There will be a website maintenance on 18 Nov 2015 from 12pm - 3pm, during which JobsCentral Learning will be inaccessible. 2) Do motivational talks catering to an audience of 100s to 1000s address your specific issues and challenges?
3) Do motivational talks just leave your wallet empty and an emotional high that dissipates after a few days? Drawing from his achievements and experience in the public and private sector and established Life Coaching strategies and methods, Douglas will help you to overcome your self-limiting mindset and strive for the life and success you want through Coaching. There are enough inspirational stories of real life people from different background for you to draw encouragement and strength from. Douglas receiving the CAPAM Award in 2010 after a successful competition representing the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Singapore. 5) Empower Coaching will serve as your support, sounding board, clarifier, illusion buster and hold you ultimately accountable for your success. Douglas graduated from the School of Real Estate, National University of Singapore with Honours and was previously placed on the Dean’s List. He started work in the Finance Industry, where he worked in various financial disciplines including SME banking, IPO, mergers and acquisition, valuation and financial modeling.
After a fulfilling stint in the finance industry where he achieved his financial goals, he decided to help local businesses in a more impactful way by leading a team of dedicated public officers in the Ministry of Trade and Industry to champion better business rules and regulations in Singapore through the Pro-Enterprise Panel platform.
In 2010, he represented the Ministry of Trade and Industry in a Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM) competition and won for Singapore an Award for Innovation in Public Management and Accountability.

After 3 years as a public officer, angered by investment scams that hurt his friends and fellow Singaporeans, he decided to empower the public with real investment knowledge they can apply with confidence. Register for JobsCentral Learning workshop courses and stand to win $150 in cash every month. Anyway, this collection of cartoons honoring Steve Jobs was sent to me by Karen Bonanno, a School Library Management System Specialist. Get regular personal mastery tools and tips delivered straight to your inbox or feed reader. Steeds verbonden met je kracht, kwaliteiten en vol zelfvertrouwen in prive of werksituatie ook moeilijke beslissingen nemen, kan een hele uitdaging zijn als het, om willekeurig welke reden, even niet lekker loopt. Ervaringen, positief of negatief, beinvloeden je gedachten en dus ook hoe je in het 'hier & nu' tegen gebeurtenissen aankijkt en beslissingen neemt.
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Veteran celebrity personal assistant Brian Daniel is currently developing a TV show for career advice to candidates, both inside and out of the entertainment industry.
As there is no one size fit all solution, getting your base personality right is crucial to guiding you. This was despite other countries sending bigger teams while Douglas went alone with a suitcase and a backpack. To continue his passion for cutting bureaucratic red tapes, he trains public officers as an associate trainer with the Civil Service College.

I wouldn’t advise you mirror his abrasive, self-centered and egotistical personality traits, but then he’s got a lot of great characteristics and superb talents for you to choose from! Wij confronteren en dagen je op een liefdevolle inspirerende wijze uit om jezelf en alle mogelijkheden open en eerlijk te onderzoeken. Tussentijdse evaluatie en reflectie maken gezamenlijk met een eindevaluatie onderdeel uit van het traject. By popular demand, we are now offering professional resume writing and career coaching by Skype (MOREĀ»). If it’s not possible due to your schedule, web-cam or phone sessions can be arranged. He credits the Ministry of Trade and Industry for having confidence in him to deliver results for Singapore, even with limited resources. I WAS considering buying her books out of tangential interest, but not after reading the eulogy. Closer to home, we have inspiring people like Olivia Lum and the late Teresa Hsu Chih who are successful in their own rights.

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