Perhaps you’re feeling stuck in a job feeling dissatisfied and miserable and would like to move forward in your career. Either way a personal development plan is a way of steering yourself in the right direction to guarantee success. Then it’s time to create a personal development plan that aligns your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours so that you are successfully working towards what you truly want in life. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A comprehensive set of interactive worksheets for all the things you need to analyze, organize, list, and plan in your life.
Life Management Worksheets is a comprehensive set of interactive worksheets for all the things you need to analyze, organize, list, and plan in your life. They cover personal development, self analysis, goal planning, hobbies, relationships, career, habits, fitness, finances, plus lists, checklists, planners, and to-do lists.
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An idol of mine, a man called Jim Rohn, once said that, ‘For every promise, there’s a price’. The reason why Rohn wanted to become a millionaire was because he wanted to keep the promises he’d made to his family, to make them feel safe and stable. Our personal values are our core principles, the standards that we set ourselves and use to shape our lives. Exercise: Write I am… twenty times on a piece of paper and finish the sentences without thinking.
Someone who values simplicity might not aim for the same life as someone who values recognition. 1) Living by our values generally makes us a happier and more fulfilled person, because when we are aware of what’s truly important to us in life. 4) When planning or changing our route in life, it’s important to have discovered ourselves in this way because it enables us to make more quality decisions. By considering our values, we can learn how to make ourselves more valuable and to how we can leave the world having achieve the promises you made to yourself, whether that’s to help the elderly, move to America or to change the world. You might say to me, well, it was my parents who chose my career or, my partner was the one who chose the house, they decided. I learnt that, although my friend, unlike me, was a practised Christian, she valued her own interests in music and experience over honesty.
It’s alright being a millionaire, but how did you become one; as Rohn said ‘It’s not what you get, but what you become’.

At sixteen, we are launched head first into the world with a handful of values, building bricks for the future. Your current life is the way it is because you chose it to be, or even you did nothing to change it. It’ll be easier for me to move away, than a middle aged mother of two, because consistency is not a great value of mine. If something is important to our life, if it is important to us; we should never ignore them. To get an overall feel for this download the LIFE SATISFACTION WORKSHEET on this Personal Development Plan Worksheet page. Or maybe you’d like to be successful in creating your own business and need to develop more skills and knowledge before you are effective at launching your passion into the world.
I mean, every time I put personal development plan in action I am more successful at achieving my goals. In other words, the reason he became successful was because he gave something to be something…  The price of his time. Because it’s our individual values that motivate us towards achieving our successes in the first place. So he used them, what he valued in his life the most, to give him the drive to change his life. We may inherit values, and they may change, what’s important is the fact that any decision, when led by what we truly value in life, can only be the right path to take when moulding the future and deciding who and what we spend our time, money and energy on. That’s the reason why it’s possible for an “ordinary” person to feel more fulfilled than a millionaire by just being a good mother to her children.
We find it easier to be motivated towards achieving success and find it easier to value our achievements more, because they do mean more to us. For example, if your someone who, like me, values honesty; not telling the full truth, or being around someone who exaggerates makes you feel quite un-comfortable in your own skin. It helps us to understand who we are and what we should be spending our time, money and energy on. It might be time for you to pick you’re a-level subjects, time to climb up your work ladder, time to figure out what to save for or what you want the next character in your book to be like.
Sometimes, what’s really important to us, can be echoed through analysis of our car, friends, dreams, behaviour and jobs; but not defined by them.
All I have to say to that is that this still shows us that you value appeasement of others over appeasement of yourself. So sometimes it’s nice to dust the cobwebs off your wallet from time to time and give something back to the world. The event didn’t particularly reveal a lot about the both of us, only that we enjoy quiet time in the company of science-fiction novels, but the decision making that day sure did. It’s brought me troubles and tantrums living by the rule but it’s a moral that I have always, always, always had and was defined that day by money.

It’s easy to loose track of what’s important, to loose direction; putting too much energy into one thing and not enough into another. Values are the reason why someone might not pick up their bags and move to New York City tomorrow, the reason why we would or wouldn’t strip bare for a million pounds. Particularly not if we want to make the right choices in life and achieve the success we want. So, travel to the Personal Development Worksheets on this page and begin with some exercises to decide exactly what it is you want in life. The reasons behind why we want to write that book, or be a great parent, or even help save the Koala bears. These are the qualities that bring character and colour to who we are, how we live, what we dream about… an inner guide for us throughout the day and throughout our lifetime. For example; A promotion will mean more to someone who is work-orientated than someone who values family-life over all else.
I’m not saying that either of us were right or wrong, I’m just saying that it was that day I learnt just how much decisions reflect who we really are. It’s what we read, what we see, what we learn… Consider this question next time you get your pay check… Would I be remembered for buying this?
She often embarrassed herself but I tell you something, everyone remembered the time she rode around Asda in the trolley, even today. It takes maturity, guts and a whole lot of perseverance to live by what you believe in and accept the setbacks.
This page is here to make sure that you don’t make the same mistakes because whatever they are, our values are the backbone to our fulfilment, and awareness of this backbone will add strength and structure to our decisions and plans. Generate all the possible options and look at them as anticipated opportunities rather than apprehended decisions. You can drink caffeine, you can earn a raise but time… that’s something we will never get back. But we don’t always know what they sacrificed and how they prioritised when making the decisions.
I learnt that we should always make the most of our time, giving as much of it as we can to the people we love and the things we love. I can’t go yet for aboitic reasons, but when the time comes to truly decide I will have to consider my values once more.
Infact, we often hear of people who have achieved fame and fortune but have still been thrown off the rails.
When your time is gone, it’s gone, so surely it’s best to spend it on the most important things.

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