All small personal tracker wholesalers & small personal tracker manufacturers come from members. DoGo Fuel Monitoring and Tracking System is a customizable and cost-effective solutions for Generators and Vehicles (Buses, Trucks etc) that provides intelligent fuel monitoring, reporting and notification services by tracking the fuel consumption and filling in real time. Please click on the following to know more about DoGo Vehicle Tracking Solutions for various applications. DoGo Display Boards Solution facilitates the real-time changes in your product prices etc across all your retail outlets from a single location using our web-based control panel.
The GPS receiver then forwards location, speed and time stamp data to the devicea€™s processing unit and cellular modem. DoGo is our 'Intelligent Transit Management' service offering that provides intelligent transit solutions for all modes of public transportation. DoGo is a sophisticated, modular technology that fits right into every vehicle in your fleet.
DoGo Transit Management Services provide a smart option for safe, economic, and environmentally responsible solutions. Note: The product platform is free to use, but there will be customers over the phone SMS charges and mobile Internet costs (traffic charges is open GPRS generated). If you encounter a problem or not use, please do not worry, we will give you to solve the problem. Requires a SIM card inside the tracker host to open GPRS, to set GPRS user name and password.

We doesn't provide small personal tracker products or service, please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully. The changes will be reflected automatically across all the outlets where our Online Display Board application runs. The vehiclea€™s coordinates are then transmitted to the GPS Solutions Datacenter via a wireless data network. Once in place, it enables you to add any or all of the solutions below to make your fleet smarter, cleaner, and vastly more efficient.
Our transit management solutions and transit operations decision support systems are ready to be deployed in 6 of the 10 largest public bus systems in the country. SagaVisions, a leading System Integration and IT enabled Services Company, provides state-ofa€“the-art Technology Solutions for a wide array of key verticals.
Try CentriQS complete task management solution for planning, tracking and reporting tasks, projects, and schedules. VIP Productivity Line uses to do list method that ensures doing the right things in right time and order.
VIP Team To Do List is best for managing team tasks, publishing team to do lists on Web and sending task lists to team members by email.
Our solutions for Intelligent Transit Management can be deployed in public transit systems nationwide.
Solutions can be added all at once, as you need them, or in an iterative fashion, over any length of time to suit the specific needs of your system and budget.

SagaVisions provides a broad portfolio of business and technology solutions that help its customers improve their business performance. Increase productivity of your small business or office by better organizing your employees' tasks and time. These task management programs help organize, manage and track completion of everyday tasks drawing much of attention to the most important tasks which give 80% of successful results.
This task tracking software is for you if you feel that you can achieve more when you know exactly how much of a task you have already done and what is left. VIP Organizer is a personal task manager for effective managing of your tasks both at home and at work. In a nutshell, GPS satellites broadcast the information about their positions along with the exact time. Our core portfolio comprises RFId, Track & Trace, Information Technology transformation services, Embedded Technologies, System Integration and Applications. If you are looking for task management software with best quality-price relation you have already found it.
Knowing the coordinates of the satellite and using the travel time of a radio signal, the GPS receiver measures the distance to a satellite and, as result, calculates its position.

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