I designed this program for teams that plan to make big changes in order to become better at what they do.
I am a Life Styles Inventory™ and Group Styles Inventory™ Certified Consultant with Human Synergistics. I coach teams that need to produce cutting-edge results and need an external facilitator to help them overcome current challenges. I will start by pointing out that Alex has always been a great example for me of how to pursuit my dreams, challenge perspectives and how to always stay on top of things.
For your high potential managers, helping them understand their role in driving toward the corporate vision is key to engagement and achieving results. With a background in the social sciences and psychotherapy Joanne has proven skills and expertise in psychology and sociology which enable her to have insights and understanding into human motivation and behaviour and organisational systems.
Her passion for leadership development work, coupled with her experience and qualifications in social work, social policy and somatic psychotherapy, enable her to offer high-level skills that generate optimum performance.
Iyengar yoga, community work, theatre, travelling with her husband, spending leisure time with family and friends.
Regal and Associates provides two complementary components to our personal image and style consulting: wardrobe consulting and physical appearance consulting.
A t Regal and Associates, our clients get to customize the services they need most using one of our 2 Image Consulting Packages: Starter Package (choose 4 services, allot 3 hours) or Premium Package (includes all 8 services over 2 day period).
Regal and Associates * Coaching, Consulting & Training for Women * Copyright © 2014 * 2925 E.
Since 2005, Red Sky has been assisting companies gain the most from their people by providing unique and memorable professional development experiences.
Combining 360° diagnostic tools, group workshops and one-on-one coaching, we assist new, high potential and experienced leaders to create environments in which their teams are motivated to perform at their best. A wide range of facilitation services including Strategy sessions, Pitch consulting, Teambuilding activities, MCa€™ing events and Keynote speeches.
Bespoke leadership development programs which combine group workshops, 360A° diagnostic tools and 1-on-1 coaching. One of the most critical skills required by leaders is emotional intelligence: the ability to identify what you stand for, control your emotions and understand others in order to manage relationships effectively.
Leaders must be able to create highly persuasive arguments and influence a broad range of people. A recent IBM CEO Global Study identified a€?creativitya€? as the most important leadership attribute in an increasingly complex global environment. Our main focus is on building the capability of individuals who are either transitioning from operational roles to people management roles or from managing small to larger teams.
Meet with program sponsors to understand development objectives in the context of their overall commercial strategy.
Design a draft program which comprises a range of modules targeting the development objectives and commercial strategy.
Please click the links below to view examples of Management Toolboxes that we have completed for two of our clients. Our tailored leadership programs are often combined with one or more of our diagnostic tools which we are accredited to implement and debrief. It is the only tool endorsed by Daniel Goleman (the author of the well-known book, Emotional Intelligence) and the only one in which he had direct input into the design. A 360 degree survey that provides leaders with a profile of their leadership styles in six dimensions. A 360 degree survey that generates a description of how others perceive your behaviour across 4 styles a€“ Driver, Expressive, Amiable and Analytical. A psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. This program takes some of the fear out of presenting and replaces it with confidence and professionalism. A sophisticated program designed for skilled presenters who are looking to go to the next level in creating and delivering truly memorable business presentations.
In this program we focus on improving onea€™s ability to connect with and deeply understand the true motivators of their stakeholders.
The program improves the capability of participants to connect with, and to deeply understand, the true decision-making criteria of clients. Combining planning and face-to-face skills, the program is designed to maximise wina€“win outcomes in complex negotiations. Facilitating group sessions and team meetings is critical in the day-to-day management of business.
Beyond purely technical skills, the most important factor separating high performing people from average performers is their ability in the area of emotional intelligence. Many people dona€™t like them, but we occasionally must have them; so how can we make them just that little bit easier and more effective?
In todaya€™s business environment, workloads and expectations have never been higher and can lead to stress and a sense of helplessness. The a€?Networking Eventa€? has become a staple of professional life, but what do you do once you're there? Now more than ever ita€™s vital that all communication from an organisation to its stakeholders be precise and of the highest quality. A wide range of facilitation services including Strategy sessions, Pitch consulting, Teambuilding, MCa€™ing events and Keynote speeches.
From Expression of Interest to your team presentation we will apply Red Skya€™s proven methodology to assist you in winning high stakes tenders and pitches.
Red Sky consultants are much sought-after keynote speakers for business events and industry functions. A Red Sky MC will captivate and entertain your guests, making your event one they will never forget.
Ernie has a unique ability to engage individuals and teams and get to the core of their leadership challenges. Drawing on his experience with a wide range of global clients and a background from the diverse worlds of law, politics and acting, Ernie is able to offer clients insights that stimulate thought and produce creative solutions. Returning to Australia, Ernie worked for 9 years as a lawyer with firms in Melbourne and Sydney, specializing in international business transactions.
Before entering the world of communications and leadership development in 2001, Ernie worked as a professional actor appearing in many stage productions and several feature and short films.
Ernie is also a much sought after public speaker at conferences and special events where he uses his natural humour and energy to challenge and entertain his audiences.
With a strong background in business and communication, Stewart works with companies and individuals to improve performance and effectiveness in the areas of emotional intelligence, communication skills and influence. Stewart hails from the UK where he grew up in Shakespearea€™s home town of Stratford-upon-Avon. Since joining Red Sky in 2007, Stewart has been involved in all aspects of the business including delivering programs, creating innovative content and developing business. Geoff has been delivering high level executive coaching and business communication skills based programs internationally for over 20 years.
He has trained senior executives around the world as well as high profile individuals and teams including the Wallabies and the Australian Cricket team. He has held senior roles in sales, marketing and general management at organisations including 2MMM (Sydneya€™s leading commercial radio station), Mattingly Advertising and Rogen International and has consulted extensively to corporations both in Australia and internationally. She is passionate about fostering good leadership, particularly in industries experiencing significant change. In assisting clients, Margie applies her experience across the corporate, public and voluntary sectors as well as a wide range of industries, including IT, Banking & Finance, Utilities, Manufacturing, Health, Pharmaceutical, Engineering and Professional Services. As a coach and facilitator, she is solution-focused, challenging, enthusiastic and motivated to deliver the best results that link to the bottom line.
Having worked initially as an accountant and in business, Jamie realised that his true passion was working with people to improve their personal effectiveness.
At Red Sky Jamie works with senior executives, middle management and employees, both in group training and one-on-one coaching and mentoring. Jamiea€™s mindfulness-based stop-smoking book, Quit for Life: How to stop smoking - Simply, Without Stress, Forever, was published by Penguin Books in 2012. As an author, Jamie has been seen on television and in print media, and heard on radio, as an interviewee and in the role of guest expert.
Annette has spent most of her professional life improving other peoplea€™s written communication, whether editing legal and business documents or training lawyers and other professionals to write better. Since returning to Australia in 2005, Annette has run her own consultancy, building training programs in written communication for a range of legal and non-legal clients.
True develops and delivers talent and leadership development programs around the world, with a particular focus on greater China. Feedback from participants in Truea€™s programs centre on the applicability of the training to their work, and the level of engagement they felt during the training program.
True is well known for his energy and humour, as well as his ability to ask questions of and understand participants and cutting to the core of their problems quickly.
Based on his personal encounter with cancer in 2001, Vijay (along with his wife, Nilima) have pioneered the field of a€?Cancer Coachinga€™ in India.
Vijay is regularly featured in the Indian media a€“ print, broadcast and online a€“ and invited to be a keynote speaker. He is the author of the book, Behavior Changea€¦A View From the Inside Out, published by Morgan James Publishing. Before joining Jacobs University in 2003, he studied Psychology at Berlin University of Technology (1989–1995) and received his PhD from TU Berlin in 1998. It is Frauke Schmid-Peter’s passion to support people in their learning and personal development. Frauke Schmid-Peter has lived in Ecuador, Israel, and the Netherlands and worked in various countries. She went on the Honor Roll for the first time ever and her grades improved from C's to A's.
Does your child or student seem to know the material for a test, then forgets it during a test? Read this page to find out what best-selling author and America's Most Trusted Learning Expert, Pat Wyman, has discovered about why learning is not about being smart, how to use learning styles and a unique, proven study skills system to help you raise your child's grades just in time for the very next report card. Like every parent and teacher, you want your child to get higher grades, to have an excellent study skills system, a better memory, more confidence, and know how to learn things faster. You also want a more peaceful home life. But you've tried so many tips, read so many magazines, talked with so many teachers and other parents, that you don't know who or what to believe anymore. If you or your child ever played any sports like baseball, then you know that success depends strategies not random wishing. But what would happen if you required that your child to play baseball without knowing any of the strategies? Unfortunately, most kids have no idea "how to learn" only because they have no learning strategies.
Kids who struggle learning just automatically think that the other kids are smarter than they are. Some kids have a natural learning modality that happens to match what is going on during learning and testing. The kids who get A's just say things like they study or have a good memory - they don't realize that they are using very specific strategies that work really well in a place we call school. If you keep reading, you'll discover, step by step, how to use a powerful new learning styles study skills system discovery to get exactly what you want.

Thousands of parents just like you have used this study skills system discovery in the Instant Learning® For Amazing Grades E-Book and watched their child grin from ear to ear by their very next report card. I'm a college professor for teachers, best-selling author of several books, learning and reading specialist, who has who has already helped over one million students use this learning styles study skills system get the A's and B's they deserve. I am also an expert in neuroscience, lecture and how the brain learns, and my "insider" information has been featured on radio, T.V. I am also a parent with two children; a daughter who is a Doctor and a son who works for Family Services and getting his Master's Degree and Teaching Credential. I've been working with parents, teachers and children for nearly 30 years and created this unique study skills system to help them all get better grades. Russell and Elizabeth were told that Whitney was bright, but not living up to her potential. Everyday, they struggled with homework hassles, tears, angry words, and even a few slammed doors! Right before her tests, Whitney seemed to know the information, but then somehow forgot it and got low test scores.
I know, because these are the same study skills system strategies in the Instant Learning for Amazing Grades study skills system I have been teaching to parents and teachers at a major University in California for well over 25 years! The problem is that children who suffer from learning challenges have been mis-lead with the 4 biggest myths by well-meaning teachers, other parents and even some learning authorities. The first is that you must teach TO your child's preferred learning style, because schools who teach TO every child's learning style produce better results.
The second is that kids with low grades are lazy and unmotivated and simply do not take tests well. The third is kids who cannot sit still and pay attention most likely have attention deficit disorders of some kind.
The fourth is that some kids who struggle in school simply don't like to read, or spell, or do math, etc.
But sometimes, they just don't know how to "win the school game" and use a terrific study skills system because no one has taken the time to show them "HOW TO LEARN". Wouldn't you agree that it's crazy to think you'll get different results if you keep doing the same thing over and over again? You see, I've spent a lifetime helping kids succeed and finally completed a comprehensive digital-book called Instant Learning® for Amazing Grades.
If your child's personal learning style is different than the one used by every school to test your child's progress, then your child's grades may suffer.
Next, any teacher will tell you that it's the high "visual" learners who perform the best, because their preferred learning style traits happen to match exactly the way schools are set up.
The quick answer is because their learning style matches the school's written testing style. Kids who are visual learners are neat, organized, think in pictures and have the kind of "timeline" in their mind that allows them to see the consequences of their actions out into the future. Visual learners also naturally think in pictures and this is exactly what gives them the edge on written tests. They have converted everything they read and heard into images in their mind - - then, when test time comes, their brains very efficiently and quickly, convert those images to the words they need to answer questions on the test. Visual learners can do this all so quickly that it's hard for other kinds of learners to understand how they do it. If your child is not a natural visual learner, this mis-match between how they learn and how they are tested may result in a lifetime of problems in school.
Children who learn in other styles are usually gifted athletes and musicians, and you want to make sure you value and respect their preferred learning styles. Some kids learn best by listening, some by physical, tactile methods– but when it comes to high stakes tests like the No Child Left Behind exams, new Common Core Standards, SAT's and ACT's, how many are given out loud, or let kids build models to show what they know? What's really going on is that kids whose learning styles are more auditory and kinesthetic don't happen to match they way they are being tested (In the visual, written style). This is the reason that Instant Learning® for Amazing Grades E-Book and study skills system is so important and so different. It's the first study skills system resource of its kind to respect your child's learning style, and empower your child by showing him or her "HOW" to add the visual learning style strategies they need to succeed in school. Remember, schools cater to highly visual students and it's in your child's best interest to learn how to play the Visual learning style game. You're giving them the extra tools and a simple to use study skills system they need to succeed in the visual world called "school". Remember, you can't just "tell" a child how to add visual learning style strategies, you have show him or her exactly how it's done.
That's why Instant Learning® for Amazing Grades E-book and colored overlays in the Learning Styles study skills system is your child's personal coach, and precisely why they get results so fast. Let's do a quick comparison - last time I checked, some educational products sold on TV would set you back $150.00 dollars. The other option is for you to buy up all kinds of expensive books and tapes on learning that will most likely only sit on your shelf gathering dust. This easy to use, comprehensive E-book and study skills system inside Instant Learning® for Amazing Grades, is available to you as a downloadable book directly from the Internet. I like to buy manuals and e-books, and print them out in draft ink, three hole punch them, and put them in a three ring binder. Now, because you will be downloading everything online in adobe acrobat pdf fomat- we are not going to charge you anywhere near the amount you'd pay for a single tutoring session, or even what just one overpriced set of tapes goes for. 90 Minute Interview with Pat Wyman, America's Most Trusted Learning Expert, answering the top 21 questions that parents and teachers have about how to help their child get higher grades.
This 60-page e-book companion guide for parents and teachers includes Success Principles and exercises that will help students increase their self-esteem, learn to get along with fellow students and siblings, increase enthusiasm for learning, and create more success in their life.
This amazing three-week e-course will show you how you can literally reach your goals automatically! If you have ever belonged to a group that shared your principles, you may have noticed the feeling of teamwork, the spirit of the organization, and the way all members pull together to achieve a common goal.
Together these FREE bonuses are worth more than thirteen times your investment in the Instant Learning® for Amazing Grades E- Book.
Can I help your child get A's and B's, and help you get a more peaceful homelife with this study skills system? If your child isn't getting higher grades by honestly following the 14 day study skills system plan inside, and you aren't feeling happier with your child's progress after downloading the E-book and using the colored overlays, simply contact us and we'll cheerfully refund your purchase and you still get to keep all the bonus resource items. There is absolutely no way that you can lose - except by not taking me up on this risk-free examination of Instant Learning® for Amazing Grades E-book and colored overlays.
Here's How To Order the Learning Styles Study Skills System and Colored Overlays Right Now! What I'm offering you is the easiest, most risk-free way to try the book and the colored overlays so you can see for yourself how these scientifically developed strategies and study skills secrets can help your child increase their grades, improve your home life, and help you achieve the success for your child you have always wanted in one easy-to-use study skills system. Usually, team-members are informed about the change that is imminent and irreversible and don’t feel they are part of the change project. The Circumplex is an evidence-based product of extensive research into the behavioral effects of thinking patterns and self-concept. Alex has a very powerful personality, which gives the chance to create…Nicoleta ParvanaAlexandru is a top trainer, extremely focused on his own development. Time spent helping your senior executives become more effective and productive as leaders is time well invested. The individuala€™s manager has a critical role to play in the leadership development process and we can help you prepare them as well. With 20 years’ experience as a consultant executive leadership coach and facilitator, Joanne has worked across a number of industries, including legal, manufacturing, financial, property, retail, health and pharmaceutical sectors. Corporate professionals, businesswomen, media personalities, single, tall, short, petite, full-figured women and even stay-at-home moms hire image and style consultants to customize and enhance their personal style.
Services with an *asterisk require more time and personalization and are reserved for the Premium, 2-day package. They assess a situation and the person or people involved and adapt their style accordingly.
The subtle skill of influencing requires a deft approach in order to understand and persuade stakeholders.
To truly inspire their teams and audiences, they also need to be able to appeal to them at the emotional level. This program provides participants with the skills and tools to develop a case for change and to assist in driving change through the organisation.
As the trend towards blended learning for staff accelerates, leaders are required to take a greater role in the informal side of learning, most commonly in the form of on-the-job coaching and mentoring.
In this program we unlock the secrets of becoming a leader who can, on their own and by inspiring others, create an environment where innovation thrives. In this program we explore the more nuanced approach required to motivate and get the most out of your Generation Y workforce. It uses a 360 degree feedback process to assess onea€™s emotional intelligence (EI) compared to a target group of successful managers and leaders.
It is designed for team members who have to present more frequently and also for those who wish to develop and fine tune existing skills. It is focused on developing the presentera€™s ability to inspire the audience using an appropriate balance of rational and emotional motivators and delivery techniques. In doing so, they will build stronger relationships and become more effective at achieving their objectives. In doing so closure rates will improve as will the long-term viability of key relationships. Participants learn how to effectively analyse the negotiation situation and then determine the most effective approach using appropriate strategies, tactics and skills to improve the deal and close it.
We provide participants with the essential techniques and tools that will enable them to more effectively manage these sessions, while ensuring that the team, not the facilitator, owns the outcome. While the words often conjure up notions of warm and fuzzy feelings, research consistently identifies a€?Emotional Intelligencea€? as the most important factor in driving success and building and managing relationships. This program addresses some of the most common time management issues and provides simple, practical tools that are immediately useable by anyone. In this session a€“ pitched to the Gen Y contingent a€“ we look at what separates them from previous generational groups and uncover ways to leverage these differences to everyonea€™s benefit. Not much point hanging with your colleagues, you need to meet new people a€“ expand your network. As such, he is able to offer clients not only a valuable learning experience, but a memorable one as well. He then moved into marketing where he developed strategy and collateral to support the sales team.
When hea€™s not delivering programs in his energetic style, hea€™s usually in some corner of the world doing something that few people would ever consider.
Beyond this, Geoff has been involved in devising and creating cutting edge new coaching programs including Presentation Mastery and a new Corporate Story Telling program for senior executives. She has a background in both Business Management and Professional Development, gained with national and international organisations, including a 5-year period in Europe. She is able to draw on her extensive experience as a facilitator to ensure the material is highly practical and engages the participants.
Exploring his keen interest in eastern philosophy, mindfulness and meditation, he began to develop an understanding of why people think and behave the way they do.
He specialises in developing leadership capability of those transitioning from operational to people management roles.

His second book, an exploration of emotionally intelligent communication and the impact it has on interpersonal relationships, is scheduled for publication in 2015. Keen to travel, she then moved to London, where she worked in legal publishing for several years. Annettea€™s strong personal reputation is built on her ability to work with clients with diverse skill levels, her flexibility in meeting her clientsa€™ needs, and a wealth of knowledge and experience. He is a partner with Red Sky and a principal with True Development, a training, coaching, and consulting company based in Taipei, Taiwan, which also serves as Red Skya€™s Asia Pacific office. His training and coaching work covers a broad range of subjects, with a particular focus on leadership, innovation, sales, and influencing skills programs. The core of his approach is that deep self-awareness is the necessary first step for lasting behavioural change.
He has lived in Mumbai, Bangalore, Singapore, London, and Hong Kong, working with major corporations and leading brands around the world. They conduct group retreats and provide psycho-spiritual support for people recovering from the disease. He began his career in the training and development field in 1976, when he was trained as a coach by Timothy Gallwey, acclaimed author of The Inner Game of Tennis, helping him to develop a staff of trainers. He has developed a specialty in Behavioural Executive Coaching, Team Building, Executive Presentation Skills, and Leadership Communication Skills, using a model of open and honest communication. Kuhnen is Professor of Psychology at Jacobs University Bremen and Coordinator of the BA program “Intercultural Relations and Behavior”. After a postdoc stay at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA (1999–2000), he continued his career as a research associate at the University of Mannheim where he received his Habilition in 2003. Since 2007 he is Principal Investigator and member of the academic council of the Bremen International Graduate School for the Social Sciences (BIGSSS). She holds a degree in Culture Studies of Leuphana University, Germany and a BA from Angelo State University in Texas. She is responsible for Intercultural Training & Project Management at InterCultur and works as a coach, trainer, and consultant. He holds a degree in Business Psychology and now focusses on organisational change, training and personal diagnostics. Sports heroes are not really any smarter than other players, but they do have far superior strategies than the others.
My name is Pat Wyman and I want to share this learning styles study skills system  discovery with you personally.
After using the proven study skills system in Instant Learning® for Amazing Grades E-book Whitney's grade point average zoomed up to a 3.6!
I speak with thousands of parents every year, and hear exactly the same things about their kids. If I keep touching a hot stove and kept getting burned - I'd be silly to think the next time I touch that hot stove I wouldn't get burned. It gives you a step-by-step study skills system formula for higher grades as soon as you want to begin. It's different than anything else on higher grades you've ever seen. Not from lack of trying, but simply because you and your child have never been shown "how" to bridge that gap between how your child learns and how he or she is tested. High "visual" learners who perform the best, because their preferred learning style traits happen to match exactly the way schools are set up. And it's harder yet for parents of kids who are not visual learners to understand what it is that's causing their child to get lower grades.
It's not because there is anything wrong with them, it's just that no one's analyzed exactly how schools are set up, or shown them how to add the visual learning style traits they need to succeed in school. So, they struggle needlessly, and everyone begins to wonder why they are not trying hard enough.
Or, you can always read the book online, in pdf format, enlarge the font or download it to a CD.
If you've tried everything imaginable to figure out why your child isn't reading at grade level, doesn't like to read, or seems to struggle in any way while reading, here is the one item that will finally tell you why your child struggles in reading and what to do about it.
Includes tips on motivation, eliminating test-taking anxiety, reading improvement, how to raise spelling grades, and much more. The 8 Keys of Excellence studied successful people and identified and presented the traits they share. These connections build better home-school relations and promote higher student achievement. Instant Learning® for Amazing Grades E-book and colored overlays comes with a 100% no-questions asked, risk-free money-back guarantee for 60 days. If you are ordering internationally, we're sorry, there are no returns on digital products. You'll be taken to a special page with the the links to downloaded the book and the bonuses. The purpose of this program is to help managers shape their desired outcome when planning change, and finding a way to get there with all resources and minimum costs.
It describes 12 thinking styles and groups them as being constructive, defensive or offensive. He innovates in his delivery methods and constantly takes into account the needs and expectations of his participants. Due to our extensive personal corporate experience, TLC Leadership Options consultants understand the issues and challenges of todaya€™s senior executives.
She applies a number of modalities including, transformational learning, positive psychology, integral theory, emotional intelligence, systems theory and process work to support individuals and organisations to achieve outstanding business outcomes. Please choose which of these awesome personalized services best suit your need and let’s get started on your new YOU today! This tool is useful for increasing a personsa€™ self-awareness and improving their ability to quickly build rapport with others. With the results come increased awareness and understanding as to why we behave the way we do and a chance to make better informed decisions. The program combines persuasive competitive message creation and powerful face-to-face communication skills.
He recently returned from a 3 month stint of intensive Shaolin Kung Fu training with a 32nd generation master in Northern China. He combined this knowledge with post-graduate studies in counselling for performance and motivation. Always passionate about a well-written document and its importance in communication, Annette was hired by Allen & Overy in Brussels to improve the English communication of the lawyers there.
In May 2012, Annette joined the Victorian Bar, where she is building a practice in commercial, tax and administrative law. Their book, My Cancer Is Me: The Journey from Illness to Wholeness has recently been published by Hay House. By combining his knowledge in both the fields of business and psychology, he found that he could help others in the required skills of a€?people managementa€?, and leadership.
For instance, how does culture shape our sense of the self and what consequences do culturally influenced self-concepts have for thinking, feeling, and action?
In addition, Kuhnen has been Co-Chair of the thematic field “Attitude Formation, Value Change, and Intercultural Communication” within BIGSSS and is now Co-Chair of the thematic field “Changing Lives in Changing Socio-Cultural Contexts”. Her areas of expertise are: (Intercultural) facilitation and training, strength-based coaching, job crafting, and designing learning opportunities.
They are simply unaware about what strategies they specifically need to read and recall their reading assignments, how to remember something quickly, what kind of note they really need to take, or even how to outsmart their stress. When children have been sent to me for prescription drugs to remedy their Attention Deficit Disorders, I have told them about the study skills system strategies in this book instead. It's only when children constantly experience failure that they don't want to read or do their schoolwork).
This is like a baseball coach giving a player a written test to see if he or she can make the team. Your child needs a study skills system that shows them "how" to learn with specific strategies in each subject area. They can also sit still in their desk easily, pay attention for longer periods of time and turn in work that conforms to the neatness guidelines. This video is a unique presentation of those traits, that you can share with your children. Her creative newsletter, "Who Put The Ketchup In The Medicine Cabinet?" as well as the practical tips included in Letters To The Teacher will help every parent who has a child with ADHD. Training lawyers to write better in the first place, as well as editing their documents, was central to Annettea€™s role.
Truea€™s clients include Microsoft, TE Connectivity, SAP, JP Morgan, UBS, DBS, Oracle, GMAC, Zurich Financial, Schaeffler, and Bayer. He especially enjoys working with executives who have strong technical or financial backgrounds. In 2008 Kuhnen co-hosted (with Klaus Boehnke) the 19th Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology at Jacobs University Bremen. Frauke holds a degree in psychology with focus on counseling, facilitation and training with an additional degree in conflict resolution.
Three years later he went to Brussels as a volunteer to coordinate a European project on organisational development for youth organisations. Rather than needing drugs to alter their behavior, what they really needed was a way to succeed in school.
Rebecca's article on the 5 Homeschooling Secrets is one that will teach your child or student how to learn for a lifetime!
Bobbi DePorter is best selling author of Quantum Learning, Quantum Teaching, and the facilitator of SuperCamp, which has positively affected the lives of over 32,000 children.
There are three levels of commitment that go abroad when working with these instruments: awareness, acceptance and action. Do members of different cultures differ in their understanding of learning and if so: What are the consequences for classroom interaction in particular in multi-cultural learning environments? He was a member of the European Youth Forum pool of trainers, delivering several international training seminars across Europe, mainly for youth organisations.
Their faces were jubilant when they came back after a month or so with excellent grades because they had learned "how to learn" with this study skills system. You can't just tell a child, "learn this for the test", and then if they don't do well, blame them entirely. She completed a formal education as an “intercultural coach”, is a certified administrator for the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), the Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory, and the Cultural Detective.
Besides his professional life in his own company dcp Institute, he still prepares people for a stay abroad and works with different organisations in the field of diagnostics and learning.
This is a well-researched, easily implemented and compassionate approach to healing those children who need it most.Thank you, Pat. Barnhill is a highly sought after seminar presenter and maintains a large family medical practice in South Carolina.

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