Yesterday, my girlfriend and I were lamenting the fact that we must have the only dentist in history who requests their patients come in 3x per year for cleaning.
But whenever I start grumbling about the high costs of dental work, I have to bite my tongue because I formerly worked as a personal trainer, a profession that serves as the embodiment of an overpriced service profession. Don’t get me wrong, I love personal training and think there is tremendous value in having experts teach people how to exercise properly.
When we consider the going rate for an hour of personal training is $60+, is there another other profession that allows practitioners to charge as much with its members having so little formal training? Quite simply, far too many people are paying way too much money for far too little expertise.
Now I don’t know about you, but if I was going to be spending ~$150 per week on a trainer, I would damn well expect some pretty concrete results. Therefore, to help you get an idea of whether you are just wasting your time and money, here’s a list of the top 10 reasons to fire your personal trainer. As a former personal trainer, I considered it theft if I allowed a client to spend an entire hour talking. I know that everyone loves having a friend to talk to, but if you really need to talk how about volunteering at a senior’s home for a couple of hours a week? Unless you consider it prudent to get investment advice from a homeless person, be wary of taking weight loss advice from a personal trainer who is 30 lbs overweight. I’ll be the first one to admit, a program that changes without rhyme or reason is not a good strategy for long-term progression. This is a tell tale sign your trainer doesn’t do any reading on their own, nor do they have any understanding of anatomy or biomechanics.
FYI – If you can get off a toilet, you can squat below 90° and your knee just went past your toes. As a trainer, having a training philosophy you believe in is important but training every client in exactly the same fashion just tells everyone you are lazy. Remember, you aren’t paying a trainer to be your friend, you are paying for some results and results take hard work.
And just so you know hard work is probably going to require lifting heavy things on occasion.
However, telling people to load up on supplements before they have a handle on a healthy diet is like telling someone to pick out curtains before they’ve built a house.
Plyometrics are a great way to build explosive power… for lean, already fit individuals. Question: why does your personal trainer need to carry their phones during your training session anyway?

So there you have, a very short list of some of the biggest reasons why you should fire you personal trainer.
Which makes me wonder, do any of you have any other solid reasons why someone should fire their personal trainer? Nell’immaginario collettivo allenarsi insieme ad un personal trainer qualificato equivale ad essere VIP.
Conoscendo Infatti, nella maggioranza dei casi una persona sceglie di affidarsi ad un trainer per imparare ad essere piu costante nell’allenamento, per imparare il giusto metodo, ma anche per combattare mal di schiena ed obesita! Leggiamo ora perche affidarsi ad un Personal Trainer e soprattutto come un PT puo aiutarci per migliorare l’allenamento quotidiano!
Lavorare con un personal trainer e uno dei modi piu facili e veloci per migliorare il tuo stato di salute e di fitness.
Ai giorni d’oggi il Personal Trainer viene orami utilizzato in tutto il mondo da ogni ceto sociale e con ogni tipo di eta, dai 14 agli 80 anni. Secondo la IDEA Health & Fitness Asssociation, la piu grande associazione al mondo per il Fitness professionale, la ragione  principale per assumere un Personal Trainer e per avere un assistenza per migliorare la flessibilita, la resistenza , la postura, la coordinazione, la forza e la resistenza cardiovascolare. Un Trainer monitorera i vostri progressi modulando anche gli esercizi mano a mano che passeranno le settimane per ottimizzare  al massimo il vostro tempo e farvi raggiungere il massimo del risultato.
Vi aiutera a raggiungere e mantenere un peso corporeo salutare : quindi vi potra aiutare a ridurre il grasso corporeo e nello stesso tempo dare  forma e tonicita ai vostri muscoli. Il trainer vi dara la tecnica migliore di esecuzione degli esercizi, ma soprattutto la pianificazione migliore. E’ ormai risaputo che il 65% dei principianti dopo 3 mesi di allenamenti fanno fatica ad essere costanti.
Con il Personal Trainer il vostro programma e la vostra nutrizione sara creata”su misura” al vostro stile di vita in modo tale da mantenere alta la vostra motivazione e superare lo scoglio dei primi tre mesi.
Anche voi avete scelto di allenarvi con un Personal Trainer?  Perche non ci raccontate la vostra esperienza? The glycemic index, or GI, measures how a carbohydrate-containing food raises blood glucose. Examples of carbohydrate-containing foods with a low GI include dried beans and legumes (like kidney beans and lentils), all non-starchy vegetables and some starchy vegetables, most fruit, and many whole grain breads and cereals (like barley, whole wheat bread, rye bread, and all-bran cereal). Decreased function of one or more components of the human movement system (nervous, soft, muscle, and skeletal systems) creates imbalances, which will result in poor postural alignment, leading to improper movement and injury due to compensation (3). The marketing statement that decreasing the intensity of exercise puts one into a fat burning zone is not entirely true. What bothers me is the extremely low barrier to entry to the personal training field (certain personal training certification can be obtained by completing a 20 hour course or even just doing a test over the Internet).

Unfortunately, far too many hard-working individuals never make much of a change in their body, despite all the hard work and money they commit to the project. Sure a client occasionally needs to get something off their chest, but when every training hour becomes a talking hour, well that’s just highway robbery. You’ll save yourself a whack of cash and seniors have loads more life wisdom to share with you than does your 20-year old trainer. However, far too many personal trainers are still either significantly over- or underweight.
If you had an innate ability to push yourself hard enough, you probably wouldn’t need a trainer. Why is it that we balk at the high prices of fresh vegetables or free-range meat, but think nothing about dropping $100 on a designer pre-workout supplement?
You are more than 30 lbs overweight and are doing plyometrics or any kind of jumping drill. Bounding drills are terrible exercise selections for individuals needing to lose appreciable amounts of body fat. Now imagine jumping with a 50 lbs weight vest and you can just imagine the joint devastation. Obviously this is but a short list of reasons why you need to look for a new personal trainer. Infatti una delle chiavi del successo di un programma non e soltanto avere un programma su misura ,ma e’ essere costatanti nell’allenarsi.
Il Personal Trainer potra  aiutarvi ed assistervi anche con questi tipi di problematiche includendo fasi terminali di riabilitazione da infortuni e offrendo i giusti consigli per allenarsi durante la gravidanza o per riprendere la forma migliore dopo una gravidanza. Un esempio pratico:  quante volte girando per la palestra mi sono accorto che una ragazza svolgeva per 3 giorni di fila gli stessi esercizi di tonificazione per gambe e glutei.
Foods are ranked based on how they compare to a reference food.  A food with a high GI raises blood glucose more than a food with a medium or low GI. If eating a food with a high GI, you can combine it with low GI foods to help balance the meal. Past research has found intensive exercise can be as addictive as heroin, which is why athletes with such demanding training often develop a dependence. Il piu delle volte i trainers si consultano con fisioterapisti o ortopedici per avere indicazioni e consigli sulle  fasi terminali di riabilitazione dei loro clienti.

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