A personal trainer NYC can even be considered a treasure along your fitness and weight loss journey but choosing the wrong one can set you off on a permanent hiatus from exercise and eating healthy. When you think about the idea that the closest people around you can influence your attitude and view of the world you can easily understand how crucial it is to choose from one a pool of the best NYC personal trainers available for you to hire and join you on this important path that you’ve just decided to take. I am going to cover the 5 major disastrous mistakes most personal trainers make when training a curvy girl so you can quickly identify the right personal trainer to hire or even let go of the wrong personal trainer NYC so you can move forward on your way to success. Your hard-earned money is yours and you have the right to find the perfect personal trainer NYC who will make this really challenging process as worthwhile as it can be for you. I’ve gone through over 20 personal trainers learning what to do and definitely what not to do especially when it comes to dealing with a plus size woman. From my horrible and sometimes traumatic experiences with other physical trainers NYC I created a business from my desire and heart that would solve many problems for you, Curvy Girl! Now on the other side as a personal trainer NYC, I have been a personal trainer NYC for over 14 years now and that unique combination of being a curvy girl and training all kinds of clients does give me an extra layer of knowledge that a personal trainer NYC can’t really pick up from reading a fitness manual or even acquire after a few years of personal training New York out in the field.
So now let’s get back to the task at hand and that is for me to share with you the 5 biggest mistakes a personal trainer NYC can make while training curvy girls! Didn’t you hire a personal trainer NYC in the first place because you were sick and tired of always feeling invisible and feeling badly about your body and you needed help from someone who would give a cr*p?!
A prime example routine would be what you see on really popular weight loss reality shows where the personal trainers New York are forcing their clients to sprint up hills and carry a gigantic tire on their backs. But for the curvy girl she may be very apprehensive and may even be nervous and scared walking into the gym for the first time asking for help and she doesn’t know what to expect. I think it shows how considerate, compassionate, and empathetic the personal trainer NYC is. They are more focused on results rather than focused on creating a better, more positive process and journey for the Curvy Girl. Let’s see that fitness is a powerful tool for health, strength, and a pathway for growth and confidence. Hope you enjoyed this article on 5 Major Disastrous Mistakes A Personal Trainer NYC Make Training A Curvy Girl. NYC Personal Training – Does The Curvy Goddess Program Work?Posted on July 3, 2013 by Diane Williams • 0 CommentsDoes NYC personal training really work? A Certified NYC Personal Trainer For Goal Specific TrainingPosted on March 6, 2013 by Diane Williams • 1 CommentA great certified NYC personal trainer has specialized training and many years of personal and professional experience to be qualified to work with clients from many levels of fitness and health backgrounds and challenges.
Hiring a Female Personal Trainer NYC May Do The TrickPosted on March 5, 2013 by Diane Williams • 1 CommentHaving a female personal trainer NYC may be the way to go! NYC Personal Trainer – Your Perfect Accountability Fitness CoachPosted on November 2, 2012 by Diane Williams • 2 CommentsNYC personal trainer, your accountability coach!
As I write this I’m sitting in an airport on my way to give a TEDx talk titled: Creating Extraordinary Intimacy in a Shutdown World.
At some point most relationships end up in the rut of routine, here is a sure-fire way to get out of it and stay out for good.
How does one go from being totally shut-down most of their adult life to living fully heart open and connected?
The obsession with male performance in the bedroom is a misguided intimacy killer and here's what you can do about it. Since the beginning of history, humans have had a deep relationship to their life’s purpose, and sought to gift future generations with this message, weaving purpose into art, philosophy, literature and religions. What I’m about to share with you is a proven and almost magically powerful way to instantly (no hype here) change the way people see you.
When someone is not paying attention or is distracted, they are not “present” because their mind is simply somewhere else. Have you ever met someone that made you feel like you were the most important person in the world when talking to them? Now, what if you choose to pay attention to everything and everyone you encounter during your day? Your significant other – next time you are in their presence, simply be the observer of what they say, do or even feel. Your co-workers – most places of work, no matter how friendly, can still harbor Machiavellian intent within certain individuals or even entire departments. Strangers – how truly present are you for the person who checks out your groceries, or the one who bags them?
It takes practice and discipline to be fully and dispassionately present for everyone and everything you encounter throughout the day. He is an international speaker, author and thought leader on the issues of human connection and intimacy. The Mankind Project is offering an exclusive “Film Screening Event” during the month of June to coincide with Men’s Health Month and Father’s Day.
We are partnering with the producers of a wonderful new feature film about the inner life of men, WELCOME TO THE MEN’S GROUP.
MKP will coordinate access to a “sneak preview” of the film for I-Groups to create screening and discussion events around this provocative new film that tackles men’s issues with depth and humor. The film is not yet released, so this is a very special opportunity to see it before the public does!
I-Groups can participate in this 18 day event by registering their screening and following the event protocols to invite new men, screen the film, and hold a discussion forum using the film as a vehicle for exploration and growth. June 28, 2016 – MKP USA will host a LIVE Follow-Up Web Forum on with the Joseph Culp, the Director and Co-Writer, along with several special guests to talk about the movie. WELCOME TO THE MEN’S GROUP is a independent comedy-drama that takes us inside the dynamic of an all-male support group when they gather one morning for a ritual breakfast and their unique form of male bonding—One Sunday a month, these eight men refrain from beer and football to sit in a circle where they share their personal issues, in the noble hope of becoming a bit more evolved than their fathers. On this day, things do not go as planned when one member appears suicidal, and long-standing conflict threatens to destroy the trust between the men.
WELCOME TO THE MEN’S GROUP takes us on an emotional roller-coaster through the often bumpy inner terrain of the male psyche, as we hear the men open about their lives, sharing truth, telling lies, and revealing secrets they dare not discuss in their lives.
We live in such an overtly sexualized society where anyone with an Internet connection can watch two (or more) people fornicate in every way imaginable (and some, well… unimaginable). This is something I think about a lot, given I am a clinically impotent male who has an intimate life I wouldn’t trade for all the money, Viagra or penile implants in the world.
For us, making love (whether physical or not) is a selfless act of giving and receiving our attention, awareness and yes, even touch, in a context of being truly present for each other. Tags: connection, ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION, ERECTION, FORNICATION, HARD ON, HOLLYWOOD SEX, IMPOTENCE, intercourse, intimacy, MAKING LOVE, Michael J. It’s insidious and before you know it the love of your life turns into someone just sharing a space –here’s how to avoid that from happening.
In perusing Facebook this morning, I noticed this that a good friend of mine and his wife just celebrated their 33rdanniversary. Unfortunately, it’s just not too often we see long-term couples holding hands or kissing these days.
And these problems only get worse when the kids leave the nest and the two of you are looking at each other with the unspoken thought of “Now what?” Ideally, you don’t wait until that point to address the lack of intimacy and connection –because if you do, chances are it’s already too late.
As a result of that experience and my observation of many other similar couples it became clear there are distinct warning signs that we could have noticed only if we had been paying attention. Little Wounds That Never Heal – every relationship causes wounding, it’s just part of being human. Focusing On the Kids or Work to Avoid Issues – I remember telling my ex-wife early in our marriage that once we have kids we should never forget who brought them into being. Simply put, anxiety is fear of the future whether known (if that’s actually possible) or worse, unknown.
Face the fear of uncertainty – uncertainty gets the best of us when we try to pretend it’s not there. Get skilled in being present – uncertainty is all about the future and therefore cannot touch you if you are fully in the present moment. See uncertainty as the threshold to possibility – I can honestly say that the best things in my life came about as a result of embracing uncertainty and jumping head first into the abyss of the unknown. Did it start out as protection and comfort and turn into a numbing cushion around your passion and vibrancy? This is the work that Joe Bernstein has been doing for himself and coaching others on for the last several years.
Feeling stuck is an inside job; here’s the one thing you can do to break free to achieve the life of your dreams. I have a confession: I have a personal trainer who I adore enough to hand make a birthday card for.
Matthew Ross was featured by his local newspaper for his excellence in high school football, basketball and baseball. In an industry sadly bereft of honesty one young aspiring banker, Matthew Ross took the time to write a cover letter that so impressed the individual it was meant for that he in turn decided to share it with other Wall st executives for its candor which of course then led it to being shared by other executives, social media and so forth. Perhaps what makes the letter most interesting is not only its candor but the suggestion that Wall st bosses are from time to time willing to overlook the traditional pedigree qualifications they insist is the best fit which might be a backhand way of saying maybe Wall st bosses are starting to come clean with the notion that just because you know such and such and were educated at a premium entity doesn’t necessarily mean one has the pizzaz to excel, the integrity or ability to make good decisions or simply the discipline and resolve to do anything it takes to get ones foot through the door. A I dont know if it will fly well but i was just tired, like this guy, trying to up play my accomplishments and write a uppity brown nosing letter just to be turned down.
And who also can create a specialized personal training New York program based on your needs and goals.

As a client along with being a curvy girl I really saw loads of craziness when it comes to questionable professionalism, competency, and compassion in the personal training industry.
Although it was an extremely frustrating process and very disheartening I had no idea at the time that it was going to become a certified personal trainer NYC myself and create a fire in me to help me create programs and services for curvy women. Don’t you feel invisible sometimes while your personal trainer NYC is taking a lovingly gaze at himself while you’re stumbling through your squat thrusts and lunges? I go and hire a personal trainer NYC and he has it in his head that he’s going to mold me into a size 2 Playboy Bunny. The personal trainer NYC is convinced that you want what he wants for you and so to get the best results really fast he’s going to put you through a grueling bootcamp regimen 5 days a week.
Most people don’t really go to gyms every single day or for most of the week for even a full year let alone 14 years. Whether you’re new to fitness or think that boot camps are really fun, a personal trainer in NYC could clearly get you to another fitness level!
14 years ago when I became a female personal trainer NYC there were few of us in the fitness industry.
For many people hiring a personal trainer in NYC would seem like a frivolous decision to make. Employing a NYC personal trainer is a perfect way to increase the probability of succeeding on your health and fitness goals Curvy Goddess. I had just completed my NWTA Weekend and was making the eight hour drive from southern Indiana to Pittsburgh feeling elated, exhausted and WIDE OPEN.
And once you learn and consistently incorporate this insight, people can’t help but be magnetically attracted to you.
We are all too busy dealing (barely) with our collective anxiety about the future, and striving to be incredibly distracted so we don’t have to think about whatever causes that anxiety – things most of us can’t even identify. And here’s the thing, others sense this at some level (usually subconsciously) and therefore treat you the same. If you were fortunate to run into someone like this I bet you felt very comfortable and quite attracted to their presence. No reaction, no thinking ahead of the best way to respond, no concern of what they may think of you. My partner and I do this all the time and we are astounded at just how more beautiful this world is from the perspective of being fully aware without mental labeling or chatter. Fears will undoubtedly creep from time to time which may break your space of being fully present. Russer is a prostate cancer survivor who was left completely impotent as a result of his treatments. The film delves frankly into themes of male identity, competition, sexuality, shame, and grief. It is often quite natural for women to come together and share their feelings, but for most men this is still a new idea.
We were discussing intimacy and she shared how she and her husband first “made love” on the dance floor at some local bar. Prior to my impotency, sex and making love were synonymous –and most often, very unsatisfying. Prior to physical intimacy, we make sure we have created space necessary to experience true love making. This is not always an easy thing to do in a culture that conspires to keep us distracted and anything but connected on such a profound level. There was a time when my ex-wife and I kissed and held hands and I remember distinctly when we stopped.
I share these with you now, especially if you are just starting out, so you hopefully can avoid this same fate.
I’ve always had a strong and adventurous libido, my ex-wife, not so much, yet we both settled thinking (and hoping) things would work themselves out.
How you both react to that can make the difference between ongoing marital fulfillment and growing, seething resentment.
That we need to always remember our relationship must never take a back seat to anything else, not even the kids. Acceptance means you acknowledge the differences and quirks of your partner and never let them become the source of resentment. Everything seems perfect, you are both totally in love and nothing, I mean nothing could ever change that. My reaction to it can cause deep anxiety that negatively impacts my health, wealth and overall enjoyment of life.
And, I remember often thinking “Why do people stress out so much about money?” Did having a lot of money eliminate my uncertainty, hardly. While it is not practical to live in the moment all the time, knowing how to put yourself there quickly when the ugly head of anxiety shows itself will go a long way to help you conquer the hold uncertainty has over you.
How different would your life be if you viewed uncertainty as a powerful force for incredibly good things in your life, and not just a sign of danger? Do you have a layer of armor that you’ve put on to protect you from feeling and living the life you want to live? Of course what makes the letter a little sad is the fact that the applicant might be wasting his integrity and good attitude in an industry sorely lacking in those very qualitiesa€¦.
So when this happens that is a big red flag that there’s no listening going on so I will have to find someone else who will listen to my desires and needs. Just purchasing some New York personal training sessions doesn’t mean that the weight is going to fall off of you. You’ve already set your fitness and health goals and are taking consistent and frequent steps for the better in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.
And a large part of our culture conspires to keep us distracted in myriad ways via digital devices, entertainment, drugs, hooking up, parties etc. So here we are, in this vast sea of people going about our day working, eating, playing and relating (sort of) while no one is truly paying attention. It essentially means that instead of living in your head wrestling with the past or worrying about the future, you practice just being fully aware, of everything in the here and now. I swear, most people act as if other people they encounter were simply placeholders necessary to move their life along. This helps us connect with nature and its beauty far more deeply than anything we have ever done before. If that happens, practice being aware of that and then move back into that space of non-reactive awareness once again. And coming from someone who was about aware as a doorknob for the first 60 years of his life, I’d say your odds of having the same experience should you choose to have it, are pretty darn good.
The film shows the major shift in men’s consciousness and the changing attitudes towards traditional models of masculinity that are evolving every day. Men should have a place beyond the local bar or card game to find out what is really going on with each other. She went on to described how their every move conveyed a deep sense of intimate giving to each other that could only be truly described as making love. Deep down, how many of us really equate having sex as making love if it’s just the physical act, regardless of how pleasurable it may be?
Losing my ability to have an erection was an invitation to my partner and I to explore other ways of being intimate, and not just physically. This means that when we do experience sex, it is *always* just one part of our love making; it never defines it.
Unfortunately, it has been my personal and observed experience that most marriages that “last” are really just a comfortably shared misery of settling that so often occurs when things don’t work out and neither party has the nerve to end or even acknowledge it.
Here’s the thing, any time there is a hurt, regardless of cause or fault, it is vital you discuss it authentically and vulnerably. A good way to do this is see your partner’s uniqueness as an adventure to be explored and savored. Yet, despite uncertainty’s bad rep, I have learned that: a) no matter what we tell ourselves or how we arrange our circumstances, we can never be free of it, and b) learning to embrace it can lead to incredible possibilities that I didn’t even know was on my radar.
When I hear someone say that my first reaction is to ask “Does that mean our ancestors somehow suffered less uncertainty?” Which is ludicrous when you think about it. Uncertainty is like a water bed, you push it down in one corner and it will pop up someplace else. Yet all of this begs the question as to why is uncertainty so universally reviled by our species? In this Age of Distraction, learning to be in the moment is one of the most important skills you can acquire.
Instead, someone who has really mastered what it means to be fully present with anyone they happen to meet –which by the way, is the antithesis of narcissism. And this kind of awareness can be instantly attained by simply being “present”, as a keen observer of everything you encounter. Actually what is happening is that you provided a safe space for them to be authentic, effectively mirroring the same trait they see in you when you are fully present for them. Next time you go to work, just be the observer when it comes to other people’s behavior and emotions no matter how threatening or repulsive.

Men must adapt to changing messages of being a man today, but where will they share their confusion and their questions honestly? When we just lay together and listen to each other’s breathing and heart beats, we are making love.
I suspect most of us feel there must be something more, something deeper, more intimate than the act itself to deserve the tender moniker “making love”. What we discovered is that the “space” we create for each other is even more important than what we “do” with each other. A space that allows the essence of who we are to merge into a sublime convergence of singular awareness.
As a result of this approach, our physical intimacy is enhanced to the point it is almost beyond description and lasts for hours.
Practice makes perfect and I personally can’t think of a more important or fulfilling discipline for which to aspire. When I ended my own marriage of 26 years it was because I could no longer accept that we had gone from soulmates to roommates.
She said she wanted (metaphorically speaking) a house with a picket fence, a dog and cat and at least a couple of kids. That was the day the final nail in the coffin of our intimacy was hammered in –11 full years before I formally ended the relationship. The common response is to just “stuff-it” and chock it up to someone’s bad day at work or time of month. As our little wounds and incompatibilities started to multiply, we each found refuge in our dedications. While a barren and soulless existence together as you grow older does not have to be fait accompli, to avoid it does require you both be proactive towards the success of your togetherness.
Given not that not to long ago (in the grand scheme of things) you were lucky to make it to your 40th birthday. When I had a training session with her today I wanted to bring her something special for her birthday tomorrow. Is it really any wonder why more people are prescribed mood-altering drugs than ever before?
In fact, they don’t even have to say much at all, you simply feel the authenticity of their undivided and deep awareness of who you are as a human being.
And trust me on this, when they do that, your relationship will see whole new levels of connection and intimacy. Next time you are at a checkout, practice being fully present and aware of the people in line and in particular, the person who is serving you.
The cool thing is that once you are “aware” of the power of being fully present and aware, you will always have access to it. It also uses humor and irreverence to celebrate the zaniness and absurdity of men – “Irreverence is the doorway to the sacred.” Ultimately the film shows a group of flawed men in a noble, painful and outrageously funny struggle to find their authenticity and a sense of community, and invites us, both men and women, to do the same. The feminist movement changed a lot for women’s roles, and it is still evolving, and men are learning to change as well.
We’ve made love at the movies, while eating ice cream in public, while walking on the beach or enjoying a concert together. When that kind of space is made available, it enables us to “make love” anywhere, anytime, doing something with each other or nothing at all. And even after we are done with the physical part, we are still making love as we lay in each other’s arms afterwards savoring the experience we just shared.
She just wanted everything to be “normal”, kind of like a Leave It to Beaver or technicolor Pleasantville experience. It’s not the wounding that causes the lasting damage, it is the unwillingness to address it fully that makes it grow and fester. Long-term successful relationships take hard work, constant vigilance and a willingness to work things out with authentic and vulnerable communication.
Knowing how to manage and respond to it can make all the difference between a rich, fulfilling life and one that is always fraught with the anxiety of what “bad” things could happen. However, the fact that we have unprecedented instant access to all the news, scientific studies and pundit theories as to all the ways we won’t make it as a species, I can see how this generation may be feeling a tad bit more anxious. The desire to escape it however can be overwhelming and in some cases cause us to do really stupid and sometimes incredibly damaging things. When you don’t know what’s coming, or worse, you think you know what’s coming but feel powerless to stop it, there is this deep sense of impending doom that can ruin your day. You know, to thank her for the pain she puts me through, the reminder text messages for a session, the balancing each others schedules and all around being an awesome person. So why not make the most of it and really embrace the journey rather than have a personal trainer obsess how much you ate, when you ate, how many times you ate, and how many carbs, fats, proteins, and calories you consumed for the day, and how much you weigh? The good news is that anyone can have this level of connection with others, no matter who they are or their circumstances.
You may find they smile a bit brighter for you as they react to the “space” of genuine awareness you created for them. One time we made profound love just by sitting across from each other while staring into each other’s eyes and synchronizing our breathing. And within that kind of space, our love making (whether physical or not) is the most exquisite either of us has ever previously experienced before. To which I responded that “normal” was the last thing in the world I ever wanted –I was here to make a difference and not just go through life being comfortable and content.
Little wounds, if left unchecked, turn into gaping sores that eventually will kill or sterilize the relationship.
Ironically, both are socially sanctioned as virtuous qualities but we used them to avoid the very difficult and painful issues that had arisen. The trouble with settling is that it is that it tends to grow like a cancer until you’ve found that your entire relationship is just one big resentment-filled settlement (i.e. It’s the hyper-awareness of all the things that may do us in (or at least, severely cramp our lifestyle) that seems to be causing massive pharmaceutical industry profits in chemically treating our collective malaise.
Dictators attempt to eliminate uncertainty by oppression and removal of all threats by any means they deem necessary. And you may find yourself smiling a bit more as well.Just last week I was in grocery store in the checkout line. That particular instance was so powerful I almost started convulsing –and yet, we weren’t even touching. Now just think about that for a moment as opposed to the typical Hollywood or Net porn depiction of tearing each other’s clothes off just to achieve climatic release about 10 – 15 minutes later (if the whole process even lasts that long). Another facet of this is that we each stopped caring how we even looked for the other as we focused our respective energies on those things that would help us forget the emptiness our marriage had become. While even that won’t assure success, it will guarantee the highest possibility for its attainment. So, it seems that anxiety due to uncertainty is more a function of how many things we know about could go wrong rather than the going wrong itself. Wall Street attempts to eliminate uncertainty by rigging the game in their favor as evidenced by the recent scandal of major banks manipulating the currency markets. Eventually however, these differences were a big (but not the only) factor that caused us to drift apart. Another important thing to keep in mind here is that expression of sexuality and physical intimacy will change over time, especially for women. This is a very common and insidious relationship killer because both parties can rationalize they are doing something important for the family. From this perspective ignorance is truly bliss, until you are taken out by something you ducked your head in the sand about.
An even more interesting twist is how ideologies, whether political or religious, seek to eliminate uncertainty by showing zero tolerance for any individual or group that does not agree with their point of view. Do this and you may find your career to be much more fulfilling, but probably likely to advance more quickly.
What surprised me was the fellow next in line spontaneously struck up a friendly conversation. So even if you two are totally in synch now as a young couple, things will change –guaranteed. But men don’t want to be feminized either – they want to maintain a connection to what makes them truly male.
In this case it is incumbent upon the woman to let her man know how things have changed and the man’s job to listen and abide. This never happens to me when I’m in my head because people sense at some level that I’m not really there. There are men’s groups all over the world that are trying to discover that original male energy by coming together to share their stories and support each ther in a new way.
I hope this film will bring more permission to have this conversation. The film is about the need for connection and it shows both the dark and light sides of men.

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