2013. Maurice Kerrigan Africa specialises in delivering integrated learning solutions that help organisations, teams and individuals achieve Strategic Alignment, develop Leadership and Management capacity and improve individual Communication Competency. Collaboration and cooperation are both important for success to be realised, but do we understand the difference between the two? Often we discover the level and reasons for an employee’s dissatisfaction only once they have already handed in their resignation.
Providing an objective external sounding-board for executives and managers to clarify and articulate their thinking. Coaching is often about minimizing the impact of negative factors that inhibit employees from reaching their full potential. Coaching can also be about defining and leveraging a manager’s strengths for the benefit of the organization.
Of course in many situations the needs of a coachee will cut across these categories and this will be reflected in the individual’s Development Plan.
You likely outperformed others in all your previous roles and actively seek out new opportunities and are focused on the additional possibilities in your future. You know that your behaviours effect the people around you and use them to positively influence and lead others.
Recognising opportunities is second nature to you and the creativity and desire are synthesised through your neurology in every muscle, nerve and fibre to drive you forward. People just like you turn to a High Performance Coach to discover new resources and choices required to take them to the next level.
High Performance Coaching works specifically with the agenda of the client and is non-directive.

High Performance Coaching is for people who want to improve overall performance and create greater results. Find out more about The Steve Swift Company and High Performance Coaching by subscribing to our High Performance Coaching mailing list. The client is responsible for determining the session’s content, but the coach drives the process, skillfully steering it in the direction of results that achieve premium performance as defined by the client. Profound Listening and Powerful Questioning are coach-originated essentials for understanding Desire and achieving Clarity. Regarding an explanation of “the unique features of your model” requested by ICA, I don’t think any unique features exist. The difference between your wants and what you perceive you’re getting is the motivation for all behavior. Your behaviors are the attempt to close the gap between your wants and the results you perceive you are currently getting. Although I have presented this in a liner fashion, each client’s situation and level of awareness will dictate how actual coaching proceeds. Coaching is about bringing out the best in you by releasing stuck states and transforming your inner game.
Coaching is a fierce conversation that will enable the client to be empowered to make a specific behavior and outcome real. Peak Performance and Executive Coaching is a process of exploring, discovering and facilitating change through questioning to awaken, challenge, create an inner game plan, provoke, probe and actualize plans….
I highly recommend Emmanuel Segui as a Trainer because I witnessed the great potential he has and how skillful he is in training.
We offer training in Emotional Intelligence, Coaching and Leadership through the models of NLP and Neuro-Semantics. She believed her work was impeccable, no one should question her capabilities and that the company would be much poorer off without her. Ability may have been assessed improperly during the screening process prior to employment, the technical requirements of a job may have been radically upgraded, or a person who performed very well in one position may be promoted into a high-level position that is too demanding.
Once a manager has ascertained that lack of ability is the primary cause of someone’s poor performance, a performance review interview should be scheduled to explore these options, beginning with the resupplying and retraining.
When this happens, the next step should be to explore refitting poor performers to their task assignments. It is not based on any formal research I have undertaken, but on personal observation that I applied when recruiting staff. Many organisations have a lot of cooperating going on, which is mistakenly labelled as ‘collaboration’.
Maybe you didn’t even know there was a problem, but too late now and a bit of a problem if the employee happens to have key knowledge of the organisation’s customers and products.

High Performance Coaching is excellent for clients that desire the space to work through their own problems towards expanding possibilities and thinking. It is well suited for the business environment because leaders and managers tend to function as coaches themselves.
Subscribers will learn more about High Performance Coaching and receive the latest information and developments from the cutting edge fields of Business Growth, Personal Development, Neuro-Linguistics, Time Line Therapy®, and Hypnosis straight to you inbox. Although the steps appear to be linear and discrete, they frequently overlap and are sometimes cyclical. The uniqueness of the model is taking common coaching concepts and creating an original representation, using my own words and graphics. I found him to be both passionate and committed in his pursuit of excellence as a presenter and trainer.
Something remarkable in Emmanuel, is his great ability to engage his audience, his loving way of creating close relationships with each of its participants and how clearly he presents the issues and demonstrate patterns. If a revised job description is inadequate or unworkable, then you may have to reassign the person to a position of less responsibility. This is all done in the context of maximizing the resources being paid for to get high productivity in return. High Performance Coaching is based upon the belief that extraordinary results can and will happen within a session.
High Performance Coaching helps leaders and managers avoid getting stuck in the ‘do it the way I did it’ mode and to expand their thinking to create greater behaviour flexibility. Persevering Commitment and Premium Performance are clearly client responsibilities supported by acknowledgement and accountability from the coach.
I saw someone who made several mistakes in her work that impacted negatively on the entire department. This form of coaching is for people who realise that there is always more that can be achieved and are prepared to do what ever it takes to get there. If retraining and creative redefinition of task assignments have not worked and if there are no opportunities for reassignment in the company, the manager should consider releasing the employee from the company.
Obviously, termination is a drastic action that should not be taken lightly, but there are times where this is the only option left. Words like 'Top Performer', 'Top Producer', and 'Superstar' are the labels others use to describe you.

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